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  1. This is roughly what my final track plan will be now with some modification from the previous edition.


    from what I can make out, I will need three reverse modules and I have created three loops. each single black line on the diagram represents one track(i.e 2 rails).


    I hope the diagram makes sense,



    Wye a.png

  2. there are no double slips in the station area, apologies for being misleading.


    it is looking rather complex so may have to amend the design to have a single lead junction on one end, like this amended diagram.  that looks a lot simpler.

    Wye 1a.jpg

  3. 10 minutes ago, Joseph_Pestell said:

    On what we can see there, no need for breaks at all. But there might be issues that arise elsewhere on the layout.


    DC or DCC? Live crossings (frogs) or insulated?


    PS: I think that you have been looking at the wiring for single-track wyes where there is always a polarity conflict.

    The points (apart from the double slip) would all be electrofrog.


    I think you are correct. the diagrams I have been looking at are for single track


  4. I have made a crude diagram of my track layout, double track, and will feature sidings etc.


    what I am asking is, having looked online wiring a WYE seems simple enough, but what about when there is a wye at each end of a run, like my diagram?


    my layout is large so diagram is not to scale.


    am I correct in assuming that there would need to be breaks in all rails where I have put the Red 'A' and that the WYE at the bottom of the diagram would be the exact same as the one at the top?


    any help would be great. thanks.

    Wye 1.png

  5. 31 minutes ago, DaveF said:


    Photos of the Nene Vally Railway Railway in the early 1980s this morning.




    Wansford DB BR64305 May 81 J7357.jpg






    From a former Nene valley member I can shed some light on this loco. It originated at Bridgenorth, but only ever steamed there once. it moved to the Nene Valley railway and last steam there in 1986. 

    This loco has a somewhat Macabre following, as this loco 64-305 has been confirmed as having hauled trains to Auschwitz during the holocaust. Sad history of the loco.





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  6. Hello.


    does anyone use anything other than cork for their track bed?


    are there any good alternatives to use on a permanent layout?


    I have just started a large (17ft by 17ft) layout and cork will prove very expensive.


    I was looking at something like this, but have not seen it in the flesh yet.



    thanks in advance.

  7. I've had a read through this thread but couldn't find the answer, so can anyone shed any light on the development vehicle they are making as a stand alone car? I have seen a pic online of the coach but would like to know if it will have conventional couplings or special APT couplings on each end.

  8. Hello. 

    i need a gear for a Hornby j94. Part number x8264. A double gear.  But everywhere online is out of stock. 

    however can anyone confirm if part number  x8251 will fit? This is off a Hornby terrier and I have been told they are the same, and they certainly look the same. 

    any help would be great. 

  9. 19.jpeg.d4bc316d88fc51f396eed3ee4c94ab2e.jpeg


    The wagons may not be everyone's cup of tea, but they work well for me. I had to add boards on the side of the wagons as the home made ARC logos just would not sit correctly on the ribbed sides.


    with the cost of all the materials they cost about a third of an accurascale rake. they run on Dapol wheels. the buck eyes are ones I had knocking around in the spares box. the run really well and look the part. 


    most importantly of all were fun to build.


    thanks for looking and I will read and comments you may have.





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  10. 5.jpeg.3f8534507864117fd2134b07783716fd.jpeg


    the wagons primed in grey ready for a top coat of Tamia XF-4 Yellow-green, which is a very close match to ARC Yellow, and very cheap compared to Phoenix paints ARC yellow.



    the bogies were masked up and the wagons airbrushed.


    the one off hopper in ARC yellow. the buffers are Heljan 47 rectangle buffer heads.



    The 5 wagon set having the small details painted.




    The 'protoype' hopper. Decaled up with Railtec transfers and home made ARC logos.



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  11. Hello,


    below is a short thread on my scratch built PTA wagons. inspiration came from Ian Burkins modern wagon books.


    These wagons are not 100% like the prototype, but are built as a close representation, so rivet counters look away.


    there is a set of 5 wagons, two outers and three inners fitted with buck eye couplings. I also built a one off wagon using left over parts I have laying around. This, on my railway, is a prototype hopper.




    Built in black plasticard for a change. Plastruct strip and evergreen strip was also utilised. the wagons run on Cambrian bogies. Markits Oleo buffers are fitted to the outer wagons.








    The five completed wagons, ready for priming and painting.



    this hopper was made up from the scraps I had left over. just as a prototype hopper, a 'what-might-have-been'.

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  12. 11 hours ago, jools1959 said:

    Even though 60006, 50 and 86 have been sold to scrap merchants, don’t expect them to be reduced to razor blades quickly as they might be further sold on unless they can’t because of contractual agreements.

    Raxstar have already offered 60050 parts for sale in view of breaking it up for spares. Cab fittings and bogie spares are all up for sale, no mention of the prime mover though. There have been two adverts on social media already.

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  13. 2 hours ago, pdanny said:


    Pop off the bodyshells and using a 4mm wide brush, paint the curtains with Brake Fluid taking extreme care not to get it anywhere else on the carriage. You can buy it from Halfords. It's great for paint stripping but if you get it on the bodyshell it will strip the paint off. Paint the curtains and leave for 5mins, then scrape them off gently with a cocktail stick. It literally peels off.20190923_153833.jpg.91081d9c00c1318c2a7565262d07eb7d.jpg20190923_161032.jpg.1a47c1ea357a05655498b5f135ae1cdb.jpg

    Excellent thank you, my glazing has all been removed from the shells (that was not easy!!) so will strip them off when I get round to it.

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  14. Picked a copy of a brand new magazine today, Wheels of Industry vol 1. In the local WH Smiths. It looks part of the ‘railways of britain’ series, like ‘on shed’ and ‘moving the goods’. 


    For anyone with an interest in industrial steam i think its excellent. Plenty of black and white photos and lots of info.


    The first in a new series as the next volume is out in March. 




    One thing i have noticed is that its £8.99 online but cover price in shops is £7.99!






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