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  1. Ipswich fuel flow moved to bogie tanks a couple of years back. Are the PGAs definitely gone? There had been a bunch (ex Lafarge wagons) working in the South East a couple of years ago but I'm a little out of touch.
  2. New Italian Covid restrictions restrict cross border tourism. https://www.suedostschweiz.ch/aus-dem-leben/2020-11-05/keine-rhb-freizeitreisen-mehr-nach-tirano
  3. They have 6 Alvra sets in total and believe it or not the schedule needs 6 sets to run! Journey time is just over 2 hours, so in the middle of an hour there will be 4 trains en-route, plus one sat at Chur and another at St Moritz. So one scratch set in use I think must be fairly common every time one needs maintaining (there was one out and about during the week we were there.) - this will mean 2 sets out if one is having its normal maintainance cycle. (Downside of long fixed formation trains, at least if you haven't got spares!)
  4. Agree with your hopes on "moderate". From one of the other websites linked it identified it as Alvra set 5705 with matching driving trailer 57805. As a consequence, two "scratch" sets of stock on the Albula today - both are Allegra powered push-pull sets: https://www.schmalspurbahn.ch/filisur/webcam/m201029130245275
  5. Just putting reference pics out in case anyone does want to do the mod as looking closely both ends have been changed. This corner loses the passenger steps, but gains handrails and a shunters drop-step. The opposite side just loses the steps leaving a big void. The "blind" end has also gained a drop step and more handrails: These mods apply to all the 4 wheelers, i've only put pics of the style Kato is using tho. Interestingly comparing the images on Haribu with my own the bogie car (2111) has had its original sloping passenger steps replaced by new
  6. Looks very good. "Current" modellers will need to mod the footsteps, they don't have them anymore! (Comparing 2019-2020 shots, only a change this year...)
  7. Current booked* train formations for the RhB (and lots of other places) can be found here: https://www.vagonweb.cz/razeni/?rok=2020 2019 formations are also on the same site, but nothing before that. (*Reality may intervene)
  8. To bring this to a close - Saturday 29th we both left on the 8.02 departure towards Landquart, with 626 for power.... Our hosts had kindly dropped us at the station (more or less drove right onto the platform!) which was nice as the weather was very wet. Climbing over to Klosters we passed the heritage set, which must have gone to Landquart (or Samedan?) I presume overnight...we hadn't noticed it was missing at Davos Platz due to getting the lift across to the station, and we hadn't twigged the significance of them stabling it the "wrong" way round last night either - nice litt
  9. From tomorrow to the 18th there is a week of special trains connected to the above, railcar 501 will be running Filisur-Alvaneu shuttles, and the heritage rake will do a different and more intense diagram - I guess a bit of a dead loss from the UK this year but worth keeping an eye out to see if it becomes a regular week. Timetable attached: Web here: https://projekt-landwasserviadukt.ch/DE/erlebnistage.html
  10. Just for fun as I hadn't uploaded these when I posted the shots from this day - on the 27th I tried a couple of mobile phone panorama shots from the train down to Tirano seeing if I could work in the front and back of the train in the same shot - they didn't quite work perfectly, but good fun, and worth a play if you find yourself in the middle of the train. The first is between Cavaglia and Cadera, the second is the Bruscio spiral.
  11. Lovely model of 26 Chris! Ref the shots at Arosa, yes an optical illusion because of the layout of the pointwork. Track layout minus train: And the moves:
  12. It's obviously not a full unit, but it must be a car split from one of the normally indivisible types judging from the coupler setup and lack of pipework. Another angle....
  13. So having been lucky and the weather having held off so far, we decided on heading back to Davos Platz (via Landquart) to do a last round trip on the Krok... Approaching Landquart, with freights ready to depart in each direction... A quick glimpse of the roundhouse - view is often blocked by coaching stock rakes at present! 617, 605 and I think 647 visible, the other cab is a 528xx driving trailer, plus the back of something else - not sure whether it's a Capricorn car or one of the Alvra sets. Shunter 233 was working today, sister 232 and 20604 standing by.
  14. ....Meanwhile 3504 coupled on to the coaches left by the previous train (the set behind 3512 we shot earlier at Litziruti with the Arosa saloon,) pushes forward, and drops its 4 coaches in their place.... ...then returns to the station on the correct end of it's new rake of stock. A closeup of the "Barenwagon" from our train - there are 4 of these, one was on each of the 4 rakes of hauled stock on this day. (The operation uses 3x Allegra and 4x rakes of stock, with the stock swapping at Chur as above)
  15. Departing Chur... "Go straight across the roundabout...." We meet 3506 on a Chur bound service at Luen-Castiel - the intermediate stations on this line are all gorgeous, and all in a very similar style... At St Peter Molinnis - siding or wagon launching platform? A nice old van anyhow... Approaching Langweis, with the viaduct. At Litziruti we pass the second opposing train, with ABB liveried 3512 in charge. This one also had a luggage van and the Arosa first class saloon. Somebody was asking about the tunnel at Arosa, which w
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