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  1. Re6/6

    EBay madness

    Looks like a biscuit tin. See all the other junk from this seller!
  2. Does anybody know if there ever was a book published on the Staines and West Drayton Railway? I've tried some book searches but to no avail. I have an idea that there was something published in the past. Thanks.
  3. Vin jaune is too expensive over here!
  4. Very fine Comté cheese and vin jaune from there!
  5. A late friend of mine used to drink Pernod and Marmite. The pub in Putney used to keep the Marmite for him under the counter. He also used to drink gin and light ale. He was a lovely Irish eccentric.
  6. Martin, this was done with layering 6mm straw (dead) grass using Peco layering spray (stocked by The Paignton Model Shop) which gives a 'firmer hold' than the usual hairspray. I don't know whether this was the sort of thing that you were looking for! A more unkempt look can be achieved by adding Woodlands fine turf or better still the Model Tree Shop fine ground foam as a finishing material. This is all layered static grass started with a basing layer of 2mm spring green and then 4mm dead grass and then more 2mm and finished with fine ground foam.
  7. Thanks for that Jamie. Canfranc is such an intriguing place.
  8. CK's work, not mine Rob! I'm particularly pleased with it and with the 'Lydbrook' re-lettering.
  9. Hello Geraint, here's my way of doing it. Many moons ago I started to make a Swiss FO Deh 4/4 loco for an 0m gauge layout that never got built (yet!). I have a 12" GW rolling mill but have never been able to get on with it. There is never enough pressure between the rollers in the middle when using the full width for coach roofs. If you have any suggestions to overcome this I would be pleased to find out! Hope that this may be of use.
  10. CK visitors to the sidings. A Model Rail Rapido 16xx converted to P4 using Ultrascale wheels with Branchlines 2mm > 1/8th" brass bushes and new phosphor-bronze pick-ups. New brass brake gear was very kindly made and fitted for me by CK as the original Rapido plastic gear couldn't be used. The conversion would have been very straightforward if only I had done things in the right order!
  11. Just excellent! Good to see that all is well after such a long time in storage.
  12. Superb etches and comprehensive build sheets. Thanks Dave
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