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  1. August 1952, so you might get away with chocolate & cream, but you’ll have to change the GWR roundel to the twin shields. You’ll also need to change the number as this is W20W. When I saw this photo I had to have it for 2 reasons as it combines my love of GWR and Bradford.
  2. There are drawings of both designs in GWR Goods Wagons, Atkins et al, 3rd edition, p498
  3. I’ve found a list of Breakdown vans. Truro had no’s 133 & 147, both built in 1908. Both were 31ft long. 133 was the same as 134 which went to Didcot. Numbers 145 to 148 went to Newport, Gloucester & Didcot. 146 is now on the SDR https://southdevonrailwayassociation.org/Wagon-Photographs-GWR.html#146
  4. Are you referring to the vans that were specifically built for use in Breakdown trains, or the ones that were conversions from old vans or coaches? I think you’ll find that the former are listed in a register held at York for ‘Pilot Vans ‘. There isn’t a list for the later, they have random numbers throughout the wagon numbers.
  5. O14 had curved (hockey stick) diagonals, laminated buffers & DCIII breaks. As per this photo Since the breaks are all wrong anyway, it’s not too much effort to make a good wagon that most won’t have.
  6. It 32 years since I touched Second Order Differential Equations and I’m still a Chemical Engineer. I never understood why we were taught them. Yes we need to know that there are mathematical techniques that can solve the complex problems, but we now have clever maths packages that do the solutions. What really needs to be taught is the engineering nous to know when the maths gives a wrong answer.
  7. There aren’t many photos of the 1908 brown livery. It’s fairly easy to check that the photo shows the 1930s or WWII brown liveries as the GWR roundal or twin shields is usually visible. I think @The Great Bear has got it spot on, including just the right number of sheeted over panels.
  8. They certainly did. They were tested for colour vision by sorting a box of coloured wools. Russell describes the test it one of his reminiscent books.
  9. Penrhos1920


    When and where is the layout’s next show?
  10. My 6 wheel coach 2020 survived into the 1930s. Tadpole 2020, although given a passenger diagram, was NPCCS and in a different number series to coaches and wagons. Also in the NPCCS number series were siphons and passenger brake vans. Has anyone got or seen a GWR pay check disc with number 2020 ?
  11. Unfortunately the lowest number wagon in Atkins et al is G15 no.5878 But opens diagram O21 were numbered in the range 2000 to 9999.
  12. Are you going to use a secondhand Dean Goods boiler for the GWR version?
  13. Although the arm isn’t returning under gravity, there is a bl**dy big counterweight at the bottom of the post that is returning under gravity and is rigidly connected to the arm. So there is bounce.
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