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  1. There's a few posts here https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/32908-foreign-locos-overhauled-at-eastleigh-in-the-1960s/#
  2. When I first saw this photograph I thought that looks a bit strange for the "Up Fast" and then saw your caption mention 'Loops'! Great photographs taken during my teenage Spotting days.
  3. Chris, take a look at your post on the previous page.
  4. I did and found the Ring Main Wires had been twisted together and covered with insulation tape!
  5. The following from www.wnxx.com 37424 carries the identity 37558, the number applied to accompany its name 'Avro Vulcan XH558'. The name and number were unveiled to the public at the Crewe Gresty Bridge open day in 23 July 2016, after which 37424 was returned to Derby to be readied for its return to service.
  6. Although the journey time Bletchley to Bedford is currently around 40 Minutes, they are proposing to add a Loop so that the faster EWR Service can overtake the stopper! What's going to happen if one or the other is late?
  7. Not to mention moving the station halfway to Bow Brickhill!
  8. Timings here:- http://trackit.uppyjc.co.uk/TrackIT/Forms/Train.aspx?DateUid=20210701U54844&AutoRefresh=False&CameFromLocationID=1027&Estimate=False
  9. Maybe worth taking a look at Fabrice’s Arduino Based Interlocking here:- https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/82978-arduino-applications-and-programs/&do=findComment&comment=2283863
  10. On the LMR when Bletchley Power Box Opened in1965 the 4 Aspect Signals were, reading from the bottom, Red, Yellow, green, Yellow.
  11. Hi Phil, Just an observation; wouldn't the SB be better situated at the other end of the loop where there is slightly more signalling activity?
  12. Ray, I have adapted Fabrice’s Signal Box and Tokenless Block Instrument Code for my Moretonhampstead Layout. I use an Arduino Mega connected to MERG CBUS via a MCP2515 CAN BUS Module and use MERG CANMIO-SVO’s to Drive the Servos. The Lever Switches are connected to the Arduino’s Inputs and the Servos are controlled by sending on/off messages to the CBUS. The whole Signal Box Module can be unplugged by using a 4 PIN XLR Plug / Socket.
  13. She was not one of the Streamlined variant but did carry the BR Green Livery.
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