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    LNER (especially NER) Kit/scratch building and etched NER loco design of types not yet available from other sources. To date J77, J73, J24, Q5 and B15. In the pieline Tennant 2-4-0 and NER Bow end Coaches.
    No age given but I saw Silver Jubilee and Coronation.

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  1. The A7 frames were 4' 0" apart. At the rear they were 3' 7 1/2" apart. That gives you an extra 1.5mm to play with. I usually overlap an inner frame with a 0.5mm spacer between them. With 0.5mm frames that gives gives an inset of 1mm both sides. ArthúrK
  2. NORTHEASTERN KITS J73 I have six if these packed and ready to go. There are two on the list. Anyone wanting one,, send a PM or Email. Next it will be the turn of the J71 (six). The D20 was missing some castings. These have now arrived. The first those should be ready In a few days. There are quite a number waiting for this. I should be able to complete the first six, but I am awaiting tenders for the rest. I am putting together a few kits for the 1920 rebuilds of the J77 (Worsdell cab). Currently there is only one on the list for these.
  3. Wrong! South is anywhere beyond the bottom (south) of County Durham. When I came to work in Preston, my mother-in-law to be declared "but that's in the Midlands"! Enough of this we all see this from different viiewpoints. ArthurK - Always a Geordie!
  4. I must contest that. The frames of the NER A class (LNER F8) were 4' 0" apart throughout. It relied entirely on radial trucks front and rear. The wheebase was 7'6" + 8' 1 1/2" +7-6" (total 23' 1 1/2"). The trucks were centred on a point midway between the coupled wheels. That poses a problem in the the model. Should were treat it as 0-6-2 or 2-6-0 ? Or with swinging trucks both front and back. Whatever we choose the frames will have to be inset on one or both of the trucks. The NER 0-6-2Ts with radial trucks did have the frames inset, ArthurK
  5. Earlier in the thread reference was made to tank vents, neither the A6 nor the A7 had vents on the tanks. The A6 was vented from the bunker tank which was connected the the main tanks via square pipes running behind the cab steps. The A7 was also vented from the bunker tank. Two pipes ran from the tank rear first, vertically, then horizontally (below the coal rails) through the cab rear. From there they ran vertically up the cab rear to vent through the cab roof. These pipes are visible on some photographs. The bunker tank was connected to the main tanks in the same way as the A6.
  6. Many years ago I built several Dawson kits for a friend. I built the Stanier 2-6-4T, 8F and Britannia. The it was the turn of the Jubilee. I cheated on that one, I made templates from the first and built two! The second was sold to another friend. In retrospect I wish I had photographed all of them. I do have photos of the Jubilee (attached) and a poor one of the Britannia. I don't know what happened to them as my friend died some time ago. ArthurK
  7. Yes you're in the next six. It shouldn't be long, but I have a lot on my plate at the moment. ArthurK
  8. Sorry for a number of reasons the C6 has been delayed. I won't appear until next year. ArthurK
  9. Hello Tom, I am currenly packing a ne batch of six J73s. Not all of these are reserved. I have just one Fletcher cab J77. This was the firstof a new batch. this batch had a new style of cab floor which I folded to check that it was OK. Otherwise the remainder is untouched apart from the boiler being rolled. It is yours if you want it. I have four N10s on order. These are all reserved but I think that it is not too late to get another four. Delivery of these will 5-6 weeks. ArthurK
  10. Yes, You are on the List. I have a batch of six E Class (J71) awaiting packing. Arthur
  11. Currently packing the next six. There are still some castings to sort., but you should get one of those. My policy is to not accept money until I can supply the kit. I will be in touch when yours is ready. Arthur
  12. The attached list contains the current status NORTHEASTERN KITS PRICE LIST.pdf Arthur
  13. The J25 is on thre verge of being packed. Awaiting a few ccastings, Boilers to roll etc. The C6 is on hold but not forgotten . At the moment I a m concentrating on the F8. The design of thre latter is 90% complete. ArthurK
  14. Joe, Always pleased to see builds from my kits, especially when the results are as good as this. Bowes Bridge had two of N10s. (Tongue in cheek), I have Just one left! Very nice work. Arthur
  15. Andy 


    I will add your name to the J71 list.


    Just realised that  your surname is Robinson so you can ignore my request in the reply re the D20



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