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  1. Since when ? HAA’s were seen as singles in speedlink trains and as cripples going around the network. A quick scan of books and YouTube would show that.
  2. It’s pleasing to see a strong positive response to the HAA wagons. And looking at their previous releases these wagons will be good. They had other uses I don’t think have been mentioned. HAA wagons were used on the Foxton cement works coal train. This ran infrequently but when I was a signaller at Helpston it would run down (or up!) the ECML then off towards Ely at Peterborough. sometimes with 25 loaded hoppers, sometimes just 4! Traction varied from 47/56/58 to 60/66’s in the latter years (2005/6). I think it depended on the demand at cement works. dare we (I) hope
  3. 50033 passes 50026 on the sea wall section of the sea wall
  4. Class 31 deputising for a 56, and struggling on a steel train, whilst a 50 heads to exeter
  5. Hello all, a belated update. the track work and wiring has been completed and am in the process of testing it before painting the track and ballasting, below are some recent pics of the progress, I will also up load a couple of YouTube links to my channel. I will probably upload more to YouTube than here at the moment so if you like what you see, please subscribe and share. 47581 on the first test train to run round the layout. you can see where I have had to cut rails due to the track kinking in the heat. 50045 and 47581 testing the
  6. The regional railways peak and Intercity Western featured in a model rail mag many moons ago. Also featured was a freightliner class 59. now freightliner own the 59's!
  7. oh no............my poor wallet!
  8. Good Morning. I though it best to put this in the questions section as I don't want to resurrected anything in the DJ Models parts of the forum. has anyone added any additional weight to their J94? There appears to be enough space inside the tanks under the dcc interface to add some. does adding weight make any difference to its running and haulage capacity? I am considering adding weight to help haulage as my example will only manage 3 Bachmann mk1's on level track work, add a fourth and it slips to a stand. my example has the running number of
  9. After the problems faced with certain Class 31's that been well documented, I fear I may have stumbled upon another problem that may have potential to damage more locos. I have two 31's in my fleet which seem to be effected at the moment. the Rail express 31130 coal sector loco and the 31/4 FM rail version.(both the same body shell version with headlight) these were not effected by the chassis issues. I also have a 31111 but have yet to check this. the problem I have found is that the plastic used inside the body shell has become very brittle. I removed the body's to s
  10. why are peco insulfrog diamond crossing so frustratingly not insulfrog on dcc! had to beg for some nail polish off SWMBO!

    1. MartynJPearson


      Agree, I ended up cutting the rails that head from the centre to the V and then added polarity - switched feeds to both sides of the V, just like you would on an Electrofrog turnout.

  11. admin it maybe prudent to lock topic to prevent assumptions and speculation.
  12. With any luck they’ll offer it as a spare item so we can upgrade the ones we have with dodgy motors.
  13. we can only hope. I have all of CTG's work so far, they are all outstanding books. pride of place next to my copy of 'never again'. personally id like to see a volume of CTG's colour work.
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