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  1. The second kit in the Planet Industrials range is a straight forward conversion kit for the Hattons' Andrew-Barclay, and will comprise a 3D printed resin cab with etched details, works and number plates. This represents a later cab style inspired by the examples at Devonport Dockyard, but also seen in industrial service across the U.K. These photos show the prototype model. The kit will be available exclusively through the Narrow Planet marketplace, and to be released in Q1 2020.
  2. The railway has moved out of the old Carmarthen bay platforms into its own station now.
  3. Hi Gordon, We appreciate your interest as a finescale modeller, with the Planet our intent has been to create an easy to build product to encourage more people into kit building and grow their skills. This ethos is carried over from our 009 range where a RTR mechanism and kit body is a common approach. It is possible to (carefully) modify the underside of the body to open out the bonnet cavity and fit a mechanism of your choice. We are also considering a further variant next year which will make this easier, with our own chassis design as an option pending further prototyping work. The price of the current body only kit is £80 including insured UK postage.
  4. Impressive achievement and fun to follow the trains round but didn't really inspire me thematically. However the Pennsylvanian HO scale layout was absolutely superb - a great scene, wonderfully consistent colour throughout everything, possibly my best in show.
  5. Now available online. Stock availability is a guesstimate right now but will be checked and corrected when we get back to base. https://shop.narrowplanet.co.uk/collections/loco-kits/products/pil-001 Thanks to everyone at Warley who expressed an interest (and bought one!). We'd love to do more standard gauge industrial stuff so keep watching this space.
  6. Sorry, yes, it's ready to go and will be on sale at Warley tomorrow and online afterward.
  7. Possibly my favourite at the excellent Uckfield show this weekend - the quality of the structure modelling and the view through the viaduct is just wonderful.
  8. Narrow Planet is pleased to announce that we are now the exclusive stockist of the KBscale O14 narrow gauge range (7mm:ft scale running on 14mm gauge track). KBscale proprietor David Janes has been working to restock the range following a busy period of family life, and has decided to partner with us for fulfilment to ensure a smooth supply. It is anticipated that virtually the full range of locomotives, rolling stock and track parts will be available. Currently available products and prices are listed on our website, with stock status shown. Items will be also be available from our exhibition stand. Upcoming exhibitions this year include Uckfield MRC, Expo Narrow Gauge® in Swanley, and the Warley NEC show. https://shop.narrowplanet.co.uk/collections/kbscale?page=1 What is now the KBscale range was formerly marketed by Roy C Link, who researched and established track standards for accurate 2' gauge modelling in 7mm:ft scale. David has subsequently added his own products, with possible future developments to come. You can also get in touch by email at [email protected], or write to us with a SAE for price list at: Narrow Planet, PO Box 297, Bexhill-on-Sea, TN40 9HF, UK
  9. Beta Cables by Stuart Brewer is a 4mm scale, 14mm gauge interpretation of the BICC facility in Belvedere, Kent. https://www.flickr.com/photos/blue-diesels/5435785657
  10. Yes, producing parts at the moment for release later this year.
  11. My friend Chris, a keen 009 modeller, has built a writing hut / layout room in his garden, based on the design of a carriage. In fact it re-used the panels originally built for his prize winning Chelsea flower show garden. http://chrisodonoghue.blogspot.com/2018/10/studiowriting-hut-re-purposing-iconic.html
  12. Certainly happy to discuss a plate designed to fit if you can supply the exact size inside the moulded beading. [email protected] Cheers, Stephen
  13. The design work for our 4mm scale standard gauge Planet loco kit is progressing. James has been busy building the second prototype, to which he has added many of the additional details including ballast weights between the wheels. He has also test fitted buffers, and tension lock couplings in the NEM sockets which are part of the 3D print. Alternative buffer beams without the coupling hole will also be included for those who prefer three-links or other arrangements. Our aim is for an initial release in the late summer, the first batch will be complete with a Spud power unit which on testing with a decent amount of weight in the loco performs well. To help with this we are planning a cast whitemetal weight to fit inside the bonnet. Later on we will look at a "body only" option for those who would prefer an alternative drive arrangement as this will require changes to the bottom of the body. In developing this model we have carried on the Narrow Planet 009 ethos, which is to provide an easy to build, well detailed kit with a ready to run mechanism - and to encourage more newcomers to the hobby to get stuck in.
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