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  1. I agree, any scenery will get damaged, but as that has a fixed middle is there anyway to reverse the hinges so each side lifts up? If that's possible then the scenery would be protected as the two halves would lift and the scenery would face each other. Just a quick comment, Not really looked into hinges or anything. Cheers Ian
  2. Some of the plastic kit spray varnish will bleach all of the colour out of the printed sheets, have a guess how I found that out! I use inkjet fixative spray varnish. Cheers Ian
  3. I have the same controller and using the recommended 15v DC 2amp power supply. The output from power supply I'm using is 14.88V DC. When measured at the track with a volt meter set to AC i'm getting a reading of slightly over 16v AC I've not had the issues you are having but then again I'm running on a small N-gauge Layout but even the BUS wires I'm using on this are 1.0mm² Speak to Bill who makes the controller and writes the APP, he's always available to help if required. EDIT:- Just seen Bill has replied!
  4. Hi Have just bought this system to try out. I've never really been a fan of using PC's or touch screens to run a Loco much preferring to use a rotary control knob. Touch screens are great for operating points though! This is was all packaged up very nicely inside a cardboard box. Conections to go to the track and the 2amp 15v input to power it all. Inside the box! This is just the interface between the APP and the layout. This is the WiFi version which allows more than one Andriod device to be connected, the Blu
  5. Yes the R8247 will work fine with the Elite.
  6. Well what can I say? There was too many of XXXXX type layouts so nothing of interest to me. Far too many traders instead of layouts The car parking and food was a rip off. Not enough room between layouts so you couldn't get to see tham all, thyis lead to being constantly hit by rucksacks! Don't get me started on the crap signs so ended up missing loads of stuff. The entrance fee was way too high! Wont be bothering again. Look someone had to do it just to make you feel warm and cosy inside An outstanding job to ALL at BRM for making this
  7. Yes, bought the set at the weekend! not unpacked it yet, and working away from home! Once I get it on a base board I will post it here. Got to say it’s a very nice set! Yes it has a proper sound chip which the EZ-Command won’t be able to do it justice, but it will control the first 10 functions its bomb proof and you could easily sell it if not required! Got mine at Mansfield model rail exhibition from Benhams trains and things. web site below http://benhamsonline.com/ I had the last one but he was going to order more. The pric
  8. Another great weekend. Today seemed quieter than usual, but still busy. A big thanks to the Scouts for looking after us with food and drink. A great relaxed family show. Cheers Ian
  9. Hi traction hows things mate

    Befour  i go into detail i thought id as regards to signals are you formula with how to set up signals on the Hornby railemarster useing the elink as my controller ? 

    If so id love to hear from you 

    Thanks mate Gavin  

    1. traction




      Unforutnately I've not set up any signlas using Railmaster.

      Infact I've not used Railmaster for probably over a year!


      You may find asking a question on the Hornby forum in the Railmaster thread will bring quicker replies.


      Sorry I couldn't be more help.





    2. gavco


      Thats cool thanks for your reply i really appreciate it 

    3. gavco


      Hi all  just let you guys know that found something that do what im looking for it is a

      Atles 200 snap relay

      Thanks gavin 








  10. Nice Gareth! Will have to pop in when I get time! Not been in for a good while now, shops looking good! Cheers Ian
  11. Gaugemaster prodigy express with Wi-Fi module. Then use appropriate app on Android or IPhone to control everything. Cheers Ian
  12. I think that comment is somewhat unfair and not a little rude. If you listen to Laurie's interview with Jenny (link posted earlier) he does explain about the limitations he was working to, be that time or using existing models. He also says what he would liked to have done. So to just post a comment saying they chose the wrong consultant is harsh to say the least. I for one will be ordering a set of the locos as I think they are actually pretty good, the kids at an exhibition would love them on a suitable layout. Steampunk seems to be a broad term, this range looks t
  13. Chrissaf, did an excellent tutorial on the Hornby forum for this:- https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/forum/programming-accessory-decoders/?p=1/ Just scroll through the thread to find the star of his post, it's quitw long but very useful. That should help. Cheers Ian
  14. Hi Nigel, Have you looked at the Team Digital SMD84? It will do the easy addressing but it's also quite a useful but of kit that can be programmed to do routes etc. Has a built in CDU as well. I have two of the SMD82 units, the only difference being the Loconet support. They will operate two solenoid from one output! Might be worth looking at? https://www.digitrains.co.uk/shop-by-brand/team-digital/smd84.html Above is a link to Digitrains as they have some in stock. http://www.teamdigital1.com/prod_catalogue/smd84_product
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