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  1. >>>1. It’s been explained that the Panorama coaches originated on the MOB, appearing on the FO / BVZ from the 1990s. As I understand it, the first BVZ and FO Panorama coaches were built by Breda in 1993? I think I’ve read they weren’t just used on the Glacier Express, and would appear in other consists too, but I’ve not come across photos / online video yet? I’m wondering what other coaches they appeared with - and might they even have appeared in the mixed trains / passenger trains with tail traffic? My impression (happy to be corrected) is that the GEX didn't run as a discrete panoramic service back then, but there were through trains, with a mix of normal and panoramic coaches. There's some vid on YouTube from very early MGB days showing trains with a mix of stock from the constituents, plus RhB all running through together - have a look through the vids from: https://www.youtube.com/user/REOSRailway 2. If I’ve got the dates right, the RhB didn’t have their own Panorama coaches until later, but I don’t know if they were different (Stadler 2006?). Looking at the haribu.ch website, I think it tells me EW 4 coaches on the RhB date from 1993 so was that their new stock then? (Please note, I don’t know the difference between generations of EW coaches, and do please correct the mistakes I’m making: there will be many). The Stadler and Breda builds are different. The best spotting feature personally is if you look at the ends of the roof, the modern Stadler stock is flat, the Breda cars slope down slightly - Breda car here with a Stadler on the right and left. I don't believe RhB owned any Breda cars originally, but aquired some later (now the 525xx series) - the Innotren car is also a Breda. 4. I think I’ve read here on RMWeb that the white / flag livery for the GEX dates from around 2005? Logic - which is not always reliable - suggests to me that fixed rake consists would have been part of this development (from a branding point of view), and I’d also suspect that the transition period for the repaint was shorter than the wholesale green - red transition period for regular coaches and locomotives, which I believe was spread over many years (decades?). That's logical to me - the large build of Stadler cars allowed them to move the long distance tourist traffic towards through panoramic trains, and split the rest of the traffic up into manageable chunks, the new livery was part of the branding of that. Even then the through blocks of panoramic cars seem to have been added to RhB trains on the Albula at least, them running as completely separate services right through seems to have been post 2015 or so. I would also presume the existing Breda cars were reliveried and some of them moved to RhB as part of the same project.
  2. For that end of Thusis you might as well just paint your whole wall.
  3. Yes totally agree, a reasonable trade-off to make it work.
  4. From memory you got potentially a few spares per wagon, so possibly there are folk with half a sprue here and there in their parts boxes?
  5. Not quite sure of where you were going with this so apologies if i'm misunderstanding? I wasn't intending a criticism of Kato's models, I think the models are done well, and appear to scale well individually and to each other - but the loco is taller than the coach in both real life and so (correctly) taller in model form. The body slopes back up from the cab front, so the loco is a fair bit taller than the cab face, which is what I think you were comparing to? Crop of side-on shot: Crop into 3/4 shot - this is an EWII so different roof ends (didn't have a good enough similar one with an EW1) but EW1/EWII are a similar overall "bulk" at least - the more modern coaches have a larger profile which is closer to the 4/4III. And so back to my point as I think I made it a bit clumsily - the tank *should be* taller than the coach, as that is the reality - it's just a reality that looks wierd to us because in the UK tank wagons are never noticeably taller than coaches!
  6. Not sure they have quite got the Za walkway right, which probably isn't helping the look, but I think from a UK perspective we're used to coaching stock which is consistently as high as the top of the loading gauge allows - and that just isn't the case here. EW1's are a long way below the modern RhB loading gauge!
  7. I've wondered if you can kitbash a pair of the BB AB's using a Kato A + B.... I know that's not the usual EWII AB used on the Regio's but from what I can tell stand-ins aren't uncommon. I don't think converting Kato EW1s to an EWII version is likely to work sadly (I did look!) - I think you can get an EWII on Shapeways tho?
  8. Bit of info - this one got a priority upgrade as it was the railhead for connecting buses to Scuol for several months due to a tunnel rebuild project a little while back. Quite impressive really!
  9. The 654xx series look like a more modern build, assuming the 82xx are aluminium too conceivably not so different under the crud?
  10. Couple more that might help with interior colour - 65403 is a Re-t, 8245 an Re-w.
  11. I think there are actually some practical positives for trying to keep a whole tunnel within a module - if you tried to mate two modules with their ends in tunnel then it'd be a swine to ensure you've accurately aligned the track for instance. Plus I kinda presume people will be selectively compressing tunnels more than the open air bits*. The darkbox/bird box way of approaching it would allow access, so would negate those issues if you did need to have a module end in a tunnel. (*Now waiting for the "but I was going to build the Vereina to scale" posts....)
  12. There sort of is, as you can still build a "black box" to sit between mismatched module ends, build something with one of them both ends and that's essentially your module - I think there was an example up-thread? Alternatively, model both ends of the tunnels? (Better flow of layout if you do that?)
  13. Thanks, glad they were useful. Yes was a great trip! Glad we could squeeze that in to try and catch as much variety as we could.
  14. Sorry i'd missed this thread for a bit! I took several of that bridge as I thought it looked really modelleable! Here's the top side - it has since been boarded inside the metal, so you can't see what the inside looks/looked like. Have a dig around on my website here if you want more - they will be about half way down the page: Link to more pics:
  15. Hmmm, unsure. How convinced am I that the person who sent me this knew they were meant to flip the end pictograms depending on what way round they used each bit of wood? Did they really build a module with high ground both sides, or is that just them copying in the stock pictogram and not understanding how to use it? Surely no harder (but maybe more reliable?) to document 5 images with their different codes corresponding to the 5 possible end configurations they give, and get them to give you the codes for the ones they use? Either way, for layout planning you'd need to convert to something like this anyhow:
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