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  1. Character #10 in the VIN is your friend. Recent ones being M=2021, L=2020, K=2019.
  2. Well, I blinked first. Having seen a copy when i was out earlier, I thought I'd treat myself & give it a try. No personal critique yet as I've only just got home, but this snap of the contents page will let you know what to find inside. Phil's posted a better website link above with publisher contact details, but they can also be found on my snap. It's bi-monthly at present, with issue #2 due on July 16th.
  3. You could set it in some hellhole where Serpell et al had realised their fantasy ? Hmm, don't let Ant near the Bedford OB...
  4. Can't help with 4407 sorry. The GWR allocations book (first & last sheds) only list it at Princetown in '22 & '47. & I can't place my copy of the Wild Swan 1934 allocations at the mo'. The Peto's register also gives this for 5812: Although 4868* & 5812 were nominally allocated to Penzance briefly in the '30s, both were apparently outstationed at Helston in a (assumed unsuccessful) trial capacity * Sorry, I don't have the page with actual dates
  5. 5812 had two spells at Helston (according to the Peto's 48/58xx register), May-July '37 & Nov '37-Mar'38. It had a boiler swap in between visits as well!
  6. IIRC, Cadbury's & Fry's were (pre-shabby yank sellout) one & the same company! I've very vague memory of a Fry's wrapper when I was a nipper & loved the things, nowadays I think just looking at one would induce a cardiac.
  7. I bet some smartar$e will pipe up that WMPTE operated 227 vehicles of BMMO origin: 2 x D7 90 x D9 14 x S16 79 x S17 9 x S21 9 x S22 24 x S23. .. .. D'Oh!
  8. 51834+52072 were reported on passenger workings from Cambridge from late May '87, pic link below is from June: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/40681550540/ Rail Enthusiast #73 lists it working the 15:50 Cambridge - Ipswich (paired with a 101) & 17:55 return on 27 June.
  9. Any suggestion that the announcement solely concerns 2mm/7mm/whatever, rather ignore Hornby's spectacular trouser moment
  10. Incidentally , It's the 85th anniversary of another well-known Railway film in January 2023. What chance of announcing Gladstone (lovely lines, eh?) & some 'collapsible' rolling stock as well please ?
  11. 14xx joshing aside, I trust that in addition to the favourite vehicles, the range will feature figures of our favourite characters from the Film as well ??
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