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  1. To paraphrase Dave Lister, 'That's run right up my flagpole, that has. I'm saluting that one.' That looks almost exactly what I was thinking of.
  2. A little while ago, 'teaky' of this parish had a small layout that was surplus to requirements. He was very happy for me to collect it, and now I have, I'm thinking about what to do with it. I'm going to add a bit to the front and back (probably 4" on each side) to give a bit more room for scenery. I have the following that I'd like to use: A Wills goods store A Bachmann engine shed A Ratio coal merchants It's crying out to be a BLT or light railway terminus, which appeals greatly, but not sure how to arrange things logically. It would make sense to me for all the goods facilities to be located near each other, so the bay could be an end loading dock or cattle dock, the coal merchants on the 'angled' siding and the goods store at the front. The loco shed with a coaling stage and water tower, and maybe a carriage siding could then be on the two roads at the front. Another idea was to put the loco facilities on the bay road, with the coal merchants at the right-hand end on the front siding. The platform could move up, so that is right at the end on the angled road, which means engines would have to shunt back to the loop to run round, that's a little extra complication which might make operation a bit more interesting. What would you do? Any other possibilities?
  3. Does anyone still make one? The MSL site seems to be dead. And just supposing that they do, if I wanted one professionally built and painted, but as a static model ( so no need for a motor etc.) how much, roughly, might I be expecting to pay?
  4. Went along to this morning, very busy early on, but soon quietened down. Layouts were of a very good standard, and all except one were new to me. I did very much like 59th & Rust, and Arcadia, but star of the show for me was 'Wickwar', from the Farnham club, which is now firmly ensconced in my top five all-time layouts.
  5. Thank you Jon, that's very kind. @teaky, due to other commitments, I probably wouldn't be able to collect for a couple of weeks. If you don't need it gone quickly, I would definitely be interested.
  6. If Jon doesn't take it, I would certainly like to.
  7. The truck is finished. Opening doors, bonnet and lockers (complete with tools), a coffee maker and a TV in the cab. The doors should have red lower panels, but the stickers were a slightly different shade of red, so I left them off. The small grilles on the side of the hood should be gunmetal-effect, but I misread the instructions! 1475 parts, it took about ten hours doing a couple of hours a night.
  8. Not sure if Lego counts as modelling, but it's what I'm doing at the moment after my stepdaughter bought me the VW Camper for my birthday. After that, I bought myself the Caterham 620R: And the current project is to turn this lot: into a US conventional-cab truck. The chassis is finished (iPhone 7 for scale). It's big!
  9. I'd also be interested to know, seeing as when I lived in Slough we lived on Aldin Avenue.
  10. I'm really sorry everyone, but I had a broadband meltdown and wasn't able to access the site. That meant that I was unable to read the messages from those that were interested, and so I'm afraid it was disposed of Apologies once again.
  11. When it was retired from the exhibition circuit, Colin very kindly donated the 'junction' board of South Pimlico to me. Unfortunately, in the seven (?) years hence, I have managed to do the square root of naff all with it. And now, I'm having to move house again and the new spare room will not really have enough room for it. So, if anyone would like it, it's free to collect from Northfleet (near Gravesend) before we move on 6th October. It's 4' long by 18" wide at the widest point. It's exactly as it appeared in the press, with the exception of the vehicles & figures, the pub, that Colin kept, and the backscene which got damaged in the previous move. The backscene buildings seen here have been removed but are in a separate box. Please PM me if you're interested.
  12. I had one of these not long ago. We were in disruption, and had a number of delays and cancellations. I was told to get on the phone to my superiors and tell them who I was dealing with. When I said 'Who am I dealing with?', the answer was 'I'm not telling you, you don't catch me like that!'
  13. Having finally got a chance to watch the BBC's adaptation of China Miéville's 'The City And The City', I have an idea for a 'side by side' layout. For those that don't know, this story takes place in a place where two cities are intertwined. A denizen of one city must dutifully "unsee" (that is, consciously erase from their mind or fade into the background) the denizens, buildings, and events taking place in the other city – even if they are an inch away. This separation is emphasised by the style of clothing, architecture, gait, and the way denizens of each city generally carry themselves. Residents of the cities are taught from childhood to recognise things belonging to the other city without actually seeing them. In the adaptation, one city, Beszel, was built of brick and stone, and styled to look '70s East European (Ladas, Skodas, etc) with muted yellows and greens predominating. The other, Ul Qoma, is very modern, with glass and steel, bright reds and blues, with Audis and BMWs. There are areas of crosshatch; streets, parks or squares where denizens of both cities walk alongside one another, albeit "unseen". This gave me the idea of two stations next to each other, with different rolling stock, different designs of buildings but entirely separate. The operation would be very simple, just two ovals with trains pausing at the platforms, it would be the detailing that would make it, two completely and disparate separate scenes cheek-by-jowl. Beszel could be something like Pacers or EPBs (or even 1st gen DMUs/EMUs), with Ul Qoma having Javelins or IEPs, you could go Japanese with 103-series and then Shinkansen or Nankai 5000, or maybe stick with the Europe idea with some down-at-heel DMUs and ICEs or Thalys. Of course, there's no reason why you couldn't mix and match any or all of the above!
  14. I must admit, I often read a novel and think 'That's a good name for a layout...'. I'm currently reading 'I Capture The Castle' by Dodie Smith, and that has set cogs whirring about a 1930s Suffolk branchline. The Mortmains live at Godsend, but the nearest station is Scoatney, which is on the branch to King's Crypt.
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