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  1. Painting of the Up platform building has started. The building was exposed to the elements, particularly at the southern end, and I am trying to recreate this in the painting. Painting is with Mig acrylics, mainly sprayed, with some of the detail painting done by brush. The heavily worn paintwork on the Southern end is done by first painting the end in various shades of grey to represent old wood, followed by a couple of coats of Mig "chipping effects". It is then sprayed with Mig "New Wood" to represent faded GWR light Stone (the building was never repainted by BR), once dry that is painted with water and scraped with a wooden barbecue skewer to reveal the old wood underneath. The next stage will be some pin washes, followed by weathering powders. Alex
  2. Work continues on the up platform building for Yelverton. I've finished the roof, and am working on the canopy. I've run out of valencing, but have ordered more, which hopefully will arrive tomorrow. Alex
  3. I spent a good weekend at the Edington show, helping NHY581 operate Bleat Wharf. Two of Laira's finest 4555 and 4574 put in an appearance on the Saturday. I took a couple of the Yelverton buildings with me which sparked some interest. I had a nice conversation with the exhibition organiser, David, and Yelverton should be making it's public debut at the show next year. Alex
  4. It was an excellent show, and operating Bleat was great fun. Sheepbloke minor did some good operating too. I came away with some new ideas, so all. In all a most useful weekend. Alex
  5. Our cat didn't watch from afar. The exploratory paw in the engine shed was dealt with by modelling the shed closed with the doors shut. Alex
  6. I like the water tank. You may recall from the RM web members day last year that I made something similar for Upwell Drove; I also found my original model too big, and the history of the redesign can be found in my layout thread. Can I commend to you the Wills vari-girder as a source of tank side panels? Building a tank from these enabled me to work out a suitable size for the supports. Alex
  7. And I was so comfortable with the lack of lining. I think it .ooks really smart. Perhaps it lost the lining towards the end of it's service? An economy repaint perhaps? Alex
  8. Sounds like a plan. Thanks. Alex
  9. That's unlined. Moral: don't rely on memory. What to do now? I could remove the lining, but as it's an excuse for another one, I'll find a 45xx that ran on the branch in lined green, renumber the model, and make a new 4574 in lined green. Result: Alex
  10. Ho Hum. I thought it did, but I'm looking at a picture of 4574 in Laira shed after withdrawal and I'm not sure ; I'll have another look in the morning when the light is better. Alex
  11. Latest additions to the roster - 4555 and 4574 of Laira depot. Alex
  12. Morning Martyn, I was giving some though as to how I might achieve the Fenland soil colour. Have you thought about using powders? From the ground texture you have achieved, I think I'd make a mix of a black/brown soil colour by mixing powders. I'd use dark earth and smoke, mixed with a little water and decalfix and applied as as wash. Once dry, a bit of dry brushing to enhance the effect, and possibly a bit more powder, this time applied dry. There shouldn't be any resultant glossiness, but if there is, a quick spray of acrylic Matt varnish would get rid of it. Hope this is helpful Alex
  13. Hi Brian The internal walls on my model are more for ensuring the external shape of the structure is maintained, rather than faithfully replicating the actual positioning. That said, hopefully they are in roughly the correct places. Looking at the lower of my 3 photos above, from the southern end, I think the lower right hand room is the toilets, the top right is the Princetown waiting room, the top left the Plymouth waiting room, and the lower left is a lobby. Access to the Princetown waiting room would be via a door in the back wall of the Plymouth waiting room. I'm not sure which rooms will get interiors yet. Based on the proposed position on the layout, the Plymouth waiting room won't, the Princetown waiting room probably will, and the lobby may, because the interior of those two rooms will be visible through the windows. The toilets won't. Happy Christmas, and thanks for your kind comments. Alex
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