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    Railways, real and model; reading, films, computing, cooking, photography, pets...and generally trying to make the world just a little better, mammoth task as this may be...

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  1. Heat Shield Rock

  2. Point and Click

    1. Hroth


      What are you pointing at?  I can't see nuttin....

  3. Jive Dude

    1. Hroth


      Unnecessarily brisk for this time of the day...

  4. Pioneer

    1. Ian J.

      Ian J.

      That's the last time I order a Steak & Kidney! I prefer my pies on a plate, not on my ear...

    2. beast66606
  5. Obey the Imperious Leader!

    1. Hroth


      Take me to your leader....  beep

    2. SVRlad


      Unless you know better than they do.

    3. sem34090


      I really wouldn't obey an innovative steam loco.

  6. Activate Sakharov drive.

  7. Geroy Sovietskogo Soyuza

  8. Panoplia Propheticus

  9. Subordinate Yourself 

    1. Mikkel


      Panopticon rules OK

    2. 46444


      Could be painful...

  10. The Highwaymen 

  11. The Reichenbach Falls

  12. Homeoteleuton


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