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  1. Etched Pixels is *CLOSED* thanks to Covid19. As an asthmatic the post office is now too scary a place to visit ;)


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    2. Etched Pixels

      Etched Pixels

      I don't ship anything like enough for that. You have to ship above a certain volume. Thamls fpr the suggestion though.


    3. Neil


      My sympathies. I've removed from sale the few items I had lurking on e-bay for the same reason.


    4. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      I had occasion to visit the local post office in Ivybridge yesterday. To my surprise, there was but one person at the counter when I went in and no one else. It's not that small a room, so you don't have to stand too close to anyone else.


      My sympathies to those who are unable to visit their POs, though.



  2. Still rebuilding a house not a railway

  3. Eventually I think. Still scratching my head a bit over the brake ends as they have a rather more complicated shape.
  4. Test build completed. Quite pleased with this one. The close to scale bogie spacing limits it to about R2 curves but that's ok by me
  5. Oh the joys of April 5th and having to do the accounts

  6. house now physically shaking in the wind - gusting over 70mph.

    1. 47845


      Fine and sunny here in melton!

    2. SHMD


      My house sometimes does that. Not nice. All the best.

    3. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Best wishes and hold on to your hats!

  7. house now physically shaking in the window - gusting over 70mph.

  8. tis windier than the night after a vegetarian curry party

    1. Horsetan


      Anyone got a match?

    2. Etched Pixels

      Etched Pixels

      yeah.. we play Cardiff at 5:30 pm 8)


  9. Yay tax return finished, not so yay, there goes the train budget

  10. either someone is throwing rocks at my roof or the stormy weather is back

    1. 69843


      Sorry, wrong house!

    2. yorkie_pudd


      over fed pigeons on bombing practise

  11. I have seen somethng I've not seen for almost a year - the surface of my desk

    1. nick_bastable


      be afraid very afraid


    2. Jawfin


      Something is horribly wrong!

  12. Guess who just glued the roof on a coach before remembering he'd only glazed one side ...

    1. Kev_Lewis
    2. Nelson Jackson

      Nelson Jackson

      Oh, I wouldn't like to be in your shoes right now, hope you get it sorted without much bother.

  13. Ah the joys of counting out 80 n gauge top hat bearings

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