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  1. Work now returns to the main craft with the building and fitting of the rear boosters. These are fairly easy to put together, one includes a speaker for the sound effects and both contain red LED's for the lighting effects. Both boosters come in three parts that require clip fitting together, after the relevant wires have been threaded through. This view shows the speaker located to the rear of one of the boosters. Both boosters with the wires for the LED's and speaker sticking out of the top. The rear section was then added to both boosters, this included some very fine mesh that is sandwiched between the rear part and main booster. The boosters come pre painted and the finish, as it has been on all of the models, it excellent. The first booster fitted to the rear of Thunderbird 2. Both Boosters fitted, In the final pack comes the tail fin and wings to complete the main craft.
  2. Then it was time for small smaller, (much smaller!) POD and rescue vehicles. First up, not a rescue vehicle at all, but Alan's racing car from 'move and your dead.' The was simple to make, and for the first and only time in the kit, water slide transfers had to be applied. the chassis and wheels followed the same construction as FAB 1. The main body of the car was attached after some minor detailing to the inside had been added. The all that was needed was to apply the water slide number 2 to each side of the cars rear. After the car came another tiny rescue vehicle, from the same episode, the Jet air transporter. this was a three piece construction and literally took seconds to make, even including a pre painted Virgil figure. and then something no Thunderbird craft could be without, the jet hover bike. Posed next to Thunderbird 4 for size comparison, this came complete with a Scott figure and again was a three piece construction. After these were built, it was time to build some more bits on the main Thunderbird 2 craft......
  3. After completing POD 4 it was time for another rescue vehicle, namely, the DOMO from ' the duchess assignment'. This is a similar built to the excavator as the vehicles are practically the same apart from the front end gear. Lots of small parts, put together to make the larger cock pit area. Next the familiar chassis arrangement and main body were located and put together. The familiar chassis based from a 1960's tractor toy. The base of the body secured onto the chassis. The cockpit and some small details added. The suction arms were constructed and then glued onto the main body. this completed the DOMO. Ready to go and rescue the Duchess of Royston.
  4. Once POD 4 was completed it meant that finally, after 10 months, Thunderbird 4 had a home! Some pictures on the completed POD with TB4. Ready..... Steady.... LAUNCH! I particularly like this shot, very reminiscent of the Programme.
  5. Hello, It has been a long while since any updates due to holidays ect, but here is where the model stands at the moment. Any day now I should be taking delivery of pack 12, the last pack, so within the week TB2 should be finished. (fingers crossed we get the extension that was released last year in Japan, which includes more vehicles and POD 2!) Anyway first off, more work on POD 4. The base of Thunderbird 4's ramp was put together, this includes a neat little tab on the rear you pull to make it raise up and down. This was trial fitted to the POD floor. The top ramp was then built and some small details added. The ladder type ramp slides forwards and backwards. The ramp was then glue into the POD, using the locating lugs on the underside which clipped into the floor. The ramp in the raised position and with the launch ramp deployed. The rest of the POD 4's construction followed the exact same pace as POD 3 previously. After the roof and sides were completed that completed the PODs for the build.
  6. Great. When did the life expectancy of models become 10 years or less! Heljan 47’s, Hornby 31’s, then ive seens certain 50’s in danger, rebuilt merchant navy front bogies, and now bachmanns 47’s! Have you raised the issue with Bachmann?
  7. how so? it has the sandbox fillers, no headlight and the roof is correct? how is it a refurb body?
  8. Seemingly to add insult to injury, new stock arrived at my local smiths today, from Kelsey. On shed?? Nope, re-runs of Locomotive legends!!!
  9. If the person who writes this book is on here and reading can I suggest that he go and have a chat with the publishers? Not one WH Smith that I have visited or phoned up in the eastern counties (Peterboroug/spalding/grantham/Stamford) has a single copy. I was told in the Peterborough one that when he looked on the system they had over 800 in the warehouse but none in stores. The coverage for this publication is appalling. Yes I could quite easily go and order online but I like to look at the products before buying, and if it arrived like some of the BRM or model rails do that come through the post, I will give it a miss. its a shame that such a good publication seems to being looked over in favour or repeated stuff such as the A-Z of railway preservation which is having a second airing in WHSmiths.
  10. I would like to track down a copy of this, would you be so kind as to supply the artists name please, regards Dan
  11. Yes I saw the date in the last issue, but it seemed a bit quite as the previous two issues had the cover art ect released approx. two weeks before publication
  12. This is now out and is another good bookazine by Mr Wright. well worth buying
  13. photographing two class 50's working at midnight

  14. What book is it? Or is that part of the announcement ?
  15. yes it is, in the very early years on the NVR they used to have the 4COR unit as hauled stock. along with, I think, a car from the birghton belle Pullman train. http://www.railwayherald.co.uk/imagingcentre/view/501567/PL http://www.railwayherald.co.uk/imagingcentre/view/460549/IS429910011531663435
  16. This German tank last steamed in 1986 (the year I was born!), and has been stored at Wansford ever since. It is undercover in their running shed and does sometimes draws visitors who come to see this particular loco due to its role in one the darkest parts of the past. it has been confirmed that this German tank used to haul train loads of Jewish prisoners to Auschwitz during the second world war. Here is my picture of it in 2016 stored but looking in not too bad shape.
  17. Miffed. Great rail restorations episode 1 didnt record, and is not available to download :-(

  18. Firstly Thanks to Corbs for finding and sharing my 0-6-0 build pics a few pages back, (october2017!!!) Here are a few of mine, mainly just repaints into London Brick red of available locos, like the two fireless loco's and Hornby J94. However the Bachmann Percy has had quite some work, new dome, funnel, smoke box door and the cab has been blanked off as al the wiring was showing through. The reworked Percy
  19. First samples have been released, of the secretly developed 25/0. looks ok but I don't think they'll get away with the incorrect numbering! Just Kiddin', Weybourne, NNR 2010
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