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    LNER (especially NER) Kit/scratch building and etched NER loco design of types not yet available from other sources. To date J77, J73, J24, Q5 and B15. In the pieline Tennant 2-4-0 and NER Bow end Coaches.
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  1. Here is another view of that hole! The gubbings in front of it looks like it may be a cover for it. ArthurK
  2. The photo of the cab interior above clearly shows a hinged plate folded back against the front cab sheet. my photo shows it closed. ArthurK
  3. I wish that I had been able to photograph these locos. I used to see them whilst cycling to and from school in the 1940s. Unfortunately I didn't possess a camera in those far off days. ArthurK
  4. I think that this topic is going around in circles and whereas I have added my own comments, I do think the these discussions are not appropriate for this thread. Would the participants please post further comments elsewhere. ArthurK
  5. You appear to forget that the GC rebuilds were a Darlington design and the dimensions are an exact match to those of NER 4125 gallon self trimming tenders. Why produce a new design when one already exists.. The footplates of the 3940 gallon trenders were 8' (the loco footplates were 8' 6"). The 4125 tender footplates were 8' 6". ArthurK
  6. Hi Richard, So many pipes! The Dreadnought Valve is the thing silhouetted in the right cab window. The gadget above the right cab opening is the Westinghouse brake valve. This was retained for those locos that retained air-brakes for loco and /or train. For comparison I offer a photo of the preserved J21 taken whilst at Marley Hill. The Exhaust pipe to the smokebox is Lower right behind the mounting bracket. The main body is at centre, Unfortunately the operating lever is out of shot. There are excellent cab views in Ken Hoole's book "An illustrated h
  7. NER Vacuum fitted locos used the Dreadnought brake valve. This was a complex unit. The Vacuum ejector pipe from the smokebox entered this though the cab front sheet. There was a second smaller steam pipe from this unit to a manifold on the firebox. Sometimes this pipe was external from the shoulder of the firebox and entered the cab about 6" above the ejector pipe. I have the Dreadnought in my range of castings. ArthurK
  8. Most NER tank locos had a 2" angle joining tank to footplate. I have added this feature to several of my scratch built locos. From memory I used 0.5mm angle for this. (obtainable from Eileen's Emporium). ArthurK
  9. Annealing does help, but be warned, if you are using 12thou brass the result can be very easily dented! ArthurK
  10. I am very please to see these two as they were intended. Better than having them rotting away in a box, I must admit that I regret not finishing the range that I had intended. I have concentrated on the loco kits. With a bit of luck you may even get the V class to pull them this year. Thanks for showing them. ArthurK
  11. Darlington had running in turns to Newcastle. Those were the only Sandringhams that I ever saw in Central station. ArthurK
  12. I used a dimmer switch to solder white metal for years until I got an Antex 60W TCI one Xmas. I never had any problems using the former method but the latter is much better! ArthurK
  13. No it wasn't a Wakefield lubricator. It was the design used on all NER superheated locos. I have these in my range of castings on a sprue of six. ArthurK
  14. At that time (it was a Sunday at North Blyth) there were a lot of "dead" locos around, (4MTs& K1s). Others were being cosseted inside the shed. (J27s, 4MT, 08) . Not sure what happened in other areas, but usually the first thing to happen was the removal of coupling and connecting rods. All these were still intact. ArthurK
  15. I've fiddled around with brightness/contrast and the number definitely ends in 08. Phil is probably correct. Just to make it even more anonymous, someones pinched the smokebox number plate, ArthurK
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