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  1. Does anyone know if bertiedog is still a current member of this site?

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    2. Dungrange


      Profile says bertidog last visited the site on September 18 2018.

    3. chris p bacon

      chris p bacon

      I had his email address and wrote to him a couple of years ago, the email bounced back as 'undelivered' after some time, as he was not a young chap I presumed that he was sadly no longer with us.

    4. RobMG


      I have to say, I wondered about him too.   I enjoyed reading his accounts of building locos . Especially the one about the K's  mogul.  Never found out if he finished it.

      Well if anyone knows if he is still around , maybe they can let us know.


  2. Just got in Hummy in weathered finish, and very impressed with performance and finish of Peggy etc. All run in now, several hours running light, then with coaches etc. They run very cool, cheched with optical thermometer at a few degrees above ambient room temperature, with very light current drain running light, and not much increase on loading or inclines. No driver or fireman figures fiitted yet to Hummy, or Ashover coaches bar one kit version, roll on the Bachmann versions coming. Haulage is good at four coaches from Peco or equivalent assorted O09 four wheeled stock. The speed remains pretty constant on a feedback controller, but it also works fine on a plain Hornsby unit, with good slow speed as well. All D.C. not DCC, with under board sound system, run from my computer. Certainly the best 009 made so far, and more to come with the 040 locos promised. Stephen
  3. Last bits of track in now plus some points from the L& B layout. A short Y point has been sourced, a GF live frog unit. Board cut out in MDF with MDF bracing screwed and glued to the edges to keep it braced flat. The glue used is titebond, much stronger than PVA glue. The layout has only two folding legs as the back will be supported by a desk or wall mounted. To fix down the track before ballast is applied with glue, later on, holes are drilled alongside each set track and screws with a large washer are added. The washer holds the track but can be slackened off to adjust alinement, and you can slip paper etc under the tracks to get vertical alinement without relying on the fishplates. When all laid and tested, the track is edge flooded with dilute glue, and the screws removed. Once the ballast is added with further glue, the track will stay in place. Got to work out suitable sections to wire, basically simple as it is nearly all loop line. .
  4. The Atlas track arrived and is very good track, pity the Peco 55 is a little odd in design to allow for larger flanges.
  5. More assorted set track has arrived via eBay, proving much cheaper than flexible at new price. A bit of an assortment but join nicely. Got to check the radius of each as they do not match so called numbered radius range. There will be flexitrack used to tidy up the layout design Electric breaks will be added later on. The points will have wire in tube operation from a lever frame. Not sure yet whether to leave the fiddle area fixed or fit cassettes or moving tracks. As it is not for public exhibition use it really does not matter. Stephen.
  6. Might add "factory/mine/plant" on extra spur later on, with a bridge road access to a raised area.
  7. A revised plan allowing for minimum radius track and live frog points, overall about 4x3, maybe a bit more. The left-hand side is covered, the yard sidings are open top but walled. The black hole could be left open or covered with a rock formation. Beginning cutting out soon. Some more track to arrive. Stephen.
  8. Thanks, it confirms the details, which although in relation to 009 still applies, and like your layout the gathered up track has Peco and Fleischmann code 80. I have very long experience of track etc, but did not want to get a surprise when it arrives! The points are Peco live frog types and the layout will serve as a test track for N gauge as well as 009. Stephen.
  9. Can I ask for confirmation that the Atlas Code 55 N gauge track is actually using code 55 rail, not the larger height rail that is used in Peco Code 55, which uses the extra thickness to act as a key into the sleepers, leaving 55 thou exposed? I am buying some bargain Atlas for use on 009, the sleepers spacing makes no difference as the track is over ballasted, covered, or out of direct view. Joining to other track codes is easy for me to arrange. My understanding is all modern flanges will run on it, as all NMRA compatible N gauge stock runs fine on Atlas setrack etc. My 009 is all modern with the same flange sizes as US Stock. I can wait to test it will be alright, but the offer is limited and it might be worth getting more Asap. Stephen.
  10. Changes to the design, it is being folded into an L shape as I have the space and some more 9mm track available, no longer in length but with a width extension at the right-hand end to accommodate a loop of bigger size. I will draw up the new plan. It involves no extra buildings, just a more scenic run. Stephen
  11. It was approx 40 years ago and 35 years ago they were done in 4mm and no photos exist now, sorry, long sold on.
  12. I have the instructions, plus doxens of PDf's on DCC, it is the incomplete nature of not knowing whats compatible that is frustrating, des[ite Lenz and NMRA standards. If makers want to make different controllers with extras they can, but a specific chip should respond to all instructions on even the most basic controllers, and they don't.......... My main DCC is on 0n3 Bachman, and were factory fitted and work with the Hornby controller. A couple have sound chips fitted and these cause issues with the controller, with some sounds inaccessible, which actually work on. The cure I was told by a leading retailer was to spend a further £330+......... This is the reason I am building the Merg version, which hopefully will cope with any decoder. Stephen. [edit, complex refers to the compatibility of Cv functions on controllers which should adhere to NMRA standards, but do not, it does not refer to the fitting which is easy..]
  13. It is just too complex and costly, not your fault, but even Zimo try to sell extras after my parting with £99, just to access what should be there in the first place. DCC is still a complete and utter minefield, when are the makers going to sort out the mess and offer RTR sound packages. No wonder that pickup of what should be a fine system is so slow in the UK. Stephen
  14. Further to my previous query on sound, would a sound chip from say Zimo FULLY function with the Hornby DC\C controller or any other basic unit? No general Yes replies please .....and then add that some functions do work or need recoding CV's .etc. I have the Hornby unit and building a new Merg system. It is all and everything to do with cost, I do not want a partially equipped sound loco wasting up to £140 odd pounds , Stephen
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