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  1. Hi Gang, Looking forward to the announcement, although I will have to wait to see if it is viable in N Gauge. 85,86,87.& 90 are all covered, Ben has said no to a 91….could it be an 81?? More likely to be a diesel though…or a DMU? Later, Stu from EGVN
  2. Hi Gang, I first met Chris a number of years ago and we built a friendship ever since then. I have bought various locos from him over the years, and obtained several 2nd hand that he was only too willing to ‘breathe’ over to bring them back to their full glory. All this was done willingly and with the occasional visit to Kent to receive advice and tips on how to better my own modelling skills. I never left his workshop without some advice or a little bit of detailing parts or decals to help me on my way. His love of large scale modelling and Ferrari were his way of separating the work side from his pleasure. His detailing and paint finish on an 1/24 F15 ‘Eagle’ aircraft were a sight to behold. He was truly happy with Marion and it was a joy to see them together. He has raised a couple of fine boys and was blessed with grandchildren. We always chatted about the detachments I spent flying with the RAF in various sandpits around the world and especially the Falkland Islands. It was painful to see him suffer failing health in the last few years and we talked over the difficulties he was experiencing with coordination to continue his painting and modelling. He remained enthusiastic throughout and his passing is a sad loss to anyone who has ever had the joy of owning his products. I was truly proud to regard him as a friend. Per Ardua ad Astra, Chris. Stu from EGDL.
  3. Hi 97406, Loving the layout concept with the track plan allowing you to simulate a main line diaorama from the different angle. I like the part catenary as it gives some operational interest and limitations to think about when marshalling the locos. I’m looking at a similar sort of concept in N gauge to enable a quick layout to play with and use for pics and your track plan inspires me. Also loving the conversion/modification of the Class 40s to departmental numbers…something also on my radar for a couple of N Gauge models. It helps to place the layout in the Crewe/Stafford are which enhances its credibility with the buildings and catenary complement the scene. All the Best, Stu from EGVN.
  4. Hi Jo; Definately worth it. Three sets of decals for me please..2 for GWR and one for LNER sets. See you in a few weeks.. Regards; Stu from EGVN
  5. Hi Jo; Those look the absolute business....will be so much easier than trying to replicate with paint. Later; Stu from EGDL
  6. Hi Gang; Quite a few of the internals of a Class 69 can be seen through the side grilles. As some of these are not present on a Class 56, it 'could' be feasible to use a block designed for a Class 69 within a Class 56 body. Would be an enterprising move!! At first glance yesterday, I was not a fan of the livery on 69001, but it is growing on me. However, I feel that the inward facing flags would be better facing outwards as it presents a bit easier on the eye. later; Stu from EGVN
  7. Hi @gelboy45, Please check your private messages as I have a Class 47/7 available. Others have shown an interest if you don’t want it for whatever reason. Later, Stu from EGVN.
  8. Hi Gang; Just viewed these videos on YouTube and agree that they are a cracking record of that era. The quality is excellent too which makes them such a gem. Have bookmarked them and will go through them again looking at stock formations for a future model layout. Later, Stu from EGVN
  9. That commission has been announced as cancelled...unfortunately. Later; Stu from EGVN
  10. RRR It’s almost too mad to be true... Later, Stu from EGVN
  11. Hi gelboy, I may be in a position to help you out with a ScotRail 47/7. Please check you messages. Regards, Stu from EGVN.
  12. Hi Gang; Oops...just ordered another 12 13 JNAs before tonight's earlybird deadline. That's me proper skint for another month!!! Later; Stu from EGVN
  13. Hi Gang, I, too am slightly disappointed by the exclusion of Carmine and Cream for the 314. however, I do understand that Revolution will have done the Maths as to what is viable or not. Interestingly, there are a couple of variants of C & C as door visibility legislation arrived during its life. Then there are the various logos as the franchise was National Express ‘swoosh’ logos before the ScotRail Saltire branding was created. I will definitely be in for at least one each of the 314 liveries on offer. Later, Stu in LCRA.
  14. Hi Gang, Will there be any more stock of the pantograph offered for sale as an accessory, as there has obviously been a feeding frenzy for the 1st batch offered after the Facebook live event on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I was out of the country on task and was unable to get some and the website is already showing out of stock today. I was looking for a minimum of 2 and up to 5 to fettle up my prime WCML Locos. Later, Stu in LCRA.
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