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  1. The Eastern End of the NLS Map is how I remember it, I recall the Pointwork being near to / under the Railway Bridge and the East/West Crossover for Entry / Exit. However I also seem to recall there were 3 Departure / Reception Roads and a further 10 Sidings and also in addition to the West End Entrance / Exit Pointwork shown on the NLS Map there was also a Crossover to allow Entry / Exit for West Bound traffic. I have fond memories of Swanbourne Sidings, having had a Cab ride in a Brush Type 2 (Class 31). The loco left Bletchley (L.E) and travelled to Swanbourne Sidings Signal Box to pick up a Shunter and then gained access to the West End of the yard via the crossover and running through the Yard to couple up to the train before returning to Bletchley.
  2. If you follow Whaddon Road on leaving Newton Longville, where it crosses the Railway Line is the start (East End) of Swanbourne Sidings (the Head Shunt / Sand Drag and the Points to the East End entrance start just a few yards on the Eastern Side of the Bridge. The Signal box was towards the West End of the Sidings on the left as you look from the bridge. The Sidings were to the right looking from the bridge. The West End Entrance to the Yard was about 2/3 rds of the way to the next bridge. If you look at this view https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.976504,-0.7909197,1566m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en you can see the approximate formation of the complete Yard.
  3. Strange looking damage to the cab side? https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=d6345&tbm=isch&source=hp&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwifq9rAlonhAhVRSxUIHXoYCNYQ7Al6BAgFEA8&biw=1120&bih=630#imgrc=bVPQQ_LhpuHoEM:
  4. Hi Steve, I was only recently thinking I've not seen your thread appear in RMwebs listing for a while and here you are! Great work, as ever.
  5. Hi Simon, Nice to see a bit of "Home Brew" using the Veroboard and a reduction in power consumption plus most importantly self satisfaction in having built it yourself.
  6. We had 47500 an ex 1D Devons Road Engine at Bletchley; she had a Screw Reverser and the Brackets for holding the Destination Boards.
  7. Excellent choice of Locomotive. 46245 City of London was my favourite Duchess during my 60s Spotting Days. I used to see her regularly as she passed through and occasionally stopping at Bletchley Station.
  8. Interesting photograph showing the door handle in the lower position.
  9. Although I've still not found my written notes, I have found a Printout of mine of Locomotives that I observed at Swindon Works on the 22/06/1984. Interestingly, 27208 is not shown on that list. However, 27062 is shown on the list as seen during my visit. I did a little research and found that www.DerbySulzers.com state that 27062 was allocated to 27208 but never carried. I have still yet to find any conformation that 27062/27208 was present during my visit. Hopefully I will find my written notes to see if this clarifies the situation.
  10. I seem to recall that we were given a typed list of Locomotives present at Swindon Works on each visit, although I still used to write the numbers down in my spotting book. I'll have a look through my mountain of Railway Books / Railway Lists.
  11. My apologies, I mistook your ref to 27028 as 27208. Looking at my Computer Records it shows that I only recorded 27208 just the once although I visited Swindon Works several times in 1984/85 period so it may well be a Typo on my part. I will see if I can find my written notes to see if they reveal anything.
  12. My notes show 27208 was present on 22/08/1984 and you quote it has having arrived early August 1984 ?
  13. Just an observation, finding logging on a bit slow at times and get the occasional "Time Out".
  14. Well done Andy in getting the new Forum up and running. It's slowly growing on me!!
  15. During a down turn in Business ( Miners Strike ? ) a lot of Locomotives were sent to Swindon Works for Storage. Subsequently some Locomotives were "Shopped" before a return to Service.
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