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  1. Tidenham Tunnel on my old Netherhope Halt diorama. l
  2. I just had a banner ad at the top of the page for a Devon MP. "See what 'so and so' has been doing for you". A 'political' ad....?
  3. Another visitor to the sidings. Not very F.O.D. though! It will have three-link couplings fitted, re-wheeled and maybe a new chassis will be built for it. It is destined for another layout yet to be started properly. When P4ed it might get occasionally transferred to Callow Lane!
  4. I can attest to the excellence of this model of the RTS machine. Streets ahead of all the others makes.
  5. It certainly isn't...but I don't care....!
  6. Ian, it's a beautifully constructed model from Mike's range (not by me, I hasten to add!) and works like a Swiss watch. Taken from the Judith Edge Kits site: LMS/BR Jackshaft drive 0-6-0DE This kit will build LMS 71OO-9 or BR 12023-32 and represents the final batch of ten single motor 350hp 0-6-0 diesel electric shunters built by the LMS at Derby in 1942. LMS 71OO9 were built to the same design but went to the War Department for service overseas, in the Middle East, Egypt and eventually Italy. The locos were originally painted black and all passed to British Railways in
  7. Here we go .....sheep again .....!
  8. Re6/6

    MRJ 280

    It would be interesting to see the quality of this individual's work after having the brass neck to criticize CF.... if he has any to show of course!
  9. Yes back in the day. It's unusual these days to see 'Longdown' siding being used. Visiting Sunday excursion stock is usually stabled in the bay platform.
  10. Those are very impressive tight, dense and upright tufts. I've misplaced my original Noch funnel piece so I'll have to make one. I was thinking about adapting a plastic funnel. What did you use? Here's some work that I've done on Marsh Sidings using the layering technique.
  11. Is there now not an option to edit or delete PMs if a mistake is made before sending? Knowing me, I'm probably missing something!
  12. I hadn't thought of it like that Tim! The old diorama was 'Netherhope Halt'
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