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    1970's Diesels and 7mm Models, mostly blue diesels though.

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  1. If you want odd wagons here is one from Cargowaggon in Didcot Yard. I am guessing it's a gauging wagon prior to the large bogie European vans coming over.
  2. I got one of these at Oxford on the Bicester trip no doubt. See it's got a number panel but no number in it and it's vac blow through and air braked.
  3. 47746+47237 at Culham on a Saltburn to Torquay tour today after 47237 failed at Leamington so 47746 ran round to lead from there.
  4. 70817+66169 At Culham on Eastleigh to Hinksey engineers 16-07-21
  5. 70815 was approaching some old dear just getting out the way at Kennington.
  6. A couple of 70's about yesterday. 70016 passing Radley and 70815 approaching Kennington Jct.
  7. 47593+47853 on a return Paignton to Wolves on 30-06-21 at Oxford
  8. 70004 heading a Lawley St to Southampton liner at Radley on 24-05-21
  9. 70811 heading north through a rainy Oxford 18-05-21
  10. 70811 putting a bit of smoke on as it takes power to go into Hinksey at Kennington on 05-05-21
  11. 70017 heading north through Oxford on 10-05-21
  12. Added some scrap from Goodwood Scenics. It's on a removeable false floor so they can run empty if needed.
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