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  1. Etched Pixels is *CLOSED* thanks to Covid19. As an asthmatic the post office is now too scary a place to visit ;)


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    2. Etched Pixels

      Etched Pixels

      I don't ship anything like enough for that. You have to ship above a certain volume. Thamls fpr the suggestion though.


    3. Neil


      My sympathies. I've removed from sale the few items I had lurking on e-bay for the same reason.


    4. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      I had occasion to visit the local post office in Ivybridge yesterday. To my surprise, there was but one person at the counter when I went in and no one else. It's not that small a room, so you don't have to stand too close to anyone else.


      My sympathies to those who are unable to visit their POs, though.



  2. The acetate ones are old screen printing. For new stuff I cut them with a vinyl cutter on brown vinyl and stick that to clear plastic. 3D printing doesn't work well for it. I tried it early on for some 3D printed coach shells but the thicknesses are a pain so even for those I might print compartments and seat shapes but the corridor is a glue in strip using vinyl/clear plastic. Alan
  3. Alan, and I don't mind in the slightest. I did end up on newer stuff combining the roof ends and floor into one - if you don't do that then add a small bar along the length just under where the roof will go otherwise Shapeways sometimes prints slightly bowed coaches. Alan
  4. I use a mix of drawings (preferably old ones included so they were drawn by someone who actually saw the thing for real) and photographs. Enough book drawings are wrong (some hilariously bad where the photo next to the drawing shows its incorrect) that you want to check photographs and other evidence. Picking two drawings doesn't work - it just shows who copied which mistake from where! Even official drawings sometimes turn out to be as designed not as built. The Jenkinson/Campling book isn't bad - but there are errors I found. For some of the books the various societies actually keep 'errata' and those can be a great source. My favourite drawings disaster is the BR class 29 diesel. I don't think I've ever seen a drawing for it that passes the 'does it look like the photo' test. I've never gone to 3D printing entire bogie coaches because of the print quality and the prices. What I had a fair bit of success doing was to 3D print a shell (floor, roof, ends and interior as one) and overlay it with etched parts. For one offs I still find it easier to scratch build the shell (sometimes using the old BHE plastic profile bits) and etch the sides.
  5. Not accurate thankfully they are never on site anyway but all live with PPD. Except for very old stuff (which I suspect never existed in digital form) I've also got digital copies of the artwork although I did have fun extracting them from very old Macintosh apps. There is old stuff that only exists/existed as stock (Bill Bedford parts, Commonwealth bogies, printed coach sides) and stuff it's not really practical to re-run for other reasons (from being old artwork mostly containing stuff I don't need to hand plastic moulding tools which are hard to get run nowdays). Various things escaped in the move - I'm still looking for some PC models 2mm shrunk clerestory etches and the like. No doubt one decade they will emerge from somewhere. Most stuff that is out of stock is out of stock because I've simply not had much time the past three years. I'm variously restoring an 1860s mansion where the surveyor said 'the only thing that works are the appliances' 8), having a somewhat busy work life (I work for a large chip manufacturer and ended up involved meltdown/spectre and other exciting things) and my new fiancee means I've also gone from childless and time rich to stepdad and no time at all 8) The 3D print stuff is partly out of stock because the current Shapeways prices with the state of the pound are ludicrous. That said given Farish prices nowdays I might have to bite the bullet, order some stuff and put the prices up accordingly 8( Alan
  6. Still rebuilding a house not a railway

  7. They don't interrogate people for past 9mm gauge sins at the door and burn the heretics. In fact an awful lot of the stuff is very useful if you model in N. Alan
  8. One tip on the etched sides - if instead of just sticking them on you mark where they join the original body and file gently just inside the joins so it slopes from the metal thickness at the join to no filing over maybe 1cm or so then you can make overlay etches appear to be a seamless finish without the hassle of trying to take 3 thou off all of the side, because providing the join looks right nobody can see the slightly width change unless its a sharp transition. Alan
  9. The Etched Pixels ones vary. The easy to build stuff uses Peco chassis quite deliberately and N is sufficiently coarse scale wheels and trackwork that you don't need to do anything cleverer than glue two together for a six wheel chassis of desired length. There is also a six wheel Stove R chassis available from the N Gauge Society that some kits can use and it's a nice chassis that comes pre-assembled. The fancier stuff uses etched chassis but that puts plenty of people off. Alan
  10. Only the main fan grille. I don't know anyone who does cantrail grilles so can't help there.
  11. A real 48DS could move a reasonable load slowly on light gradients. My N gauge one struggles with more than about 4 wagons but I can live with that limitation to be honest. According to the official documentation in the lowest gear on the flat you can pull 226 tons but only 80 tons on 1 in 75. Alan
  12. Colin: many many thanks a lot for that - I looked at lots of internet stuff but couldn't find a matching image anywhere. Alan
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