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  1. I think there are actually some practical positives for trying to keep a whole tunnel within a module - if you tried to mate two modules with their ends in tunnel then it'd be a swine to ensure you've accurately aligned the track for instance. Plus I kinda presume people will be selectively compressing tunnels more than the open air bits*. The darkbox/bird box way of approaching it would allow access, so would negate those issues if you did need to have a module end in a tunnel. (*Now waiting for the "but I was going to build the Vereina to scale" posts....)
  2. There sort of is, as you can still build a "black box" to sit between mismatched module ends, build something with one of them both ends and that's essentially your module - I think there was an example up-thread? Alternatively, model both ends of the tunnels? (Better flow of layout if you do that?)
  3. Thanks, glad they were useful. Yes was a great trip! Glad we could squeeze that in to try and catch as much variety as we could.
  4. Sorry i'd missed this thread for a bit! I took several of that bridge as I thought it looked really modelleable! Here's the top side - it has since been boarded inside the metal, so you can't see what the inside looks/looked like. Have a dig around on my website here if you want more - they will be about half way down the page: Link to more pics:
  5. Hmmm, unsure. How convinced am I that the person who sent me this knew they were meant to flip the end pictograms depending on what way round they used each bit of wood? Did they really build a module with high ground both sides, or is that just them copying in the stock pictogram and not understanding how to use it? Surely no harder (but maybe more reliable?) to document 5 images with their different codes corresponding to the 5 possible end configurations they give, and get them to give you the codes for the ones they use? Either way, for layout planning you'd need to con
  6. Depends which way round the profile is used, which would be a different configuration each end? If you intend to keep the same terrain angle (average) through the module you will need to use the profile the opposite way round at the other end of the module. If you didn't the high ground would be at the "front" on one end of the module and the "back" on the other end of the same module. (Not an issue if that's what you want, but probably not what most modules will need.) So if you were viewing from a "front of layout" perspective with a high back and opposite en
  7. Thinking about the future, can we use these to give an easy description of end profiles for layout planners and builders beyond timber ordering? IE - an AG end should ideally mate with a GA end*. CE to EC and so on. If we keep the nomenclature consistent as "Left""Right" as you look at the module end from outside then you'd know an AG is an upward slope left to right and a GA is a downward left to right. AG/GA matters less IMHO in terms of cutting timber as you'd use the same for both and flip the wood over to reverse it, but being confident of which side of the track the high g
  8. Thanks for your work on this - let me know costs for ends as I'd still like to give it a go at some point. I see the logic in starting with 3 easily available ones as that gives you a decent chance of being able to join with other people's modules without every module end needing a darkbox.
  9. Interesting sign that Kato continues to regard this as an ongoing range and not just a novelty is they have launched a new dedicated website for it! https://www.kato-rhb.com/
  10. I think the Aussichtswagen and updated BEX cars are released as they are showing up on JP Ebay BTW.
  11. Have a feeling one of them comes with the big green "storage book" which has enough extra slots to take the other 4 as well. (Not a cost thing, but theres also a different mix of first and second class coaches included, one may be more useful than the other from a proto POV!)
  12. I think it also let's them use a fairly standard point installed on straight track the other end of the curve, rather than something highly bespoke installed half way round a really sharp curve.
  13. No worries. Don't forget you don't need to do the BEX as a special round trip if it's also your mode of transport South, its an international rail line connecting through to Italy in its own right. If you're on the BEX southbound then that gets to Tirano in the middle of the day so you could leave the RHB in Tirano and take FS onwards to be in Milan that evening. Or take the Rhb bit slower and there's plenty of accom in Tirano to break it there - Tirano to the Med should be doable the next day. You'll know your teens better than me obvs, but they might al
  14. Was just poking a bit of fun at Noch Mike. I think the published number and Kato's image confirm its a pantograph fitted one.
  15. True, though there's a plastic one coming anyhow for those vans?
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