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  1. HI James, Just to correct you slightly as most sound Locos in the UK use F1 to turn the sound on and off and the latest generation uses it to fade the sound on and off whilst the loco is moving. The Americans and a few other countries us the F8 method that you have mentioned.
  2. Have to agree with you on that plus and I've been bitten by Hattons on this a couple of times and don't pre-order anything with them. The most recently issue was with the RHTT wagons when i got a unpleasant phone call from them so politly asked then to cancel the order. Once bitten twice shy.
  3. I'm sorry but too many people expect to be spoon fed everything these days and that just isn't possible when dealing with hundreds of customers at the same time. I found out about it via an email from them before it was posted up on Rmweb which is the correct way to do the marketing. You can't expect them to contact every single person persoanlly to say sorry we decided to suspend this project. Bachmann is great for cancelling things and not telling any one about it until you suddenly think where is X model and go to Bachmann to check. The project is mentioned in the p
  4. They ran very freely. Hope to recreate something similar when the 37s arrive and we can triple head them!!!! BUT I have this feeling that we may run out of track and stock before they start to show any sign of slowing down!!! Many thanks for allowing us to have a play with the samples.
  5. Mike, YOU complain.....never Yes there is a plan B and we are just working it out at the moment......well we have the plan and it’s in place but we just need add content to it and then we will go live. Plus I’m sure some of it will end being posted by those nice Irish lads we know @Accurascale Fran in their section of the forum. cheers Simon
  6. For what we did with the wagons its advisable I'm sure the Accurascale guys will show everyone at some point.
  7. Hello all, I know this is going to be a very large shot in the dark but I'm looking for the Falcon Brassworks Huges Steam Railmotor kit to complete the stock list for my L&YR layout. Happy to consider any part built kits (with all the parts there) that people may have started and decided not to continue with. I think the product code is LK54 Many thanks Simon
  8. he did say possibly for up to 6 months. As you mention things my change as 6 months time is a while away.
  9. As you say the rules are missleading but if you stick to the main ones then you should be ok. Ive been involved with a local support group to help those shelding and we work closely with the council and we have had the following info given to us and its updated as and when. You can say open but no more than 6 people at a time indoors, the famous 'bubble'. You can't mix bubbles, so say one member wanted to go and work on a difffent layout then they wouldn't be able too. If members are living in a local lockdown area then they shouldn't be leaving thier homes unless shop
  10. Make sure you say hi if you do make it for the show.
  11. We are all looking forward to attending the show again. We have always been very well looked after when we have brought up the other trainsets and its one of the must visit shows on my exhibiton calender each year!! Make sure you say hi and I'm sure the guys wouldn't mind if you wanted to have a play...........promise we won't all run off to the pub
  12. HI all, Hope everyone is staying safe at the present time and getting some modelling done. As we have now had responses from all of the organisers for the 2020 shows that the groups layouts where due to visit we can now start re-organising our exhibiton diary for next year and beyond. So here are the 2021 shows, as it stands at the moment, subject to change. Perth Model Railway Exhibition - 26 Jun & 27 Jun 2021 Wigan Model Railway Exhibition - 2 Oct & 3 Oct 2021 The Charwelton team are looking forward to attending
  13. Being married to a techer who is also a teacher governer and a director of an Academy Trust, they have cancelled all external hires until further notice due to the procedures that they have to follow as set/suggested by the Goverment which include the following, Year group bubbles No educational visits Lunch meals to be eaten at desks Staff to leave as soon as all kids have gone to enable cleaning to start straight away. Any term breaks will be used to deep clean and steralise the building so I wouldn't expect them to be too happy to have a bunch of visit
  14. Hello, So what a year this is turning in to. We haven't been updating as much as we would have liked to, purely as the shows we where due to exhibit at have all been cancelledand this has mean't that we have slowed down a bit of the production of new stock. As a group and having organised shows in the past (for me) and currently for a couple of others in the team we fully support the difficult descisions that the organisores have to face. Not an easy task and one that I wouldnt want to do. So what does this mean, well as a group we have had support from a lo
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