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  1. "the attractive chauffeuse ready to pick up the lucky traveller." Glam Cabs?
  2. Lovely vans Graham. Just got to have one!
  3. Lovely stuff. Thanks for that Ron. One can never get too much of the Gotthard!" Göschenen was my favourite train watching place.
  4. Beyond point X will be the fiddle yard. The plan is the add part of the connection to the station 1200mm long.
  5. A new arrival for 'Rüthi'. It's a Piko ES64 Siemens 'Displok'. As expected, it runs like the proverbial Swiss watch! The real thing. No progress at the moment on 'Rüthi' as 'Parkend Marsh Sidings' is taking precedence.
  6. Ah gussets, one can never be too careful with them, on Herrings and otherwise.
  7. Two 'Herrings', when added to CK's, we will have the beginnings of a good collection for use on Marsh Sidings and on Callow Lane.
  8. Christmas has now begun for me now listening to the Nine Lessons and Carols from Kings.

    I am very fortunate to be able to spend tomorrow with my family and stay within the rules

    A Happy and Peaceful Christmas to all.



    1. Mallard60022


      Always wonderful.

    2. Hroth


      Sat down to listen to it on the wireless with a glass of sherry and a mince pie!


      Happy Christmas!


  9. A very Happy Christmas to you and Kim and a hopeful New Year.
  10. Splendid stuff Neil. Love the pavement picture. When modelled, it'll look so authentic.
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