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  1. And when empty they could be used as seats. Geoff Endacott
  2. The house next door is the same size as mine. My neighbour came round to ask how many rolls of wallpaper I bought to decorate the lounge, so I told him; five. Next week he came back to complain that when he had finished he had one roll of wallpaper left over, which is funny because so did I. Geoff Endacott (with apologies to Jimmy Cricket)
  3. We do need to update that don't we? Geoff Endacott
  4. According to Google there is plenty of room for parking, According to me that photo was taken long before the Beversbrook Sports and Community Facility had been built. Geoff Endacott
  5. Hedges Hill Cutting is owned by Bentley Model Railway Group. Geoff Endacott
  6. The minimum gangway width at Trainwest is nine feet. Geoff Endacott
  7. So does black spirit produce white clag? Geoff Endacott
  8. Thanks for the advice so far. He lost most of the sight in one eye some time ago, due to a torn retina, multiple surgeries for which were unsuccessful. He now has a torn retina in the other eye and is recovering from a second operation on that. He can see the screen of his smartphone, but can't read any of the writing. Things may improve and we are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. He has been told not to do any more soldering! The RNIB are involved. What we really need is advice about modelling specific adaptations to help someone who can see light and shade, vague shapes, but not much else. The club is determined to welcome him back whatever we have to do to accommodate his needs. Geoff Endacott
  9. Does anyone have any experience of helping modellers with visual impairments? One of our members is in hospital and, following a less than successful eye operation, is likely to be left with very limited vision. What can we do to help? I would welcome any suggestions from clubs or individuals with experience of this issue because there are a lot of us who want to know what we can do to help, but don't really know where to start. Thanks. Geoff Endacott
  10. That's it - the show is now full. We may have only ten layouts but these include seven different scale/gauge combinations. Geoff Endacott
  11. The Calne show is on the move - temporarily. Building work means that the usual venue, Calne Leisure Centre, will not be available. The show is therefore moving to: Beversbrook Sports Facility, Beversbrook Road, Calne, Wilts., SN11 9FL. Saturday 18th January 10.00 am - 5.00 pm Sunday 19th January 10.00 am - 4.30 pm This will be a smaller show than usual due to the limited space at Beversbrook. There will probably be ten layouts and six trade stands. Admission prices have been reduced accordingly. The layouts booked to attend are: Box Station (N): Morris Stallard Digby South Quay (HO): Richard Smith Fanniston (N): Andy Whittaker Grunow (TT): Richard Self Hounslow Sidings (OO): Ray Norwood Launceston Steam Railway (OO9): Richard & Linda Holder Morfa Mawr (EM): Bentley MRG Sutherland Street (N): Michael Holmes Wood Street (O): Swindon MRC Zweinuck (HO): Eric Bird Trade: Andy Lynch Brunswick Railways David Smith Books Frome Model Centre Ron Lines Squires Model & Craft Tools Other: Train Rides Adult: £4.00, Child: £2.00, Group (2+3): £10.00. www.calnemrs.org.uk Geoff Endacott
  12. There's a nice photo of Kannotburn on the cover. Geoff Endacott
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