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  1. Yes I saw the date in the last issue, but it seemed a bit quite as the previous two issues had the cover art ect released approx. two weeks before publication
  2. This is now out and is another good bookazine by Mr Wright. well worth buying
  3. photographing two class 50's working at midnight

  4. What book is it? Or is that part of the announcement ?
  5. yes it is, in the very early years on the NVR they used to have the 4COR unit as hauled stock. along with, I think, a car from the birghton belle Pullman train. http://www.railwayherald.co.uk/imagingcentre/view/501567/PL http://www.railwayherald.co.uk/imagingcentre/view/460549/IS429910011531663435
  6. This German tank last steamed in 1986 (the year I was born!), and has been stored at Wansford ever since. It is undercover in their running shed and does sometimes draws visitors who come to see this particular loco due to its role in one the darkest parts of the past. it has been confirmed that this German tank used to haul train loads of Jewish prisoners to Auschwitz during the second world war. Here is my picture of it in 2016 stored but looking in not too bad shape.
  7. Miffed. Great rail restorations episode 1 didnt record, and is not available to download :-(

  8. Firstly Thanks to Corbs for finding and sharing my 0-6-0 build pics a few pages back, (october2017!!!) Here are a few of mine, mainly just repaints into London Brick red of available locos, like the two fireless loco's and Hornby J94. However the Bachmann Percy has had quite some work, new dome, funnel, smoke box door and the cab has been blanked off as al the wiring was showing through. The reworked Percy
  9. First samples have been released, of the secretly developed 25/0. looks ok but I don't think they'll get away with the incorrect numbering! Just Kiddin', Weybourne, NNR 2010
  10. Having never heard of St Cuthbert's village, I googled it to have a read and guess who's picture pops up! https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/history/troubled-gateshead-housing-estate-stood-14125241
  11. Having got a copy of this yesterday, I have to say the picture of 50005 in 1974 silhouetted against a clear blue sky is one of the best railway pictures ive ever seen, and only two colours, black and blue, it reminds me of a Colin Gifford picture. for me it oozes atmosphere. its awesome, worth buying the book for that picture alone.
  12. My subs copy will be waiting for me when I get home, can I just say Chris, as a reader from when it was a supplement in RAIL, Congratulations to you and the team for reaching the 250th issue! (that means I have 249 stacked in the garage!)
  13. Yes it does run very well with a dc controller
  14. Good morning. Yesterday I purchased a 4F loco which I was lead to believe was a Hornby product, as it has a Hornby base plate. The model is lovely and has been detailed and weathered by the previous owner. it has real coal in the tender, screw couplings etc. It even has replacement pick ups on all driving wheels, and its tender driven which I'm no fussed about. the loco is in the 'preserved' fleet so will not be doing a great amount of running. I have never attempted to convert an Airfix GMR model to DCC, and my question is, how do they run on digital? are there any special considerations to think about? It is a simple enough affair to chip it as there are no capacitors or anything like that. The Airfix 4f The replacement pick up arrangement the basic motor and wires. there is plenty of spare room in the tender for the decoder. regards Dan
  15. I use code 100, always have done. two reasons, one its durability. it can take a lot more knocks and bumps than code 75, and two I have quite a lot of it from previous layouts ect, and the cost of going over to code 75 for me is prohibitive. IMO it looks good when weathered and ballasted. it is also handy that when laying fiddle yards and using set track to save space, different manufacturers can be mixed with no ill effects or special joining/translator pieces of track.
  16. the first of 6? is that one for all regions or 6 on the southern? (not that it matters as I will most likely take all 6!) regards dan
  17. I may be wrong, but those tail lights shouldn't light up white should they?
  18. I do feel as a print only subscriber that we do get the rough end of the deal slightly. the digital group get extra content every month, and the garden railway mag this month, surely some of the extra videos would fit onto the dvd that the print only people get? Then I wander round Tesco and shoppers, not subscribers, get a bonus mag. I subscribe to other magazines as well as BRM and I do feel that out of all, BRM offers very little for its print only customers, we seem to play second fiddle to the constant pushing of the digital edition. However Phils piece in tail lamp, imminent arrival and the 31 article I did enjoy this month
  19. start a class 58 pic thread in UK Prototype discussions forum, not the questions part.
  20. Having had a think i could make the loop an out and back, so it would make a double track line and have the points back inside the garage, much like the loop that the flyash used to use at fletton. However having just measured up, the out and back loop would be roughly 214 feet long!
  21. Sorry its all 00 gauge code 100 peco track
  22. Good morning. I am in the planning stages of my new layout, and am planning a joint colliery railway/preservation centre branch line. the idea is that this branch will go out through the garage wall and off into the garden, a length of about 65ish feet. In the garden shed at the end I plan to have a loop which will double up as a coal loading point, it will be dcc operation and my question is on DCC operation can you use sprung points, so that a coal train, or indeed a steam loco and three coaches, can run round the loop and back to the garage without me having to go out and move the points myself. On the diagram A is where the railway will run through the wall and into the garden. the blue line denotes where the colliery branch/ preservation centre boundary. B is the set of points in question. the train will travel around the loop and hopefully come back through this point, if its electrically possible, using a weak spring to allow the points to reset normal after the passage of the trains. I understand I will also need a reverse loop module. I have tried to be as clear as possible, and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.
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