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  1. Ride must surely have been even worse on usual North American track where the rail joints aren't necessarily in the same place on each rail! Doesn't bear thinking about what that versus a logging truck would have looked like...
  2. Graphic timetables now up: https://www.fahrplanfelder.ch/en/archives/graphic-timetables.html
  3. Hmmm, top tip: If you're going to use lots of footage of East and Southbound trains, don't then go and film folk travelling on Northbound and Westbound trains so you have to keep running the stock footage backwards... Still, well worth the watch and some fascinating insights.
  4. The 2019/20 passenger timetables are now visible here if you search for locations: https://www.fahrplanfelder.ch/de/willkommen.html First glance doesn't look much different to 2018/19. * No sign of any Capricorn-inspired timetable changes this year (though that's probably not too surprising.) * Davos-Filisur 'heritage' turns are still there. * This years Chur-Ilanz summer Sunday tourist diagram now runs summer Sat/Sun/Public holidays. Graphic timetables are not up yet.
  5. On the Albula particularly train lengths can be quite long - the minimum regular (not GEX/BEX) passenger train in 2019 is a loco and 7 coach push pull set, and I reckon the majority will be longer than that as half the diagrams are hauled/shoved by Allegra units, some have tail loads, and they add additional passenger cars onto that too! Ones up to the region of 12 cars are not rare (looking at vids, a couple of years back one of the GEX trains was scheduled to be combined with one of the (then) 6 car Albula sets, making that one minimum loco +12!) Whatever you do will be some kind of trade-off... If you really wanted the extra length, double tracking one end would be possible in the space (R183s) without messing up the joints - but would then restrict the scenery at that end (double track tunnels I think wouldn't look right for that line...) I understand, always a trade-off - it's why my (first) little project will try and be all on one board despite that heavily compromising train lengths!
  6. Visually, I'd suggest rotating the trackplan by a degree or so, which will mean the tracks don't match the baseboard edge, making it look more natural. That will make it harder to do the board joints though. You'd have the space to wind it down to put some staging tracks on a lower level if you wanted - though that'd make it a much more complex build.
  7. Purists, probably better go look over there for a minute... So this arrived.... Whilst this might eventually provide a donor chassis for something more proto - in the short term I thought I'd give it a quick makeover to get it into service. The chassis on this new run is really nice, it's got a bit more weight and compensation which I think improves both pickup and tractive effort over the previous. it handles a 6 car GEX set with no issues. DCC could be fun, and I need to work out how to MT coupler it, but other than that I think it's well worth the money. Comes with a couple of wagons which could have possibilities too...
  8. This suggests it's now an infrastructure machine: https://www.bahnbilder.de/bild/schweiz~rhaetische-bahn~dienst--und-rangierloks/1177136/die-retrofit-infrastruktur-traktor-tmf-22.html
  9. Looks like it's had a new rad grille and headlights too judging from this: https://bahnbilder.ch/picture/27462
  10. Would agree - much heavier and more roof supports because of that - Pic of the original setup: https://www.bahnbilder.de/bild/schweiz~rhaetische-bahn~personenwagen/147095/rhb---b-2111-am-15102000.html Scrub the idea of using the Gourmino car as a basis anyhow - had forgotten they only had doors one end! On another subject - I had got a bit frustrated trying to keep track of the different 1/150 RhB kits on Shapeways so created a list - here's the link if it's useful. https://www.shapeways.com/designer/gloriousnse/lists/1-150-scale-rhb-models?s=0#more-products I've deliberately not included any models which have since become available in RTR plastic from Kato and MDS. If there's any I've missed please let me know and I'll add them.
  11. Bit of Google-fu - 2091-2093 were Bernina Railway goods wagon conversions, predating the RhB (though with lots of more recent mods) - wagons were themselves conversions from even earlier wagons, which date back to the opening of the Bernina line! https://www.berninabahn.ch/rollmaterial-berninabahn/l-303-b2-2092/
  12. Can't remember where I found these, but I do have GA drawings for the early "planked" 4 wheelers (2091-2093) and 2111.
  13. Thanks all - yes the "planked" 4 wheelers are taller (and I think a little shorter in length?) - unfortunately #2096 pictured here in Jon's photo above is the prototype one and it's a shorter (height) example. #2111 is the solitary bogie fitted one with the full roof in the fleet, same as Jim's photo, which would make a really nice one to model one day (I think I will have spare lettering from this one which would work) - I wonder if the upcoming Gourmino car could provide the lower half - though I guess that'd be an expensive way of doing it. http://www.haribu.ch/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=224 Looking again at this model I think the extra height is in the bottom half if it (depth of "floor") - so this isn't going to have a simple and accurate fix - but reducing the roof height is probably a good compromise way to stop it standing out too much when coupled to other cars. I don't think it's the end of the world, but I will give it some thought as to the best way forward...
  14. Loved the one where the treat passed between his legs without him noticing...
  15. First of these in service, doesn't go together too badly despite the bendy resin. Overall looks a little tall though, I think I might try and lower the roof of the second one.
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