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  1. Hi Gang, I, too am slightly disappointed by the exclusion of Carmine and Cream for the 314. however, I do understand that Revolution will have done the Maths as to what is viable or not. Interestingly, there are a couple of variants of C & C as door visibility legislation arrived during its life. Then there are the various logos as the franchise was National Express ‘swoosh’ logos before the ScotRail Saltire branding was created. I will definitely be in for at least one each of the 314 liveries on offer. Later, Stu in LCRA.
  2. Hi Gang, Will there be any more stock of the pantograph offered for sale as an accessory, as there has obviously been a feeding frenzy for the 1st batch offered after the Facebook live event on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I was out of the country on task and was unable to get some and the website is already showing out of stock today. I was looking for a minimum of 2 and up to 5 to fettle up my prime WCML Locos. Later, Stu in LCRA.
  3. Hi Gang, The Postie has today just dropped off the decal sheet for the unnumbered 92. of course, the difficulty is now to work out which one to do!!! Thanks to the Revolution Trains team for the excellent post sales support by ensuring the decals were provided and manufactured to create a truly individual loco. Later, Stu from EGDL
  4. Hi Gang; Looks really good for something still at a pre-production stage. Later; Stu from EGDL
  5. 92043 duly ordered.... Mike has loaded the extra locos on to the website last night, so I got in quick, heeding the warnings that there were not too many spare after the dealers had got theirs. Later, Stu from EGDL.
  6. Hi Gang, They we’re definitely ‘freight only’ locos for most of their career until GBRF decided very wisely to use them for the Caley Sleepers. Until then, only a few rescues after failures and rail tours ever saw Class 92 haulage. In the very early days, they were not allowed to couple direct to the stock and had a loco marshalled between the 92 and the rail tour stock. I remember having a 92 from Crewe to Mossend on an Edinburgh tour way back in the early 2000s...I’ll try and dig a pic or two out if I knew where they were. Later, Stu from EGDL
  7. Hi Gang, Looking forward to being able to order the surprise 2nd GBRF 92 to add to the Caley 92 already in the stable. Question is whether I continue to resist 92017 from Kernow....the spirit is weak!! And talk of a 1:1 order today for Class93s has started the frothing as to whether anyone will take this on as a project, subject to licensing issues for the design.....Time will tell. Later, Stu from EGDL
  8. The pic of the APT on the triangle must be something of a rarity. Obviously a shunt move as the guards (.?) is open. Later, Stu from EGDL.
  9. Hi Gang, It would seem that the accounting software has auto-generated the invoices on the forecast delivery and the actual coaches are not yet in stock. There is now a note on the website to reflect as such. I have, however, now fully paid up for my batch of sleepers, so it is not the end of the world and I will have to be patient a bit longer. as I have two different orders, I’m hoping that they can be combined for one shipping charge and have the other one refunded. Later, Stu from EGDL
  10. Hi Nick, No wires on the decoder...simple Next 18 clip fit and the speakers are already pre-wired to the circuit board. Regards, Stu from EGDL.
  11. Hi Gang, I can vouch that there is space for the sound decoder as I have swapped a blanking plug and decoder between two chassis this morning as I wanted to check the speaker out on the DC only version. Obviously some care is needed as the wires are thin and probably, fragile. Not worried about the slight tooling imperfection with the tiny indent in the roofline, and I feel that it doesn’t detract from the overall look of the loco. I’m also impressed with the running qualities, although I have yet to get a load going behind them. I did give them a touch of lube as they looked
  12. ......And...... the invoice for the KMS4 coaches has just dropped in too..... So that’s a bunch of Mk3 sleepers on the way now in the next few days ...hopefully! Later, Stu from EGDL.
  13. Hi Gang, Just been sent the request for balance payment for these sleepers, specifically the KMS1 & 2 variants. No invoice for the KMS4 yet although delivery day is scheduled to also be today. It took a little bit of ingenuity to navigate the order history to get to the right page to pay the balance but all seemed to work ok in the end. Looking forward to these arriving to go with the newly arrived Revolution 92. Later, Stu from EGDL.
  14. Hi Gang, It’s great news to hear that the Class 92s are on their way. I cannot wait to get my hands on them to have a play. I have a varied set of orders from Caley (with sound) through to the unnumbered Railfreight version spread over 3 separate orders, then a supplemental order to add sound to another one. I guess we will have to be patient a little longer to allow Mike and Ben to work through the shark-infested custard of multiple orders to ensure that everyone gets their exact spec of order. Also, we have to remember that these guys have families too and, in light of the curr
  15. Hi Gang, Well this IS going to be exciting with the DBSOs finally arriving to join all the stock and locos that have been waiting patiently for some considerable time. Looking forward to receiving a couple of parcels from two different retailers (possibly hedging my bets on availability there!) Later, Stu from EGDL.
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