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  1. We're honoured that Planet Industrials has been nominated for the "innovation" category in the British Railway Modelling Awards 2020, for the range of multi-media kits. Although not the first kits to be comprised of multiple materials to suit the parts being represented, our belief is that the combination of a 3D printed core with etched and cast detailing strikes the perfect balance between ease of construction and fidelity of detail. This ethos grew from what we started with Narrow Planet and we're proud to see it recognised. Voting is open until 3rd March, if you feel so incline
  2. Light Railway Stores is on the move! We're filling our box cars and shifting everything to new, larger premises as our business grows. While our online marketplace will remain open, we will be pausing order dispatch until the week commencing 8th March.
  3. Pevensey Castle is close to the railway but it's a year since I've been on a train so I can't remember if it's visible from either station.
  4. Similarly we're honoured to be in such illustrious company with our nomination in the Innovation category!
  5. Fascinating to hear how close it came to saving one! And of course great justification for anyone with a preservation-era layout to place an order
  6. Thanks for your interest. The DCC options are priced based on hardware cost from our supplier and process time. Due to the projected uptake of these options it's more efficient for us to fit in the UK rather than order multiple configurations from the factory. The body is designed to be removed from the chassis with two screws so as johnd and James say, if you're comfortable fitting next18 chips yourself you shouldn't have any problems.
  7. James and I have discussed a few ideas for a joint, possibly modular industrial layout. Unfortunately the length of the bridging section between Sussex and Denbighshire would be impractical even in non-Covid times!
  8. We like to give our email subscribers a head start on these updates as thank you for signing up, so join the mailing list at https://planetindustrials.co.uk/ to get the news first! But yes, we're pleased to be able to show these test shot parts from the factory in China. We hope you'll agree that the chunky presence of the Victory class is already apparent in these photos. Next step will be the full engineering prototype, work will continue on this after the Chinese New Year holiday. You can see the die-cast boiler and smokebox, which in addition to the metal chassis block and foot
  9. Certainly wouldn't say no to one of these https://thetransportlibrary.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=100941
  10. Classic American 4-4-0 in HO scale with working wood fired live steam.
  11. I would start with a Kerr Stuart 'Victory' 0-6-0T in 00 gauge. Oh wait... As much as it would be great to have RTR 016.5, my feeling is that the market just isn't there in comparison to 009. Would be delighted to be proved wrong though.
  12. Stevenage as well for me, as a trader. It was actually quite nice to take the rest of the year "off" in some respects although I'm itching to get back to it now.
  13. I always liked the look of these but wasn't sure what I needed it for. However with the opportunity to still pay a pre order price and now with the need for stock for a Victory to haul, I've ordered!
  14. We can't be certain that it's a precise match but we're also not selling the loco as EKR 4. Our feeling is that it's a reasonably close mid green that also will be suitable for freelance applications.
  15. It's back! The Narrow Planet Custom Nameplate Studio is online again, with a bit of an upgrade... (click on the above for a video) This has been on the to-do list for longer than I care to admit, but there is now a live preview of your nameplates (on most styles) complete with estimated dimensions as you enter text. Over time we'll add this to number plates and works plates as well so you can be confident you're getting what you expected before you order. For a limited time you can get 30% off all custom etched items with the code WEWANTPLATES
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