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  1. I was a member a few years ago and left due for several reasons including miss managment, lack of intrest at the time by the guild in 70s, 80s & 90s scene in the in house mag. I did send a letter explaining my reservations and the reasons why I left at the time and I never got a acknowlagement to it. I know its not a big thing getting a reply but even just an email saying sorry you have left. The only other group that i left did send a email about 4 years after i left saying they had noticed i had not rejoined and asked for my reasons why and when i sent them i got a rude email back but at least they contcated me.
  2. We would certainally be up for a badge or two to add to the collection. Thanks for asking us to take part with the layout Andy. I could get use to these non early starts to exhibit Might have to get out my loco recognition book though as apparently we don't have any class 20s on the layout going by the comment Thanks Simon
  3. I totally agree that they are different beasts and the costs will be very different hence why they have taken the decision now but the possible restrictions that would/maybe in place at the time would be the same for both shows as they would be venue lead not organisor lead.
  4. Hi Chris, I stand corrected then on my assumstion. Just out of curiosty can I ask which show you are involved with? As being involved you will know that you have to make sure you cover your full costs and it doesn't matter if you pay out for them before, during or after a show you still need to know the figures involved to break even other wise you may end up running the show at a loss. We will just have to differ on our views of when it will be the right time to cancel a show and yes it may be the case that come November it may be safe to be stand 1 ft away from someone but when you are possible risking thousands of pounds that have to be paid months in advance for me and many other organisors that I know its a too bigger risk to take with someone elses money.
  5. Hi Chris, I'm guess by your second line 'I imagine' that you have never organised or been in an organsing team for a show? Whilst on the surface it may seam easy to cancel a show with in a few weeks of the event, its not trust me. Most venues require a deposit which can be up to 50% of the total hire cost which for a show could range from £100 up to £20,000 plus. In the case of one show I know about this amount has to be paid 4 months before the date. This as I'm sure you will agree not a small sum to risk loosing if you decide to cancel. Most places have it in the contracts that if you cancel and they can't rehire the venue then you for fit the deposit. Then you have hotel costs, to get the best deals you normally have to pay upfront, again this could run in to thosands of pounds, again you won't get this back. So lets say you have sunk £4000 in to venue, hotel, insurance, meals for exhibitors, guides, leaflets and advertising. You expect the expenses to be around £2000 for say 12 layouts. This are what i would call fixed costs and these are ones that have to be paid out no matter what. So to recover your costs you will need at least 1000 people through the door if you charge £6 per adult visitor. Ive not included kids as quite a few shows do free entry these days. Weekend of the show you only get 700 people through the door as people have been put off attending by social distancing etc. The income for the weekend is only £4,200 leaving you with a defecit of £1,800. Now where is this amount coming from, club funds, out of members pockets?? This is why shows are cancelling as its a very fine line between the show working and covering costs and not working and someone/people having to put money in to make up the short fall. Aat the moment with the current news out put of the pupils not going back to school propely in September then i would say shows are going to keep being cancelled until such time as its safe to have lots of people shoulder to shoulder in a hall along with exhibitors, demos etc. Yes it may all change in the next few weeks/couple of months but what happens if it doesn't? My experince of all this, well I had to cancel a show due to the weather in 2010 and that cost the club nearly £2,000 so i know its not a decision that is made lightly. Thanks Simon ps ive just seen Nickwoods post about the motorbike show being cancelled, I would expect Warey to have the same decision but that is for them to decide upon and not me.
  6. Hello, So whilst we have lockdown its given me more time to complete some of my own projects that have been in the stash for a while, well a few years. First up is a L&YR D8 all third. The kit is one of the D&S London Road models ones. Made a start on the chassis first.
  7. Recently had a N gauge 3D printed body arrive to be painted for a commission. The body was well detailed and after a few hours of cleaning the print lines using a sanding stick and a micro chisel. After a coat of primer it was given a couple of coats of Br Green and then the trnasfers added with details around the buffers picked out in red.
  8. The furlough extension has a few conditions with from what ive read a sliding scale of payments so it may alter things by then BUT its a long time between then and now so, and as we all know alot can change. Everyone has thier own ideas on how to let everyone know and having had to cancel a show my self, the right way is to contact each person indavidually and just put not for public knowlage as the host will be making the announcement on X day on emails and if its a phone call then just mention it. Several of the shows that I was due to attend this year that have cancelled have done just that and i have always asked is it ok to post it up on layout/group pages and have in all cases been given a time and date which it was safe to do so. I was asked at the same time if i would be able to attend next year or a following year. It's the decent thing to do respecting the club/hosts wishes and better for everyone consernded. The problem in todays world is lots of people want to be the first to post it up no matter what the cost.
  9. I do apprecate that but it also need to be said about quite a lot of clubs not having that luxury and in my eyes gives a false impression of what clubs should do hence my opening question. I'm the same as you, part of a group that meets at members houses so we don't have any costs as such apart from a couple of packets of biscusits for brew time Whilst yes you can find a cheap venue if you use a hall, that may have other users (not sure of your curcumstances with the hall you use) but having been involved with a club that at one point had to start looking at other club rooms for the sole use of the club, which many clubs have, the costs start to get extremely eye watering. The rent for the club I was in went from only few hunderd pounds a year to with increases in yearly costs would probably be close to £4,000 a year by now if not more. Divide that by the number of members at the time I left the club means the subs would have been near £360 each to cover costs. This is one of those topics that can go on for ever and a day but I think best to revert back to the original reason for this thread and thats to let everyone know of cancelled shows
  10. Have you been involved with a club? I have been the Exhibition manager and Chairman of a club and I can say from my experince that your statment would mean lots of clubs closing as it wouldn't be viable to run the club. Don't get me wrong they would like to be but it would be very expesnsive to be a member. For some clubs the money made holding an exhibition covers the following years costs: Rent, Insurance Heating Water Electricty Club projects Money for nexts years event. This I know from personal experince runs into the thousands of pounds and having cancalled a show I know the costs of doing that. To get the club members to then cover the costs would mean the yearly subs are over £500 a year which would then stop the majority of members being members. Also the possible risk of no money for club projects and if you dont have a club project or other such activity whats the poit of the club?? This I would suspect to the club folding and the show would stop being put on. It would also put new members off as I sure they don't want to spend or even possible have a spare £500 plus for the club fees. Sorry for going off topic Andy but I had to respond to Teamyakima and hopefully it wil explain to others why clubs are reliant on shows.
  11. Phil, I think its more to try and get those in society that still think its ok to go out as a group or have a 200 mile round trip to go fishing, Something to think about and a real warning of a possible second wave that could be more deadly than the first. Yes we have better medical provison etc but history has a case of repeating its self sometimes.
  12. I've been reading through the replies with interest and to be honest there is no right or wrong answer. Having been an exhibtion manger I know the cost involved and having cancelled a show due to the weather, yes not a virus but still cancelled and lost about £2000 due to costs already paid out. i think putting on a show at the moment and I think for the rest of the year is highly unlikely. By the time you have factored in the extra distance between the layouts, then the barriers being 2 meters away from the front of the layout, as you need access to the front of the layout to sort any derailments etc then the public would be a long way away to see the models on the layouts. Then I would guess the host club has to put screens up like the supermarkets, so thats added exspence which comes out of any profit/club funds. Plus you have the venue, Quite a lot of shows are held in schools and I know from being married to a teacher that her school has 4 rooms open, main hall where lessons are being taught, kids toliet, staff room and the staff toliet and the rest of the school closed off to try and prevent having to deep clean the school. I doubt the school would welcome extra people visiting to come to a show. Also some are open at weekends to prvide care for key wrokers kids which then opens up the whole DBS checks etc. I know we are all missing the shows, I know I am and I had 10 shows to exhibit/demo at and most have been cancelled but the sensible thing to do is put them on hold and wait till next year when we can all hopfully start attending the shows again and catching up with friends.
  13. Hi, Well my order has arrived and thank you for the extra item in the package. I won;t say what it was as it will spoil the suprise for others Many thanks again for still being able to supply the goods dring these crazy times
  14. HI Andy, We have a full exhibition diary taking us all over the county. the next few shows are and in no particular order Wigan Perth Milton keynes - Hornby mag show Railex Plus a few that we are booked at and we are just waiting confirmation form the exhibition manger so I'm sure you will see us at some point. Thanks Simon
  15. Thanks to Andy & everyone here for doing the virtual day and after taking part I'm going to have to try and make a return in person next year, prehaps with a layout to show if your intrested
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