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  1. You’ve got some interesting distortion of the roof at the bottom and the way it’s collapsed and effected the windows is really odd.
  2. Work continues on the mysterious Peckett conversion. I'll give you a clue that it did actually run in GWR colours, but I'm doing it in it's earlier Henry Ford style livery of black, with black highlights. Having received the sound chip I found I hadn't cut enough off the chassis block or body so more has been removed. The witness line in the cut out area is where the firebox casting joins to the body casting and makes me think that is about the limit of metal removal in that area! I've also had to cut 1.3mm of each side of the inside of the footplate to make space for EM wheels
  3. VAT is not added at invoice time. UPS ask for VAT payment online once they've received the invoice an charge £5.60 for doing so. Plus if you're slow or not contactable they add extra charges. So a £50 order at Shapeways has UPS add an additional £15.60. A bargain at twice the prices. NOT
  4. I think you can see the pressure gauge on this photo just below the right side of the 5th door from the left. www.http://www.penrhos.me.uk/Clerestories.shtml#C10 and the same on these coaches but in a different position on this one:
  5. Locked in the spare room making models until lockdown 764 finishes

  6. I’m looking for suggestions please. I’m going to rebrand my Fowler B6 Road Loco but I cannot find any colour transfers with shadows. I need them to be about 2mm tall give or take to replace these with ‘Rhisiart Jones Caerphilly ‘ or something similar.:
  7. All but Spring 1927 are illustrated here: http://penrhos.me.uk/Liveries.shtml
  8. 6 liveries that would have co-existed in late 1929 assuming that coaches were repainted on AVERAGE every 7 years: Crimson Lake, 1923, 1924, Spring 1927, Autumn 1927, Autumn 1929 (some 4 wheel coaches would have lasted more than 7 years in Crimson Lake if repainted at the end of 1922, as by 1928 they may have been considered not worth repainting as they would be at the end of their life)
  9. Have a look here. http://penrhos.me.uk/Liveries2.shtml I suggest that coaches were repainted every 7 years on average. So you could have 6 liveries on your 3 coaches! Some fixed rakes of 4 wheelers did stay in one livery, but others were a bit of mix and match.
  10. You say "The upper array of Tantalum Capacitors of the Stay Alive fits snugly into the enlarged bunker space". Does that mean there's a lower array as well? What's the total uF of your array?!
  11. Here’s a clue to this Peckett’s new identity. The cab is not fixed in place as I’m waiting for a stay alive to fit in the bunker. The yellow tape is just to protect the injector overflow pipes which are too easy to break off. Anyone going to suggest where I’m going with this Peckett?
  12. Thanks Mike. What’s the dotted lines? Is that metal sheet size? How do you handle different etchers different boarder requirements?
  13. Very interesting, excellent. I’m really surprised to see that it was 1921 when there were more panniers than saddles. If you’d asked me I would have said it was a few years later. So you’ve justified me having an equal number of both types. Do you have the data arranged so that you can do separate graphs for the small and large classes?
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