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    Mainly BR Western Region steam & diesel circa 1960 - 1975 in 7mm scale (Scale 7), but I do have a soft spot for green and light blue BR enamel station signs too, so a bit of BR Southern or Scottish Region can't be ruled out!

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  1. As regards MRJ 279’s content, I must say, this advertisement got my interest.... Looking forward to adding this to my already groaning bookshelves. Regards Dan
  2. I had the same problem when I got married and bought my first house many moons ago. First DIY job was a new front door with an extra wide letter box, specifically to accommodate the MRJ. When the next issue arrived, the Postie still folded it lengthways and rammed it through the letterbox! Personally, I prefer the card backed envelope and would gladly pay a small premium for it to continue, as my copy of 279 arrived this morning with a crease down one side.... Regards Dan
  3. Modern Outline Kits do one, that might fit the bill.... http://www.modernoutline.co.uk/modern_outline_026.html Regards Dan
  4. That looks decidedly odd, without the usual Pullman gangway! Regards Dan
  5. Hi Simon Just had a read of the above and saw your reference to Barry Norman’s ’Designing a Layout” book, where you said ”This 1997 book has an interesting section on small stations that featured industrial sidings, with a splendid unidentified photograph (page 10) of a small dairy siding that I have never managed to identify”. I can put you out of your misery and tell you dairy in the picture was the Express Dairy at the London end of Frome Station, in Somerset. The site occupied by the dairy is a branch of Jewsons these days. Good luck with the new shop - I look forward to paying a visit once the lockdown is over. Regards Dan
  6. Yes it does! I noticed that yesterday, when looking at the stills again on “Reelstreets” - I think the top of the sign was out of sight on my TV screen. Regards Dan
  7. I watched an episode of Armchair Theatre (called “A Bit of a Lift”, from 1973), last night on Talking Pictures TV, which featured some nice blue DMU action (at Marylebone), at the end. This was immediately followed by a film I’d never seen before, called “Take a Girl Like You” (1970), starring Hayley Mills and Oliver Reed. The title sequence featured Ms Mills travelling in a blue/grey Mk1 coach, an outside shot showing a blue Class 47 at the head. As the titles finished, the train (now hauled by a blue Hymek!), pulled into a station, but not any old station - it was my “home town” station at Slough and amazingly, the train was pulling into the Windsor bay platform! Ms Mills then leaves the train and walks along the platform towards the exit, via the original pre-modernisation booking hall and through some lovely wooden doors, to the station forecourt, where she gets into a taxi. The “Slough” part of SLOUGH STATION, is obscured by a movie prop sign, but I got such a thrill, seeing “my” station, as I remember it from the 60s & 70s and it’s a top quality colour film too. I looked it up on ‘Reelstreets”, a web site that pinpoints locations used in movies and though not all the stills are railway related, it’s a brilliant snapshot of Britain as it was in 1970.... https://www.reelstreets.com/films/take-a-girl-like-you/ Regards Dan (With apologies, if either of the above have already been mentioned).
  8. I’d say Simon Castens at Titfield books, would be a good option.... https://www.titfield.co.uk/ Like many retail outlets, the shop is currently closed, but he may well be sending stuff out still. Regards Dan
  9. Blimey, that was quick! Thank you Phil. Regards Dan
  10. I assume availability from yesterday via Pocketmags applies to the digital version? If so, when will the printed version be available in the shops please? Regards Dan
  11. I was cursing Keith, the Postman last week for not bringing me the latest issue of MRJ. It then dawned on me that I’d forgotten to send off the subscription renewal form enclosed with the previous issue - sorry about that Keith! I’ve now made a plasticine effigy of myself and will be administering some suitable voodoo on it, until such time as I get my mitts on said MRJ. Oh, I’ll also be getting my subscription renewal in the post this week.... Regards Dan
  12. Hi Ian I'm sorry "Trefolwen" is not what you're looking for, but I'd be interested to see the layout in your sketch myself! Regards Dan
  13. Terry Onslows "Trefolwen" was a Welsh terminus, with an incline to a low-level goods yard, though I'm not sure about sidings over the fiddle yard. It featured in the May 1982 Model Railway Constructor (image from Ebay, but unable to post link!)... I can't find my copy to post the track plan, but someone else may be able to. Regards Dan
  14. That looks interesting Jon, but are replacement blades easy enough to obtain please, or are they just conventional "Stanley Knife" blades? Regards Dan
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