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  1. Looks great! Sorry about the mix-up with the chimney, we can send a correct sized one if you need it / for the spares box.
  2. Sorry to keep you waiting on this one, unfortunately a three month production hiatus with our etcher for hopefully obvious reasons has messed up our custom order schedule somewhat. Not really related to the substance of this thread, but back in the mists of time we did take custom nameplate orders and produce artwork before requesting payment. However this meant an extra feedback loop with the customer awaiting payment, which slowed things down and created additional manual admin at a time when the service was getting much busier. Not to mention the (fortunately few) cases where work was done to prepare artwork and then the customer was never heard from again! After a bit of consultation with existing customers we decided that moving to a pre-payment system would be acceptable. I would ideally like customers to be able to see custom artwork much more quickly after ordering (or even at the time of placing the order, online), but we're still a way away from that. Hopefully April (ish) orders will be cleared through in the next few weeks.
  3. Yes, earlier today. Further stocks are expected.
  4. This is adorable. If you laid a model railway out this way someone would call it contrived!
  5. NAMEPLATE SALE As you may be aware, our etching supplier has suspended production during the Coronavirus lockdown so our popular custom etched plate service has stalled. However from time to time we end up with duplicate sheets of nameplates; either because the same artwork has been etched on different materials, or to correct a production error. So while new production is on hold we've had a dig in the cupboard and sorted out all the "spares", which are now listed on our website at reduced prices. Smaller scale nameplates are priced at £2.50 per pair, large scale £5 per pair. Generally there is only one pair of anything! https://shop.narrowplanet.co.uk/collections/spare-plates If you're waiting on a custom order and see something here that will do the job just as well, please feel free to order it and then contact us (preferably at [email protected]) with details of the custom item(s) to cancel - we will handle this asap. Hopefully custom production will resume in the near future.
  6. We have Dapol-sized plates as a specific item now (assuming the recess on the Pannier and the 14xx are the same size, of course!). https://shop.narrowplanet.co.uk/products/npp-431
  7. Yes this has been a long-stalled project, there was still a lot of detail to add. At the time it was also using Dundas bogies, although the later 1950s Hudson pattern with a strip added below the axleboxes. I would still like to realise the plan I drew up for a layout based on the New Park end of the line but hard to say when this will happen!
  8. There are some notes on Michael Campbell's on sorting out his own WD Hunslet which might be useful. http://michaelsrailways.blogspot.com/search/label/War Department
  9. Placed a small order with you on the evening of the 8th and it arrived yesterday - given there were only 2 working days in the interim I'd class that as great service whatever the circumstances. Thanks!
  10. The outside frame Farish 08 will fit but you'll have to bring your own cylinders, connecting rods and valve gear. The Roco HOe HF110 is also possible but requires quite a lot of work on the footplate to fit.
  11. Narrow Planet intends to continue mail order operations where practical, with weekly despatches. Unfortunately (but understandably) our etching supplier has paused production so we will experience extended lead times on all custom etch orders until this resumes. More details on our website: https://shop.narrowplanet.co.uk/pages/coronavirus-information
  12. By popular request we've added a variant of our custom GWR number plates specifically sized to fit in to the raised beading on Dapol locos. https://shop.narrowplanet.co.uk/products/NPP-431 Many thanks to Dapol for providing the sizing information to enable this. If you already have our regular custom GWR number plates on order and they are intended for a 14xx please get in touch by emailing [email protected] and we can switch your plates to this artwork size.
  13. For us it's not reluctance but time - with limited time to administer a hobby business keeping the wheels turning (making and shipping products) has to be the priority. Maybe opinions differ here but "marketing" is also more than just emailing a press release; you need a presentable example of what you're selling, a decent photo set up to take pictures of it, etc etc. The distributed nature of the NP team can make it difficult to get all the bits in the right place at the right time, too. We are trying to make inroads into being more consistent about marketing - James is putting a lot in to getting the word out for Planet Industrials and it's gratifying to see that Phil notices!
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