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  1. Thanks for that, but was that the norm? Some BR(W) Branches used it regularly and not so on others; I don't know what determined when and where this operation was allowed. Moretonhampstead Branch Trains used the Headcode for Auto Trains and ordinary Passenger Trains.
  2. Running a Local Passenger lamped up as a Light Engine was prototypical on some Branches of the GWR / BR(W) . Confirmed by my Desktop Picture of BR(W) 1453 leaving Aylesbury Town on a Princes Risborough Passenger Train.
  3. There is a "Disc Signal" co-sited with (maybe just slightly in advance of) the Down Home Signal at Moretonhampstead (shown in the above book) and I wondered what colour the lens would have been in the "On" position. As the "Disc Signal" is to allow movement in advance of the Home Signal I would think that the Lens would have been white? Maybe the same in your scenario?
  4. Saving the best till last! Camden wouldn't be complete without 46245.
  5. My original post with additional information can be found here: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/6622-class-08-09-variations/
  6. I believe EM Gauge Timbers are pre-punched for P4 and use a larger diameter Rivet which is off-set at EM Gauge making fixing of chairs requiring additional work. As the use of Rivets will be supplemented with glued chairs I will probably drill the holes and use smaller dia Rivets making the fixing of chairs slightly easier.
  7. Who manufactures the Rivet Press / Hole Punch and is it still available?
  8. If the 230s are a "short term" solution, what was wrong with keeping the 150s / 153s?
  9. Hello Fabrice, Thank you for posting your Tokenless Block System update; I will take a look at it and see if I can incorporate it in my Moretonhampstead plan. I am pleased I managed (with the help of my son) to get your Signalbox Interlocking Program modified and working with my Moretonhampstead Signal Interlocking . In particular I like the "Printing to Monitor" function where it shows what is happening as you change the Levers. I was also so impressed with your LocoNet set up that I am now looking at getting the Arduino linked up to the MERG CBUS System using a MCP 2515 CAN BUS Module.
  10. Hello Fabrice, Thank you for sharing your latest version of your Arduino Sketch, much appreciated and very inspirational.
  11. Thank you for sharing the photos of 46240 & 46245. 46245 was my favourite Duchess although I still have fond memories of 'cabbing' 46240 whilst she was on Bletchley Shed as the Standby Engine for the Royal Train.
  12. I did suggest "I thought they were designed for Mixed Traffic hence 4MT." (see reply 7 posts down from the one you quoted) but was accused off "being a little picky" !!
  13. I thought they were designed for Mixed Traffic hence 4MT.
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