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  1. This looks close to the other 'shop' in Yverdon les ll check it out over Christmas.
  2. Proof, if proof were needed,m that we're all different!
  3. If I can, I pre-plan the stands I want to see but don't bee-line them. Walking long the aisles, I tend to look to my left and see what catches my eye. With a largeish show like Warley, (Cologne and Eurospoor are several times larger!), I trace my walk on the floor plan to ensure that I've covered everything. As for rucksacks, if I am unable to leave mine at a friendly stand, it becomes a vorsack (rucksack is derived from the German 'Ruck', i.e. Back)
  4. you could look at: https://www.gaugemasterretail.com/magento/catalogsearch/result/?q=dcc32 for the same price!
  5. Isn't the 2020 show due to be Swiss-themed?
  6. Reading the above (and I have seen the Beijieo layout at other shows), I wish him well in securing invites to more shows. (Mods: this may be the wrong place for this) FWIW, (working in the 'industry') "if it ain't UK outline, I'm not interested" summarises the majority of comments received from many sources when broaching the subject of 'overseas' products! (That set of figures is no good, it's H0 not 00! Walk down the High Street and observe the wide range of heights of your fellow pedestrians.) Transfesa have been running freight from Spain to the UK for many years, even before the opening of the Channel Tunnel, so there's scope here for Spanish wagons, for example. Prototypically, trains now carry freight from China to the UK and there are examples of the German ICE4 and the French TGV running regularly from London St. Pancras. There is an association between the Warley Club and Continental Clubs, hence the number of continental-built layouts on show. There's thick fog in the English Channel; Europe's cut off????????
  7. This is the entrance right outside Hall 5.
  8. Yeah, full walk-through scanner! Why did I not see this at other entrances, i.e. where the buses drop and collect?
  9. Do you mean this https://www.noch.com/en/product-categories/model-landscaping/rocks-rock-walls/wrinkle-rocks.html ?
  10. Every trade show I've attended at the NEC has always had free parking, albeit computing, engineering, packaging, etc. These, generally, are not open to those outside of the relevant industries. If I am unable to dump my rucksack with a friendly exhibitor, I wear it as a vornsack! Phil: I'll say no more
  11. Measure the gap between the blade and the stock rail, allow a bit for the flexing of the rod from the point motor to the tie bar and drill!
  12. So that may be why only three of us turned up for the normal Spoons at 13:00 then.
  13. JohnDMJ

    Heljan at Warley

    Has Hornby hi-jacked a Heljan thread?
  14. Measure the gap between the blade and its adjacent fixed rail. Add some latitude for the actuation arm from the point motor and drill accordingly.
  15. Jethro: Train don't stop Camborne Wednesdays!
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