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  1. The EP-5 / E40 is now available from my Shapeways shop http://www.shapeways.com/shops/amr . There are both as-built and modified versions, and it is also available with fine engraved guide lines to help apply the complex New Haven McGinnis livery. I've found that the Dapol class 58 chassis is a very close match to the correct dimensions of the EP-5, and as a UK loading gauge loco it should also fit well within the EP-5's low roof. Paul
  2. Thanks K-59. You're quite right, it's a Minitrix U28C chassis, which I understand is the same as the U30CG. It seemed to be the only one to have the same length as the EP-5, so no stretching or shrinking of the model was needed. It was also apparently comparatively easy to modify to fit within the low-roofed EP-5 body. As they aren't widely available any more I'm not sure what chassis to recommend when I release this model on Shapeways - any suggestions welcome. Paul
  3. Thanks Aaron and Rob. Aaron, I've just put the GF6C up on Shapeways, the E40 / EP-5 should follow later this week then the rest of the New Haven models after that. Paul
  4. Thanks Wild Boar Fell and k-59. I've been sent some photos of the models that have been printed so far by the person who commissioned them - a few are a bit blurry I'm afraid. EP-5 / E40 GF6C EF-3 Osgood Bradley passenger car Supaned, I'm happy to do requests - all the models in this thread have been commissions. If let me know what you're interested in by PM or email I can give you a quote. Paul
  5. Several versions of the E44 are now available from my Shapeways shop, along with more variants of the E33. This is the latest loco that I've been working on, the Canadian LRC. These locos were based on a similar principle to the Intercity 125, but were rather less successful, operating from 1981 to 2001. This model actually depicts the pair of prototypes which were operated by Amtrak on the North East Corridor between 1980 and 1982. Finding a chassis for the model is proving to be a challenge, as the locos were about 2 - 4ft lower than most Nor
  6. I've ordered one each of my E33 and E44 models from Shapeways, and am planning on painting them in Conrail blue livery. Does anyone know if any of the Halfords car spray paints are a good match for Conrail blue? Alternatively, are there any other good quality acrylic spray paints available for Conrail blue, either a dedicated colour or a close equivalent? Many thanks in advance, Paul
  7. I'm considering using the Dapol class 67 chassis to power a 3D printed loco I'm working on, and I've got a couple of questions I'm hoping someone who has one can help me with. First, I'd be very grateful if someone could let me know the wheelbase of each bogie, and the distance between the bogie centres/pivots on the model, in mm. Second, I'm wondering about the underframe detail on the chassis. How much of the mechanism is in the underframe rather than in the body? Also, is the underframe detail part of the cast chassis, or is it removable? Many thanks in advance, Paul
  8. Hi Roger, I'm still painting my 95 stock train, so haven't fitted couplings yet, but I'm probably going to use a simple wire hook and loop between cars. It needs to be pretty low profile due to the low height of the tube stock floors. Many thanks, Paul
  9. I didn't know a 47 hauling a Mk4 set in service was possible - it certainly wouldn't happen today!
  10. The first version of the E33, with the correct details for the New Haven period, is now available from Shapeways at http://www.shapeways.com/model/495162/ne3301-n-scale-e33-loco-new-haven.html. I'll add versions representing their earlier and later conditions over the next few days. Paul
  11. The short Thameslink franchise is odd, because it would appear to cover the introduction of the new trains in one livery, then end potentially leaving them all brand new and already in the wrong colours. But the end of the franchise is a couple of years after Crossrail opens, so perhaps it will then be merged with it under TfL control.
  12. Hi Phil, Cyanoacrylate / superglue should work fine on Frosted Detail and Frosted Ultra Detail, though it may take a little longer than usual to dry when applied to the bare unpainted plastic. Paul
  13. Thanks Wild Boar Fell. It's good to know I'm not the only one who thinks they look like an overgrown electric Deltic. Paul
  14. Hi Scott, Thanks for your interest in my modelling. The E33s, E44s and the other models in this thread will all be available for everyone to order via Shapeways. I'm planning for the E33s to be available from early April, and the E44s a few weeks later. For pantographs, I think Sommerfeldt are probably the best option for the E44. For the E33, there is also the possibility of using the Kato GG1 diamond pantographs. Paul
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