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  1. Rails have some Hornby Collett suburban coaches on eBay at only £29.50 rather than the more normal £49.50. GWR shirtbutton livery and BR lined maroon.
  2. 6816, 6817, 6819 & 6821 (E147) were allocated new to Neath. All other new build South Wales allocations were Cardiff Valleys or Newport Divisions. What division was Llanelli?
  3. E128 was actually 58’4.5” long not 57’. Which is why Hornby didn’t make it and the restaurant coach as they need a different chassis
  4. One thing to remember is that coaches were typically repainted only when they went through the workshop for heavy maintenance. This was typically every 5 to 7 years. But by 1934 4 wheelers were at the end of life so were running until they broke for good, liveries lasted longer. In 1927 the plain livery had just a single black line at the waist cream/brown boarder: In 1929 a gold line was added below the black line and a second black line added at the top of the side: In 1934 the GWR letters in the central waist panel and twin shield logo was replaced by the GWR rounded, but this livery was very rare as most 4 wheelers were not expected to last very long. Instead they had been generally painted all over brown from 1933, possibly earlier. Initially the all over brown had no logo, just GWR in the waist and Third was painted once or twice in the waist panels: From 1934 the rounded was used:
  5. GWW ed2 doesn’t have any evidence that this happened. Which is why I’m asking for photos. It does however note that in 1933 new coaches where no longer being painted with double lining.
  6. The latest edition of GW Way also has circular 4974A: “in my circular 4974 of 29th November last is stated ‘all corridor bogie coaches for Main Line working”....Will you kindly note that all bogie coaches should be dealt with as main line vehicles.” So initially clerestory coaches might not have been given double lining, but the second circular makes it clear that they should have been given double lining. Also non-corridor coaches were given double lining.
  7. Yes, I'd expect that about half of the clerestories would have recieved double waist lining. But since there's no photo I'm doubting whether it happened
  8. Hijacking this topic again, has anyone got a photo of a clerestory coach in 1929 livery with double lining: black line, gold line, brown band, gold line, black line? The livery only lasted 3 1/2 years and I’m wondering if older coaches such as clerestories even received it
  9. http://www.penrhos.me.uk/Mdiags.shtml#G20 now has a drawing of the G20 interior thanks to Jonathan David who has scanned the Jack Slinn draw collections for me.
  10. The GWR distinguished between brake thirds that had large luggage van areas and those that only had space for a guard. Only the later were called Brake Thirds, only those with a luggage van were called Van Thirds.
  11. Here’s my interpretation http://www.penrhos.me.uk/WagonsPreGroup.shtml
  12. The ratio kits are designs T49, S9 & U4. You can lookup their condemnation dates on my website below.
  13. Thanks K14, thinking of using it on bits of my website.
  14. Hijacking the topic again: what is the nearest computer font to GWR coach letters and numbers?
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