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  1. I got my first Swann Morton at 14, almost four decades ago. Mind, the only person I've ever damaged with it (& its' successors) has been myself....
  2. I can't remember the size offhand, but this layout is a Chris Nevard rebuild/rehash of Ian Futers' 'Scotswood Road', which appeared in the Railway Modeller 2014 annual. [EDIT] Just dug out the article, 11' x 2' in 'O' gauge
  3. It's almost as if BR blue never existed....
  4. Airfix Model Trains (the J11/3 article was in the October 1981 edition).
  5. Balls Yard track plan: The maximum number of wagons (+ loco 'L') that can fit on each siding or part of track is shewn (The 3-wagon capacity top siding is hidden).
  6. The Knight Bus is a Regent, rather than a Routemaster ;-)
  7. Yeah. I mean, there's no homelessness problem, no poverty, no violence, no dodgy cladding fires...
  8. Noooo! Just say "Thanks muchly for the 48DS, as far as rtr goes it's a fantastic bit of kit". Then place him in a trance & repetitively mutter "88Ds...88Ds.." ;-)
  9. Be aware there is a very limited* direct service from Coleshill Parkway: https://bustimes.org/services/75-birmingham-international-stn-birmingham-busines?date=2019-11-23 - Although the trip's easy enough & more frequent by taking the X70 to Chelmsley Rd / Chelmsley Wood & then changing onto the X12. * & non-existant on the Sunday!
  10. Cofiwch Aberfan.

    1. skipepsi


      Still a lump in the throat.

  11. Thanks for the tip off Mark, my copy arrived yesterday. If anyone's concerned by the 'shop soiled' label, I'll just say the only cosmetic damage to mine was a slight crease in the cover laminate, something I wouldn't have grumbled with if listed as mint. Regardless, the content is well worth £3 of anyone's beer tokens!
  12. I think you need to be a subscriber to get the DVD extras nowadays ??
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