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  1. How long are the green zones? If you only have locos on the front then twice loco length is enough. But if your banking or emus on the DC lines then they have to be longer.
  2. I didn’t know you could get a fixer that prevents/reduces UV caused fading. Thanks
  3. Sorry Sir, I’m not paying proper attention sat here at the back!
  4. Looking through my wagon stock I don’t see a single 2, 3, 4, 5 plank wagon with curved ends. I recon that for a layout set in 1920 that is probably an error. I’ve read that the GWR removed almost all curved ends prior to 1920. So who was still operating wagons with curved ends in 1920?
  5. Does anyone have HMRS Members photo 15192? In the GWSG/Dave Geen 3 plank kit instructions this photo is described “Various wagons in red and grey. Cinderford Iron”. Ambiguous in itself as is could mean red and grey wagons, or red and grey wagons.
  6. So are the 20+ N4 20 ton loco coal wagons photographed in 1902 during vacuum brake trials in red, grey or black livery? I thought I’d just drop that musing in. Maybe I should take my gems are visit a stone circle?
  7. What brand of paper do you use? Do you have concerns that the ink will fade in time?
  8. Ha ha. There will be a lot of wagons on Penrhos. Half size scale length trains are 30-40 wagons. It’s a good job that I like building wagons!
  9. Yes @37079 they are bashed from the old Ratio kit. I bought 5 body only kits in with a large box of kits on eBay. @drduncan is also correct. I’ve got 8 coopercraft loco coal wagons on the go. The kit is meant to portray diagram N13 but it 2mm too narrow and the corners are square not round. Fixing them both isn’t too difficult but very tedious. By changing the buffers and doing the width and corners as N13 you can make diagram N19. By changing the buffers and adding corner strengthening plates diagram N20 can be built. These 3 diagrams are all easy to do and I’ve done a few i
  10. I can’t believe that it’s a month since I posted. I have been modelling, but I can’t exactly say busy modelling. Although there have been plenty of shards of plastic flying around the room and the carpet goblin has been particularly busy! What I need is a faithful Modelling Elf. Here’s the latest output. I’d be interested to know if you can see what the starting point was for these. Here’s a clue as to the next project. A second clue is that built straight out of the box the kit is wrong, but correct that error and you can build 3 different diagrams and with a bit of pushing
  11. What standard are the wheels? I think you said RP25-93 in the video, but your website says RP25-110. I’d prefer 93.
  12. I’ve just weighed a couple of locos and the weight is good. Are the tanks full of weight inside? How much space is there for decoder, stay-alive and speaker? Yes I’ve already ordered a DCC sound one.
  13. I'm afraid that Russ rather confuses me here. The brake third is actually very close to diagram D7 in design. It's just 2' shorter than a D7 and the difference is the length on the van area. This has been discussed elsewhere, but I can't find it quickly. The all "second" coach is pure fiction. Russ gets confused himself as the C20 was a corridor coach and so out of the running and I don;t know why he's mentioned.
  14. Hang on, hang on. There was actually only ONE, yes only ONE GWR all second non-corridor clerestory design. C19 which is shown on that page. Where a coach had second class compartments I do make sure that they do get mentioned. Most GWR coaches with 2nd class compartments were actually composites.
  15. What glue are you using for the lead? I looked at a couple of my wagons that have lead weights and the lead has all curled up. I thought that I’d used a non-pva glue.
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