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  1. Probably not, it may be subject to copyright.....
  2. Have I got this straight? For example, I'd quite fancy a certain 4-wheel Diesel shunter in a certain gauge. Let's say a specific toy train provider subsequently announces this type, creates the cad, then IP registers the design. Would that then prevent any other toy train provider from supplying said model, with the only difference being a lack of bonkers duplicated drive train, and featuring a motor that wouldn't run kicking & screaming from my preferred design of controller? Well done DJ, you've just alienated someone else!
  3. Unscrew & remove bogie frame Insert flat bladed screwdriver between wheel & motor bogie Twist screwdriver Job done! I'll be following this thread as I've got some DMU's that may be being treated to this product.
  4. As naff as my memory is, I can tell the difference between an universal joint (airfix) & a lump of mazak (Dapol). Not that it matters, or is relevant to the op. For the record though, a replacement spring was asked for. I had one & offered it gratis (an offer that wasn't taken up as an alternative had been sourced). Sorry for having such a damaged character...
  5. That's why I put 'daylight', rather than daylight . After checking my 40+ year-old Airfix example (albeit a GT version with replacement 'plain' centre axle tyres & limited edition fully functioning 6 wheel pickups ), it's infinitely preferable to the solid metal on the 'improved' Dapol/Hornby version! Well, it is to me anyway. And I wouldn't want to swap it for any Dapol/Hornby/DJM alternative - but I do have some Comet frames squirrelled away somewhere!
  6. That's the Dapol 'improved' re-engineered chassis. The Airfix original had 'daylight'
  7. Remembering that I have a scrap chassis, I've dismembered it & I've got one (a spring that is, not the Oxford English Springfield dictionary ). If you'd care to PM me an address, i'd be happy to pop it in the post during the week.
  8. Ha! I see your tin membership, & I raise you my avatar!
  9. Tegan, where are you?

  10. Just acquire a Bacchy A4, slit it down the middle & unfold it. Voila, an A3! Repeat that another couple of times for an A1
  11. Apparently today is single parent's day. That's news to me, having found out a few minutes ago - & I am one! 

    1. Hroth


      Hope you got a card in recognition!  :tomato:

    2. Dave47549


      I got another headache-to-pay bill, if that counts? :cry:

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