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  1. Just release the brake standard by a few turns, that should do it...
  2. Additional: Withdrawn 10/81 (as vacuum only), reinstated 4/83, dual braked at Swindon & released 8/83 to HA, reallocated to IS ?/83. This is the Directory* https://www.amazon.co.uk/EG-Locomotive-Directory-Every-single/dp/090637510X - There are at least 4 update booklets produced, worth checking that they're included if you're buying a copy * link included for info only.
  3. 1983, according to the D+EG Locomotive Directory.
  4. Quite a few BFK's remain: 14007 NYMR (61264 Support Coach) 14010 Kingdom of Fife RPS, Leven 14013 L&NWR, Crewe 14015 S Devon Rly 14019 E Lancs Rly 14021 Hardingham Station, Norfolk 14023 Mid-Hants Rly 14024 Chasewater Rly 14025 WCRC, Carnforth (45690 Support Coach) 14026 Gt Central Rly Remaining XP64s: 4728 Wensleydale Rly 4729 Dean Forest Rly 25508 Wensleydale Rly Info' from Peter Hall's 'Preserved Coaching Stock of British Railways' pdf & update sheets at rcts.org.uk
  5. One of 43125/6, the first pair repainted IIRC. Note the yellow continuing across the grille.
  6. I'm not up on GER 4 wheel stock, but the 5ive compartment Third D401 below, seems to fit the bill: http://eveleighcreations.com/instructions-4-mm-ger-four-wheeled-coach-body-kits/
  7. 4 & 6, although the former's hardly worth the trip (personal opinion) any more. If memory serves, 5's still online & 2 is a previous version of Footplate in Kidderminster
  8. Ar, but if the era in question is the 60s/70s, there'd be no interest in visiting from afar - unless you had a sadistic enjoyment of watching the home team getting stuffed (CH's nickname being 'spoons' - wooden spoon) It wasn't until the late 70s that their fortunes turned & it was the opposition that got their a##es kicked! So, I can only think of Dudley Zoo in the area of being worthy of a visit? [EDIT] I've been ON an adex from Cradley Heath, nice trip with 47439 via the East coast to Caeredin. I went on one Mystex, from New St leaving via Camp Hill &
  9. It routed via Snow Hill / NW in the summer '62 WTT.
  10. ... At least you can sugar coat it with pinstripes & union flags!
  11. With 10 letters?? astell [nf] board, plank, shelf.. etc bach [adj (- mutates to fach) ] little, small.. etc
  12. After a social media post, I made an enquiry late on Friday, paid Monday, and they arrived Thursday. These custom Station boards & signal box plates in 4mm are absolutely immense, & the quality & service is second to none: Actually, I do have one complaint - My 'phone camera (or more accurately, the 'phone camera operator) isn't up to the job of fully showing these beauts in their best light!
  13. I'm not that familiar with the area. Work required me to be there that day, & i had a minute spare to grab a snap of the unit that had brought me down to Bristol from Cheltenham earlier that morning! It does look better on the track plan! Telephoto foreshortening is working its magic. My pic was taken from Brougham Hayes bridge & the Sprinter's almost a quarter of a mile away. Off topic, but a good example is the footbridge over the Birmingham-Coventry line at Garretts Green that affords a decent view down runway 15 at Birmingham Airport. Tele
  14. HI Jim, Just a quick suggestion. Try to source a replacement wheelset for the inner drivers (the one without the gear). As it stands, it has a groove that traction tyres used to sit in, which won't help the running qualities (particularly over points) any good. Any plain 'normal' tyred replacements from the Airfix/Dapol/Hornby chassis will do. I'd have sent you the last two plain spares that I have, but they went under my original 70's Aiirfix Autotank, which runs like a dream!
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