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    Devizes, Wiltshire
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    Mainly BR Western Region steam & diesel circa 1963 - 1975 in 7mm scale (Scale 7), but I do have a soft spot for green and light blue BR enamel station signs too, so a bit of BR Southern or Scottish Region can't be ruled out!

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  1. I’d always hoped some enterprising manufacturer would announce a 7mm scale inside framed Siphon G and it’s finally happening! This is bound to be a huge seller and I’ll be putting my name down for at least two Rail Blue examples. Thank you Minerva! Regards Dan
  2. That’s great Mol - one in Bristol and one in Corsham, so much closer to home. Thank you so much! Regards Dan
  3. Yes indeed, but it would be nice to model both at some point, unless Dapol beat me to it! Regards Dan
  4. That’s true and I may well make a visit at some point, but the hinged door version (on the previous page), is up Bolton way! Regards Dan
  5. Hi Mol - I was the original enquirer, so thanks for posting the pictures. Having seen where said wagon is located though, it’s a long way from my home in Wiltshire, so even without lockdown, I can’t see myself making a field trip there, unfortunately... If anyone one does know the whereabouts of one of these wagons further south, I’d love to hear from them please, though with so few built, I realise it’s a bit of a long shot. Regards Dan
  6. Hi Beclawat As the originator of the transfer artwork, I just clicked on my original link and it took me straight to the Steam & Things web site! However, having gone to their home page and copied the link at the top, it now seems to have an additional slash on the end, so maybe try this one?.... http://www.steamandthings.com/ Clicking on “Contents, Products, Transfers”, took me to a list of what was available and BR PMV/CCT transfers were at the top.... I couldn’t see any mention of prices, but I’m sure an email to them would sort that out. Note: I forgot to include any suitable vehicle numbers on the artwork, so they’ll have to be sourced elsewhere! Regards Dan
  7. Thanks for your suggestions and advice chaps - it’s much appreciated. Regards Dan
  8. Thanks Jim, I’ll give that a go. Good idea about the cardboard food cartons too! Regards Dan
  9. I’m thinking about buying a laser cutter next year and was wondering where other (UK), users obtained their sheet materials from? I did try an internet search, but just got swamped by websites of companies that offer laser cutting services, not the raw materials needed! Regards Dan
  10. Those audio jacks are a great idea Duncan - it may well be the solution to one of my own lighting requirements.... Regards Dan
  11. As regards MRJ 279’s content, I must say, this advertisement got my interest.... Looking forward to adding this to my already groaning bookshelves. Regards Dan
  12. I had the same problem when I got married and bought my first house many moons ago. First DIY job was a new front door with an extra wide letter box, specifically to accommodate the MRJ. When the next issue arrived, the Postie still folded it lengthways and rammed it through the letterbox! Personally, I prefer the card backed envelope and would gladly pay a small premium for it to continue, as my copy of 279 arrived this morning with a crease down one side.... Regards Dan
  13. Modern Outline Kits do one, that might fit the bill.... http://www.modernoutline.co.uk/modern_outline_026.html Regards Dan
  14. That looks decidedly odd, without the usual Pullman gangway! Regards Dan
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