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  1. You could set it in some hellhole where Serpell et al had realised their fantasy ? Hmm, don't let Ant near the Bedford OB...
  2. Can't help with 4407 sorry. The GWR allocations book (first & last sheds) only list it at Princetown in '22 & '47. & I can't place my copy of the Wild Swan 1934 allocations at the mo'. The Peto's register also gives this for 5812: Although 4868* & 5812 were nominally allocated to Penzance briefly in the '30s, both were apparently outstationed at Helston in a (assumed unsuccessful) trial capacity * Sorry, I don't have the page with actual dates
  3. 5812 had two spells at Helston (according to the Peto's 48/58xx register), May-July '37 & Nov '37-Mar'38. It had a boiler swap in between visits as well!
  4. IIRC, Cadbury's & Fry's were (pre-shabby yank sellout) one & the same company! I've very vague memory of a Fry's wrapper when I was a nipper & loved the things, nowadays I think just looking at one would induce a cardiac.
  5. I bet some smartar$e will pipe up that WMPTE operated 227 vehicles of BMMO origin: 2 x D7 90 x D9 14 x S16 79 x S17 9 x S21 9 x S22 24 x S23. .. .. D'Oh!
  6. 51834+52072 were reported on passenger workings from Cambridge from late May '87, pic link below is from June: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/40681550540/ Rail Enthusiast #73 lists it working the 15:50 Cambridge - Ipswich (paired with a 101) & 17:55 return on 27 June.
  7. Any suggestion that the announcement solely concerns 2mm/7mm/whatever, rather ignore Hornby's spectacular trouser moment
  8. Incidentally , It's the 85th anniversary of another well-known Railway film in January 2023. What chance of announcing Gladstone (lovely lines, eh?) & some 'collapsible' rolling stock as well please ?
  9. 14xx joshing aside, I trust that in addition to the favourite vehicles, the range will feature figures of our favourite characters from the Film as well ??
  10. Brilliant, a decent 4mm 14xx at last!
  11. No problem, just glad you put the pic up as a reminder of how things were. Cheers!
  12. The '116 is heading towards you* (the driver** is in the nearest cab & note the angle of the rear car leaving the siding). * Having terminated from B'ham on the platform you're standing on, it's then crossed over via the siding behind the 'box ** Or more likely (allegedly) the guard, the driver staying in the rear cab to avoid changing ends three times!
  13. They were, and (topically) 'Love Rats' would have given the game away if it weren't for the typo...
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