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  1. Isn't quality more important than quantity? Geoff Endacott
  2. This is the notice which I have been using at Trainwest for the last ten years. Please do not wear backpacks or rucksacks in the exhibition hall. They should be carried by hand or left at reception. There is no charge for leaving bags with the reception staff. Thank you for your co-operation. Geoff Endacott Exhibition Manager
  3. I think I ordered mine seven years ago and it still hasn't arrived. Geoff Endacott
  4. Train station? What's that? Geoff Endacott
  5. They could always have modelled them in post 1967 condition. Then they wouldn't have needed nameplates. Geoff Endacott
  6. I thought I'd seen that somewhere before. Geoff Endacott
  7. There is a slight difference between each side of the loco. Both sides have three pairs of doors. The nameplate is between the centre and right-hand pair. Between the left-hand and centre pair of doors are an inspection hatch on the upper bodyside and one or two vents beneath it. That is how you can tell the two sides apart. If the side with the single vent is facing you, A end is on the left. Geoff Endacott
  8. Warships didn't have a number one end. They had an A end and a B end. Geoff Endacott
  9. Here is the photo preview showing all of the layouts which are booked to appear at Trainwest 2019. Amiens 1918 Bakewell Street Birmingham Moor Street Burton-on-Trent Calstock's Halton Quay Cato Pass Chewton Mendip Deansmoor Denton Brook Enigma Quay Fenchurch St Peter Herculaneum Dock Kannotburn Much Murkle Navigation Road Roundtrees Sidings Salsdorf Scratchy Bottom Halt Stodden Hundred Light Railway The Bridge at Remagen My thanks to the photographers Jon Dean, Giles Favell, M Hitchen, Chris Hopper, Andrew Jones, Cavan Millward, Guy Molyneux, Chris Nevard, Chris Peacock, Norman Raven, Simon Stevens, Al Turner, Mike Walshaw, Richard Williams, Tony Wright and Andy York. Geoff Endacott
  10. Important news. We have secured permission to organise our own light refreshments. Many exhibitions seem to have problems with in-house catering. The prices at Springfield haven't been a problem, but they have never been able to cope with the number of people we bring in. This year, we will have our own stand serving teas, coffees, cakes and biscuits. That should take the pressure off the main cafe which will operate as usual but hopefully with rather less demand. Geoff Endacott
  11. The option of fitting your own plates would have been useful for renumbering D600 as D601-4 in BFYE which would be needed to depict them in early 1970s guise.* Geoff Endacott *I know they were withdrawn by then, but on my railway they weren't.
  12. It could be worse. They might not all be the right way round, but at least they are all the right way up. Geoff Endacott
  13. They must have been inhabited by antisocial types because none of them came out to offer the use of their driveways for parking. Geoff Endacott
  14. Buses to and from Westbury Station don't look practical because the station isn't served by very many trains. The plan is therefore to keep to our usual shuttle bus to and from Chippenham, timed to meet GWR's replacement buses. TW19 Bus Times.pdf Geoff Endacott
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