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  1. Glad the 56 is performing as one would want just don't break, it I want it back to weather! Shame I did not have a chip in 47179 as was a HM/KY loco hence my weathering of it
  2. Here's a Scunny torpedo seen on a tour this year.
  3. Could you order me one as I would like to have a go at one of these please Ian.
  4. Here is the picture of mine I think Paul is referring to clearly showing ity must not go round of less than 3 gas meters!
  5. Vincento on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/b/British-Rail-Diesel-Locomotive-Standard-O-Gauge-Model-Railway-Locomotives/122591/bn_7026299553
  6. The lower lights are red but will admit a bit dull, try looking at it in the dark. The only way to make the blinds work properly is to use white blanks with a red and white LED. Can't do this with numbers in the headcode unfortunately.
  7. They are threaded 1.4mm thread but yes they forgot the screws. They are the same as the 25 if that helps.
  8. Think these were fitted to 40169-40183. Put these numbers into Flickr and see if one comes up with that missing paint on the yellow.
  9. Done a bit of work on the NSE 50 from Heljan. Unfortunately the white line on top of the yellow end is in the wrong place so I painted it on top of the ledge where it should be. Also repainted the yellow as I could not get a good match to paint out the old white line. Also a forgot to put the screws in to attach the ploughs but luckily I had some in a 25 model.Ploughs are a bit close to the track so be careful! Need to order some Railtec numbers for 50018 but that will have to wait a few days.
  10. Just plug the fans wires into an AUX on the decoder, that's what I did.
  11. Here's a bright sunny picture of a 7mm one I recently finished in NSE Dark Blue, it is darker in real life just the camera thought otherwise!
  12. As well as building the PAV grain wagon I also got hold of a Polybulk covered hopper from Simon BR Blue. He supplied the body in two halves and the rest come via Shapeways. The main body does need a fare bit of filling and rubbing down but you get a smooth surface in the end. I have used Slaters vac pipes and lamp brackets and JLTRT airpipes I still had thankfully, buffers are Appleby and couplings are Heljan. I had a couple of etched label clips that I bought from a shop in Germany a few years ago, there is a 3D print one supplied. I have put some lead in the bottom but think I will add anoth
  13. This is how the hopper arrived with Simons 3D printing, nice and flat surfaces so it's easy to sand and fill and sand and fill, you get the idea.
  14. Decided to do a couple of more Simon BR Blue 3D print wagons so starting with the PAV grain hopper.The white parts are from Shapeways ans if you want one get intouch with Simon and he will do the hopper and roof on his home set up. The hopper is a little liny but I covered it in Squadron Green putty and rubbed it down and it looks ok now. This will be in the dark blue livery but stuck for transfers at the moment.
  15. In the thread for the Heljan 0 gauge 05 shunter, you show a couple of photos with the roof removed.

    could you tell me how you did this please?

    remove the roof, that is, not take the photo!!





    1. brian daniels

      brian daniels

      They just pull off, glued on with Chinese glue so shouldn't be too difficult. Sod's law you bet it's the one time they did something right!



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