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  1. Northern Exposure 

    1. Hroth


      It'll be getting too cool for that in a few weeks time....

    2. Free At Last
  2. A carpenter’s cartoon: Who Framed Roger Rabbet?

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    2. Metr0Land


      Pesky wabbits.......

    3. Kylestrome


      The Welsh version: Who framed Roger Rarebit

    4. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      That sounds slightly cheesy ... .

  3. This Is The Story Of Ronald Opus…

    1. Free At Last

      Free At Last

      ... and he lived horribly ever after.
      The End.

    2. vaughan45


      Magnum Opus



  4. Heisenberg compensators online!

    1. Hroth


      Possibly the best compensators in the Universe....

    2. ChrisN


      Umm, you can find where they are, but not the exact price, or the exact price but not who sells them.

  5. Main Force Patrol

  6. You Want It Darker 

  7. Anerriphtho kybos.

  8. I guess you mean „Störung“! Which means „malfunction“ but is actually something of a catch-all callout for various items which require attention, not all of which are actually faults in the sense that something isn’t working. Don’t ask me why they didn’t provide a separate callout for these non-fault items, though!
  9. The "Zugbeeinflussung" callout is indeed related to PZB, specifically to the driver acknowledging a distant signal at warning to expect a stop or speed restriction. ÖBB began using these voice recordings for cab interface announcements with the introduction of the Siemens ES 64 U2 series, actually hiring popular TV journalist and actress Christine Lohner who has also provided station and onboard passenger information announcements since 1979 - albeit with a hiatus from 2011 to 2015 when synthetic speech announcements were tried but ultimately rejected on the strength of customer feedback.
  10. Having joined RMweb several years later than he had, I didn’t have the chance of meeting Gordon in person, but from how I got to know him through his contributions as time went on, I concur that he was one of those characters who made these forums what they are. Hearing about his illness and now his passing has saddened me deeply. Here‘s to you and yours, Gordon. Wherever you may be now, I hope you’re at peace.
  11. Tau Zero

    1. Hroth


      Tau be or not tau be.....

  12. Battle Crab

    1. Hroth


      Sounds exceedingly painful...


  13. Meet Aristophanes Smythe

    1. Free At Last

      Free At Last

      Meet Andtou Vedge

  14. Incendiary.

    1. Hroth


      Hot stuff!

    2. truffy


      Orange Don

    3. Free At Last

      Free At Last


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