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  1. It wasn't cancelled - merely moved to a different venue due to building works at the leisure centre. Geoff Endacott
  2. One of our members has it at home to work on during lockdown. Geoff Endacott
  3. Someone doesn't know about Jethro. Geoff Endacott
  4. Cheltenham is 30 & 31 October 2021. The availability of key personnel (me) rules out the other weekends in October. Geoff Endacott
  5. The Calne Model Rail Show The Calne Leisure Centre, White Horse Way, Calne, Wilts., SN11 0SP. Saturday 23rd October 10.00 am - 5.00 pm Sunday 24th October 10.00 am - 4.30 pm Adult: £5.00, Child: £3.00, Group (2+2): £12.00. We didn't hold the usual Calne Show in January 2020 due to building works at the leisure centre. Instead we held a much smaller event at the nearby Beversbrook Sports Facility. We had expected to return to the leisure centre in January 2021 but something seems to have gone wrong! Trainwest was last held during April 2019 and ha
  6. I like the writing in the dirt explaining what 143018 is supposed to be. Geoff Endacott
  7. Meanwhile, back to exhibitions. Although Trainwest is still booked for April 2021, we have decided that the club can manage without the income. If things don't improve within the next few weeks we will have to manage without the show. That means there is now the distinct possibility that the next Trainwest exhibition will not be held until at least April 2022. That is a gap of three years. Geoff Endacott
  8. What about Chippenham, Bath and Bristol Temple Meads? Geoff Endacott
  9. So is it Mr Edison or Mr Tesla who will be organising the next exhibition? Geoff Endacott
  10. From Stu Vowles on Facebook: BULLDOG FAIRS,TOY AND TRAIN COLLECTORS FAIRS, CANCELLATIONS After much deliberation and consideration following the recent change in Government directive and the guidelines issued by Local Authorities and Public Health England we have taken the sad decision to cancel the rest of this year’s toy fairs. I am sure you will all understand that as organisers we are responsible for your safety. We feel we would be unable to maintain the current “rule of 6” at entry points in the halls etc. In addition, we are aware that we would be enc
  11. That's not really surprising. It was the two posts on Facebook yesterday saying that the show was going ahead and asking for support which seemed odd. They seem to have been deleted. Geoff Endacott
  12. That was a bigger layout. I wonder how many coaches would fit end to end on HLJ. Geoff Endacott
  13. It looks as though a toy fair will be going ahead next month. https://www.bulldogfairs.com/shepton-mallet/ Geoff Endacott
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