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  1. Hello. i need a gear for a Hornby j94. Part number x8264. A double gear. But everywhere online is out of stock. however can anyone confirm if part number x8251 will fit? This is off a Hornby terrier and I have been told they are the same, and they certainly look the same. any help would be great.
  2. The wagons may not be everyone's cup of tea, but they work well for me. I had to add boards on the side of the wagons as the home made ARC logos just would not sit correctly on the ribbed sides. with the cost of all the materials they cost about a third of an accurascale rake. they run on Dapol wheels. the buck eyes are ones I had knocking around in the spares box. the run really well and look the part. most importantly of all were fun to build. thanks for looking and I will read and comments you may have. thanks Dan
  3. each end of the wagon has an access ladder. the 5 wagon rake of PTA wagons all decaled up, the bogies still need painting and the interiors weathered.
  4. the wagons primed in grey ready for a top coat of Tamia XF-4 Yellow-green, which is a very close match to ARC Yellow, and very cheap compared to Phoenix paints ARC yellow. the bogies were masked up and the wagons airbrushed. the one off hopper in ARC yellow. the buffers are Heljan 47 rectangle buffer heads. The 5 wagon set having the small details painted. The 'protoype' hopper. Decaled up with Railtec transfers and home made ARC logos.
  5. Hello, below is a short thread on my scratch built PTA wagons. inspiration came from Ian Burkins modern wagon books. These wagons are not 100% like the prototype, but are built as a close representation, so rivet counters look away. there is a set of 5 wagons, two outers and three inners fitted with buck eye couplings. I also built a one off wagon using left over parts I have laying around. This, on my railway, is a prototype hopper. Built in black plasticard for a change. Plastruct strip and evergreen strip was also utilised. the wagons run on Cambrian bogies. Markits Oleo buffers are fitted to the outer wagons. The five completed wagons, ready for priming and painting. this hopper was made up from the scraps I had left over. just as a prototype hopper, a 'what-might-have-been'.
  6. Hello. Does anyone have the dates for next years festival of railway modelling at Peterborough for 2020. it should be booked by now. I can then look at booking the time off work. Dan
  7. Raxstar have already offered 60050 parts for sale in view of breaking it up for spares. Cab fittings and bogie spares are all up for sale, no mention of the prime mover though. There have been two adverts on social media already.
  8. I received my copy today. I had read it was good but wow. What a set of books. It really is fantastic.
  9. Excellent thank you, my glazing has all been removed from the shells (that was not easy!!) so will strip them off when I get round to it.
  10. I am also painting a blue vep into NSE, not going to the extent of your conversion though. How did you remove the curtains from the glazing with out effecting the clear plastic? thanks in advance, Dan
  11. Picked a copy of a brand new magazine today, Wheels of Industry vol 1. In the local WH Smiths. It looks part of the ‘railways of britain’ series, like ‘on shed’ and ‘moving the goods’. For anyone with an interest in industrial steam i think its excellent. Plenty of black and white photos and lots of info. The first in a new series as the next volume is out in March. https://shop.kelsey.co.uk/product/BKZROBWHEELS/ One thing i have noticed is that its £8.99 online but cover price in shops is £7.99! Recommended.
  12. There is a buffer missing in this view, it has since been reattached. and another vacuum pipe has been sort for the coach which is missing its pipe. They may not be prototypical but they suit my needs and look rather good considering they started life as push along toys.
  13. I have been looking for some suitable stock to use as internal user coaches for the preserved NCB colliery that will be incorporated on my new layout. my son had a few old Hornby Annie and Clarabels knocking about but these where based on the shorty Hornby old style coach which I though looked just too small. Then I found two old coaches from a toy set he had, also made by hronby, but these had huge plastic wheels but the bodies looked well detailed enough. This is what I begin with. there is a hole in the roof of one coach, also a battery access hatch. The huge plastic wheels are evident in this view. after some experimentation, I used Hornby TTA tank wagon chassis as there are about the right size, being 2-3mm too short but it leaves a little over hang each end. this is barley noticeable. the underframe detail for the TTA was removed, leaving just the brake leaver in place. Here is the other coach, I filed the nose off the end and cleaned up with wet and dry. the roof and glazing are one unit. The hole in one of the roof were filled, and then rubbed down and filled again until it looked smooth. after painting it became apparent that it wasn't completely smooth, but I can live with that. I find that Humbrol Midnight blue is a close match to the NCB blue used on my Oxford rail Janus. NCB transfers are Railtec and the numbers are off a generic fox sheet I had. the roof isn't fully pushed down in this image. I finished each coach slightly different. The wheels are metal spoke design wheels, and as these coaches are 'preserved' I have white rimmed them.
  14. I have searched but to no avail, but does anyone know of a supplier of cradles for the Cambrian BBA wagon? thanks in advance.
  15. love it, it looks so good and I always liked this from when it first appeared in model rail in 1999? time for a revisit I reckon. your picture of your 03 with the drawing pin buffers inspired me to modify m Hornby 06 at the time.
  16. SOS parts 1 and 2 and Signals parts 1 and 2 should be really good,
  17. I have this now, and it is outstanding. really good book and well worth the money.
  18. I will have to pop in a order some. They look great
  19. trying to get hold of a copy (not wanting to order online before ive looked) it seems it near on impossible to locate one around the Peterborough area. Local model shop and smiths have none at all
  20. Hi chaps. i collected my Glorious yesterday at long last. Reading through some posts here am i correct in assuming that the body fit being quite loose, compared to 50026, is relatively normal for this model? (50033)? Thanks
  21. Hopefully some issues will get a revisit, class 37's stand out as they were covered in the first issue of MLI, which is nearly, if not over 10 years ago? a volume on RTC stuff would interest me, not just locos/ but their extensive stock too, also maybe a London transport issue. covering Met locos + underground stock. The preserved diesel issues that's forthcoming, will be interesting, especially as what is deemed as 'preserved' now-a-days is open to discussion, the issue could be out of date, even when sat on the shelves! and one issue that wouldn't fit in with the title that I think CJM would do well on is preserved steam on the main line, two issues, one from 1968 to 1990, the another 1990 to present day! but that's wishing. regards Dan
  22. Kevin, any news on future diesel and electric titles? best regards Dan
  23. Happy Birthday to me! 33 years young!

    1. Corbs


      Happy birthday!

  24. I have tried three or four times now to add a digital back issue to my cart and pay via paypal but nothing. it will not allow me to even put anything in the cart. are there issues with the BRM/Pocketmags website?
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