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  1. HI Jim, Just a quick suggestion. Try to source a replacement wheelset for the inner drivers (the one without the gear). As it stands, it has a groove that traction tyres used to sit in, which won't help the running qualities (particularly over points) any good. Any plain 'normal' tyred replacements from the Airfix/Dapol/Hornby chassis will do. I'd have sent you the last two plain spares that I have, but they went under my original 70's Aiirfix Autotank, which runs like a dream!
  2. That's one Irwell Press title i'll be giving a very wide berth to....
  3. For those interested, these are the previous identities for the 996xx number series: 99600 Converted 1972 from Mk.1 BSK 34567 99601 Converted 1972 from Mk.1 BSK 34577 99602 Lot 30841(C) Swindon 1972/3 Ex Mk.1 BCK 21145 99603 Lot 30841(C) Swindon 1972/3 Ex Mk.1 BCK 21082 99604 Lot 30841(C) Swindon 1972/3 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34082 99605 Lot 30841(C) Swindon 1972/3 Ex Mk.1 BCK 21197 99606 Lot 30841(C) Swindon 1972/3 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34504 99607 Lot 30841(C) Swindon 1972/3 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34307 99608 Lot 30841(C) Swindon 1972/3 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34063 99609 Lot 30841(C) Swindon 1972/3 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34305 99610 Lot 30841(C) Swindon 1972/3 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34355 99611 Lot 30841(C) Swindon 1972/3 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34583 99612 Lot 30841(C) Swindon 1972/3 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34690 99613 Lot 30841(C) Swindon 1972/3 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34515 99614 Lot 30842(C) Swindon 1976 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34083 99620 Lot 30842(C) Swindon 1976 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34692 99621 Lot 30842(C) Swindon 1976 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34697 99622 Lot 30842(C) Swindon 1976 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34584 99623 Lot 30842(C) Swindon 1976 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34700 99624 Lot 30842(C) Swindon 1976 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34084 99625 Lot 30842(C) Swindon 1976 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34693 99626 Lot 1123 York 1945 Ex LNER BG 70592 99627 Lot 1152 York 1946 Ex LNER BG 70630 99628 Lot 983 York 1940 Ex LNER BG 70491 99629 Lot 30950(C) 1979 Ex Mk.1 SK 25972 99630 Lot 30951(C) 1979 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34695 99631 Lot 30952(C) 1979 Ex Mk.1 RUO 1018 99632 Ex Mk.1 TSO 4329 99633 Ex Mk.1 TSO 3827 99634 Ex Mk.1 SK 25317 99635 Ex Mk.1 SK 25637 99636 Ex Mk.1 SK 25646 99637 Ex Mk.1 CK 15854 99638 Ex Mk.1 BCK 21021 99639 Ex departmental DW150027 (GWR Siphon G 2790) 99640 Ex departmental DW150023 (GWR Siphon G 2xxx) 99641 Lot 30971(C) 1980 Ex Mk.1 RUO 1036 99642 Lot 30971(C) 1980 Ex Mk.1 RUO 1040 99643 Ex Mk.1 TSO 4272 99644 Ex Mk.1 TSO 3852 99645 Ex Mk.1 RB 1765 99646 Ex Mk.1 RB 1766 99647 Ex Mk.1 BSK 34629 99648 Ex freight stock B787017 99649 Ex Mk.1 BG 80502 99650 Ex Mk.1 BG 80830 99651 Ex Mk.1 RB 1728 99652 Ex Mk.1 SLF 2004 99653 Ex Mk.1 SLF 2005 99654 Ex Mk.1 TSO 4323 99655 Ex Mk.1 TSO 4321 99656 Ex Mk.1 TSO 4298 99657 Ex Mk.1 TSO 4569 99658 Ex Mk.1 TSO 4592 99659 Ex Mk.1 TSO 4518 99660 Ex Mk.1 BCK 21188 99661 Ex Mk.1 BG 80510 99662 Converted 1996 Ex Mk.2d TSO 5689 99663 Converted 1996 Ex Mk.2d TSO 6223 (Ex FO 3194) 99664 Converted 1996 Ex Mk.2d TSO 6231 (Ex FO 3189) 99665 Converted 1996 Ex Mk.2e TSO 5755 99666 Converted 1996 Ex Mk.2e FO 3250 From the above list, it's 99648.
  4. Aw, what a shame. Did they break their Black & Decker from America...?
  5. My first ride on it in choc/cream was the morning of 31/8/85, from Highbridge to Taunton. I'm usually awful with remembering dates, but a quick google (other options etc) reminded me that it was the date of the 1985 Speedway Individual World final @ Odsal!
  6. Brilliantly observational funny stuff, although I'd sympathise with anyone thinking otherwise. - I mean, people currently watch a daily teatime medical-related show on the box, written by a comedy troupe that's as funny as the plague...
  7. A quick review of liveries & allocations from 1985-9, info lifted from the relevant Platform 5 combines:
  8. A bit of mooching online confirmed my earlier pics & thoughts that: 141/143/144s had fawn/brown/orange moquette ALL 142s had grey/charcoal/blue moquette ... Unless anyone can prove otherwise?
  9. On my portable drive. I've got pics of the blue/grey moquette in (supposedly) chocolate/cream & Provincial units. Whilst, I don't have anything I can reliably claim to have been taken in a Jaffa unit, I believe the snippet i posted earlier is from an official pic of 142001. The best online pic i can find is this one of 142005, which appears also to have blue/grey seats: https://www.flickr.com/photos/15038/23439007161/
  10. 2+2 seating, that'll be a 141? Try this instead: (not my pic, cropped from an uncredited image in my library)
  11. If you keep a glass of gin in each hand (& drink enough of it), you won't realise that there's a Cat hiding under your syrup - & it's trying to nick your specs!
  12. Hi Steve. For an idea on track layouts a few years previous, try: https://www.old-maps.co.uk/ - Search for Llandeilo first, then select the 1973 1:2500 map. Zooming in on the station area will reveal a track plan. Afterwards, zoom out & follow the line up to Llandovery* for the layout at that station. * The search function throws wobblies at times. If you type Llandovery in the search box, it will deny all knowledge! Hope this is of some use for starters, Dave.
  13. Dave47549

    EBay madness

    That's pukka, converted just before the BPGVR RA was raised to 6. When the line closed, it went to introduce inter-city services onto the IoW....
  14. (With apologies to Martyn for continued thread drift) Fingers crossed I'm not teaching anyone to suck eggs etc. Both Maldon branch lines can still be very easily traced online using Google maps, select the satellite option. Hopefully the following may be of interest & use to someone: Maldon (East) - Witham: Maldon East station building remains & is off Station Rd, look between Next & the Combined Military Services museum. The line heads roughly North-west along the A414 & Heybridge approach (initially just to the left of the latter) Langford & Ulting just south of the B1019 overbridge. Wickham Bishops just north of the B1018. A trestle bridge crossing the southern 'loop' of the river Blackwater remains & is visible just to the north (to the right & just to the south of Massenet Care home), Maldon (East) - Woodham Ferrers: Follow the A414 around from Maldon East station Maldon West just south of the Spital Rd island. Barons Lane immediately north of the B1010 Cold Norton north of Latchington Rd, Green Tree Ave now sits upon it. Stow Maries (Stow St Mary) to the left off Church Lane (look south of St. Mary & St. Margaret Church)
  15. 20-odd years ago, when I was working at SEAMaC & lodging in Maldon, this little booklet* was available on the High St (from the office of the local rag, IIRC). https://www.amazon.co.uk/Branch-lines-Maldon-Dennis-Swindale/dp/0950647373 - Which helped with finding things, Such as the East** station site. One morning after a 12 hour shift, I walked back via Witham, following as much of the trackbed as I could find. Highly enjoyable. I must be mad. Which reminds me, I must get hold of a copy of the Lightwood Press tome on the lines one of these days. * No personal link to any seller thereon etc ** The 'bus from Chelmsford passes the site of the West station, so that was already ticked off!
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