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  1. 27208 withdrawn 2//86, scrapped at V. Berry, Leicester 1/89. 27028 withdrawn 8/84, scrapped at Swindon 8/85.
  2. I've some snaps if they're of any use? 55: 112: 143: Also these three at Didcot, 1: 47: 56:
  3. Ha! And some people reckon we're the disreputable bunch of King Canutes who don't take note of the damage we cause with our actions? Anyway, back on topic. I've had a mooch around the new site, both yesterday & this morning. Taking heed of notices re: site regeneration, there's been a noticeable improvement since yesterday. The major unnoticed (by many) improvement is integral with the software - https. I'd seen a big increase in certain types of spam entering my site registered email account since, say, December, so the upgrade is really appreciated. Sure, I'll miss my default VNC tab, but I'll wait until everything's stabilised before messing around tuning with the activity settings. Finally, and yes I realise i'm stating a major plus of the new software, but browsing the site on a mobile is a major improvement. Browsing was ok but interacting with the old version on my mobile was virtually impossible - although that may have been a design feature?! Diolch yn fawr!
  4. The British knacked Escalator museum, aka Birmingham New Street.
  5. The train was the 08:52 Manchester - Barrow. 26001 was the 'failure' & was removed at Notlob - a brake fault. I was on it, but decided to also jump ship (to head back to Victoria for a following service hauled by a 60 IIRC). Lucky really, as another brake fault (on one of the coaches) added to the farce further up the line, where it was subsequently caped at Preston as you say.
  6. Message for Phil Parker. I understand you slipped off the saddle & damaged your n*ts on the gear knob. Well, here's a helpful gel delivering you a replacement pair ;-)
  7. Hopefully the 2-pin connectors will be available as spares for fitting to other stock / multiple units etc. Speaking of units, hopefully someone at Hornby will notice they'll soon have 2' 6" wheels with gears & mechanism (along with a discreet inter-car power coupling) & re-engineer the Pacer chassis with said items?
  8. Dave47549


    Morfa Mawr, about 1/3rd down the page: http://emgauge70s.co.uk/layout_grangetown.html When I first saw Shwt with the D63xx as the header on some Facebook group, I'd assumed at first that it was a rebuild of the above. I can excuse myself that mistake though, both MM & Shwt are fantastically atmospheric moments in time.
  9. Dave47549


    Looks reminiscent of central west Wales to me ;-)
  10. It's a good job i'm outside the QE Hospital, 'cos my jaw's in urgent need of surgical reattachment...
  11. I'd probably delete them all, it's not like they're of any significance. {EDIT} Before anyone grabs the wrong end of the stick, i'm referring solely to my thoughtless inputs ;-)
  12. Mine was at the opposite end of Harborne, luckily the object of my affection* used the 10 instead ! Anyway, the object under discussion only lived at DY & YW, so wouldn't have frequented the OC either! * Whose school was on the 11...
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