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  1. Added some scrap from Goodwood Scenics. It's on a removeable false floor so they can run empty if needed.
  2. Here is the Palbrick I did a while back with a bit of weathering on it.
  3. Been a bit quiet recently but just finished a couple of Paul Rolly Sheerness Steel JNA.
  4. Done a bit of weathering on this Heljan 37 today. I also found out recently that at some point the snow plough on the secondmans side No1 end was changed for a drivers side one. So I decided to cut up a couple of Heljan plastic ploughs to make it. It also had a number scrawled on it from the doner 37! Also changed the bogie steps for PH Designs ones. The little corner steps and headcode plates are his as well.
  5. Thanks Martin, the model is very nice but you know me, can't leave nothing alone! That ALD ones a bit basic, no front end detail for a start and it costs more!
  6. I finished the 07 bar the painting but it's too cold for that. Another thing I did on the kit was to file the front of the roof back so the valance there followed the roof better rather stuck out. The axle mounted lubricator is a nice feature.
  7. As supplied the hood was a bit crinkly so I covered it in filler and then stood outside for half hour rubbing it down. Had to do it about 3 times but got there in the end.
  8. No only 4 or 5 had airbrakes. It's not cheap but think of the hours of fun you get making it!
  9. Well you didn't expect me to build it as it comes did you. I'm adding the high level and bufferbeam airpipes and having to modify the righthand side to make the compressor box and will have to make another box to go the other side up against the cab. Oh and some pipes on the ends. One thing to think of when doing things like this is painting/decaling the wasp stripes. So I think I will leave all the end details off and paint and glue them on later. The rest of the handrails will have to wait as well so I can mask the yellow ends later.
  10. Found a couple of issues with the 07. On the airtanks a lug that goes over the valance was not cast on one end. So I removed the other one and made the strap with some brass strip. A slightly bigger issue is that the short hood is the same width as the main hood but it should be narrower. So out with the saw and remove 4mm in the middle and then glue and fill it back together, looks much better now. Bufferbeam detail added as well now.
  11. Yes 7mm, It's the Tower Collection https://www.towercollections.com/
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