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  1. I ended up gluing slivers of acetate under mine on the side where there was a tendency to lean - very hit and miss but it seemed to work in the end.
  2. One of the scale societies had some card-built carriages on display at a recent exhibition which I think dated to the immediate post-war period. They looked very good with no obvious signs of wear. Obviously a loco will be subject to different factors but imagine if the card was of sufficient thickness and Shellac-ed (etc) then it wouldn't necessarily be any less lasting. I think we have to bear in mind that plastic and white metal are both also rather easily susceptible to damage if not handled with care.
  3. I feel the answer's somewhere in these volumes: All nine volumes of Birds of the Western Palearctic, a birthday treat to myself.
  4. Perhaps the shop has gone back to being good again? I was there in 2018 and there was a most impressive selection of railway titles, videos, magazines etc in one area of a general bookstore/cafe. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the beautiful integration of shops and cafes into the design. I was left wondering why we can't do public spaces to the same standard in the UK, where things so often end up cluttered, congested and nasty-looking. On the same visit to Leipzig I also got a chance to visit the redesigned Hauptbahnhof in Berlin, a remarkable multi-level station and again
  5. Ah, I see I missed the subsequent post! Easily the most beautiful station I've been in, I think.
  6. Fascinating; I'd always taken it for granted that he was French by birth.
  7. I think it's a SE&CR 45 foot 1st class coach, Tony, in which case that's SE&CR red. https://www.roxeymouldings.co.uk/product/139/4c77-secr-45ft-first/
  8. Bits of the Airfix lunar module show up on the Eagles too.
  9. They're listed under "accessories": https://www.djhmodelloco.co.uk/motors-gearboxes-oo-ho-scale/
  10. I'm building an N version of my old 4mm Paynestown layout, in anticipation of the Sonic Models 56xx tanks. The new layout will be about half the size of the old and uses Code 40 Finetrax components for the points and plain track. With the fourth point to be constructed, I wanted to add a bit of a curve to help with an overall bend in the platform road, partly to get away from everything being too linear, and also to make the best use of available layout width. Running track through a scene at a diagonal, and/or with a curve in it, gives you more length compared to th
  11. Just a minor comment on the Duchess, and in no way intended to detract from the marvellous modelling on display - when I reworked my own Margate-era Duchess, I came to the conclusion that the original model has a design error in that the footplate slopes down from back to front. I think you can see this in the way the parallels on the tender don't line up with those on the loco. Every Margate Duchess I've seen in photos seems to have this slope, but I've not seen it otherwise commented on. For mine (which is now back in pieces) I cut away a portion of the cab floor so that the back end could s
  12. And I've twice been stood behind Paul Weller in airports.
  13. With the passenger train there's no real need for the coaches to negotiate any curves beyond a slight bend on the station road, so I think I'll be OK - but as always the proof will be in the pudding. The passenger train can run in and out from the straight road in the fiddle yard if needed. On the 4mm Paynestown, the remaining passenger services were handled by a 14xx and auto-coach, and a railcar, both of which tended to work into the bay.
  14. I've only just caught up with this as well, seeing a mention of Geoff on another thread. Geoff kindly invited Cogirep to Trainwest (back in 2010 I think) and I was very well looked after. The Bentley group even loaned me a very helpful operator for the weekend as I was there on my own. I always tried to get along to the subsequent Trainwests and the ones I did make it to were uniformly excellent and always worth the drive.
  15. Hi Izzy I'm intending to run a B-set as the main coaching stock, and my plan was to body-mount the DGs as I've done with S&Ws on all my 4mm coaching stock. If that doesn't work, a rethink will be needed. The B-set won't be gangwayed but I plan to make the run-around along enough to accommodate a third coach if needed, which might end up being gangwayed (like a Hawksworth brake, for instance). I thought about nibbling a recess under the gangway to allow for the delay latch?
  16. Thanks, Ian - that advice about the 4.5mm datum will be very handy. I have the utmost admiration for the 2FS community but I know my limits! At least with this exercise, the track is the only variable. I'd hate to be laying track for the first time and also trying to get a 2mm mechanism to run!
  17. The 64XX certainly does (there are a few areas of track I still need to fettle where it stalls occasionally, but that's not the loco's fault). As for the 57XX, I'm slightly holding out hope that it might be improving with lubrication. Grease didn't seem to improve it at all, but I tried a few drops of normal plastic-compatible oil last night and there was a noticeable improvement, so I plan to keep running it in and add a bit more oil, sparingly. Glad my dabblings in couplings may be of some help!
  18. I set myself the challenge of reading Tess of the D'urbervilles a few years ago. I could only get through a chapter at a time (if that) so it took rather a long time, during which time I read other books. I seem to recall that the L&SWR gets a mention. I also read The Old Curiosity Shop in the same fashion, taking it with me on business trips rather than reading it in one go. I don't think we read either at school. The ones we did read, from what i can remember, included Geoffrey Household's Rogue Male ( a good ripping yarn) and L P Hartley's The Go Between.
  19. My first foray into DG couplings: Still very much at the seeing if I can get on with them phase at the moment.
  20. Since this layout is hoped to work as a branch terminus, some consideration needs to be given to a hands-off coupling system. I used Spratt & Winkles on the big Paynestown, and while these are available in 2mm, I can't say I remember seeing them in use. More to the point, I find them enough of a pain to set up in 4mm, so it wasn't a road I necessarily wanted to go down again. I'd liked the look of DG couplings so while I wasn't sure how I'd get on with them, I thought it was worth the relatively small investment of a couple of etches and wire from Wizard Models.
  21. Speaking of Nick Trudgian, when my friend Paul and I were getting near finishing our radio control Mustang, we celebrated with a couple of beautiful giclee prints by Nick. Here's mine, still waiting to be hung: And here's the plane itself:
  22. He was only talking about the buffers.
  23. My track building program continues apace, with half of the turnouts now constructed and fitted! I thought i'd have a go at ballasting the completed section, to see how I got on with a slightly different technique to what I'd normally use in 4mm. Rather than sprinkle on the ballast dry, then wet it and add PVA, I used a small brush to puddle areas of PVA between the sleepers (a few at time) and then sprinkled the ballast onto that. I felt it was more controllable, especially given the way the sleepers are moulded into the turnout base. It's not an original metho
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