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  1. Currently, as I understand it, Gaugemaster have only been supplied with the injection moulded sprues of parts left over from recent production runs. Transmission parts (or anything other than injection moulded buffers, tanks, hnd rails, etc.) are out of bounds. Suggest send an email to [email protected] as is mentioned on their website!
  2. Then there's this one above the Post Bus Depot in Meiringen based on the RhB: http://www.modellbahn-meiringen.ch/
  3. They should do as they are the UK importers of all things Roco! They also supply to Eire.
  4. Maybe this screen shot from roco.cc will answer the question! More importantly, how are Modelleisenbahn (who not only have the Roco branding but also the Fleischmann branding) going to compensate for their discontinuation of the Fleischmann H0 ProfiTrack?
  5. But, equally, there are a lot of punters that rely on SAE to this day. Posted orders with cheque or postal orders are regular, especially from punters who do NOT have, or do NOT want to have, access to the interweb. There are more than may be realised! They must, however, be respected and not discriminated against in their ability to effect remote purchases. If the suppliers can not understand or cope with this, it is, frankly, the supplier's loss!
  6. Given that the curves on narrow gauge lines can be much tighter than on main lines (dictated, mostly, by terrain) two buffers will derail the train by the phenomenon of buffer lock. The central coupler / buffer device circumvents this.
  7. But what about those who do not have any desire for the internet? (And I'm talking general public and retailers here!) These people CHOOSE not to use the internet for business of any kind. If I may quote a former colleague of my late Father, "I've been using computers throughout my working life; I do not want one in retirement! Pen, paper, telephone and stamps suit my needs" Cheques (and Postal Orders) are still in regular use (There are, apparently, stiil some who send cash through the post!). If my local model store stops accepting (often hand- but sometimes type-) wr
  8. MY point is that who cares what the numerical voltage displayed on whatever mutlimeter one cares to use is irrelevant, that there is a voltage there at all is what matters here. Regardless of whether it is 13V, 7V, 5V. It ain't the size but how you use it what counts.
  9. Then you probably haven't read the pedants' posts (including one I quoted) about multimeter readings!
  10. Has anyone noticed that a DCC signal is also asymmetric? I'll raise you: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Train-Tech-Multigauge-Track-Tester/dp/B01L35LLIA Indicates presence of both DC and AC or DCC voltage. If they're there, they're there; if they ain't, they ain't! Seemples!
  11. This is known in an appropriate thread!
  12. I can understand the reluctance of folks to order 'on line' and for traders' reluctance to trade 'on line' and respect it as a personal decision, not a dinosaur / dodo fascination. Having had, and had taken away, the facility of Eurocheques several years ago, I am surprised that some customers still prefer cheques or even Postal Orders! What I find even more amazing, if such were possible, is the number of customers who write or email an order with their card details included!!
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