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  1. Hi Gang, Never had any acknowledgment of my EoI or any email updates or newsletters...so I don’t know if I’m one of the 118 or not. Later, Stu in EGYP.
  2. Hi Tim, C-Rail already make MOD 20’ containers for N Gauge. https://www.c-rail-intermodal.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=18_46&product_id=86 Hope this helps. Later, Stu in EGYP
  3. Hi Gang, Really looking forward to an LNER set in N Gauge. Will perfectly complement Pendolinos,92s and 320s on the Scottish end of the WCML. Later, Stu in EGYP
  4. Got some ‘Rail Charter Partnership, plates for 86261 if you are interested. Stu from EGDL.
  5. Hi Simon, Nope.....afraid they didn’t. Later, Stu from EGDL
  6. Hi Gang, Submitted my preferences to the website. PS...Mike...I’ve gone for the Colnbrook aviation tanks!! Later, Stu from EGDL.
  7. Hi Gang; Had an excellent time over the weekend at Glasgow show. Usual varied travel itinerary to get there and back coupled with some purchases, bumping into old friends and a few beverages along the way. Even managed a trip on the vintage AEC bus to the show. It was great to get an update from Revolution on all the ongoing projects, especially the 320/321 with a new coupling system to require only one DCC chip, news of 92 production and possible new liveries to come in real life. Managed to get all (most) of the required shopping with a couple of impulse buys too, so quite happy with the haul. Had a great chat with the Accurascale guys who are working on R&D for the Mk5s with Revolution. I was especially taken with their 4mm Rawie Buffer Stops, which I was canvassing with both them and Revolution for a reduction to N Gauge. Whether that will happen will, of course, be a business led decision by the guys. As for layouts, some could definately be better run...with long gaps of inactivity. I was especially taken with Wellpark, a suitably Glaswegian setting, well executed. Farbine TMD in 4mm was also nice as was the 7mm shed layout set in semi darkness. It's all over for me for another year...need to pencil in the 2020 dates at work very soon. Later; Stu from EGDL
  8. Hi Ben, You have to draw the line somewhere. I appreciate that it is probably too late, and a little unwise, to add another option at this late date in the production cycle. Perhaps in the next batch..... See you at the SECC. Stu from EGDL.
  9. Hi Ben/Mike, I suppose it’s too late to put a bid in for the revised GBRF livery, a la 92020?.? Later, Stu from EGDL
  10. Still nothing here either.....disappointing. Stu from EGDL.
  11. Hi Guys, Whilse I baulk at the ever increasing cost of N Gauge, it is, after all, our hobby...and we will afford either what we can or want. I’m a little perturbed at the constant price increases and, although I appreciate the overheads, wages etc...I do feel that Bachmann are not sharing any of the cost rises and passing either 100% or more to the consumer...ie , us. I will, of course, fulfill my requirement for six Sealink coaches, either 4 x TSO and 2x BSK/BSO or 5 TSO and 1 Brake. Any additional coaches for a 2nd rake will only be under a good discount. Like many people here, I have reined back the ‘wants’ a great deal and I let some of the more Rule 1 purchases sail on by. I do worry for the long term sustainability of such a policy...but that brings us full circle to the fact that it is a hobby and those who ‘want’ will alway afford it somehow. Later, Stu from EGDL.
  12. Hi Guys, Similar story here...ordered and paid for a couple of weeks ago...no sign of it yet. Agreed...poor show by the publisher. Later, Stu from EGDL
  13. Hi Jeremy, I honestly don’t know....only Mike and Ben can answer that. But things are definitely moving the right way. Later, Stu from EGDL.
  14. Hi Gang, A chat with Mike at the Stevenage show last month revealed that they are still in discussion with the factory and things are progressing. There is some hope that a factory change may have made some of the less popular liveries a little more viable in terms of minimum print runs. There has been a very long gestation period for this model and it has previously been in real danger of cancellation. It has taken a long time to get ‘over the line’ and now it has then I look forward to seeing a great model in the making given Revolution’s track record to date. I don’t envy the guys with having to trawl through all the orders and pre-orders to whittle down the options and liveries to everyone’s preferences!! Maybe some more news to come at Glasgow show..... Later, Stu from EGDL.
  15. The 'OO' gauge photo used shows a BCK but the description says BSK. I wonder which one will actually be in the NGauge representation of the set. Later, Stu from EGDL.
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