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  1. You don't see them do you? But tnere's all those pet shops selling chinchilla grit...
  2. Thanks. I start with an overall coat of Mig "Faded Sinai grey". Individal planks are the pic,ed out with Mig "New wood" "Old wood" and similar grey/brown shades. The whole is then given a wash of Mig matt black, heavily thinned. The wash is particularly worked in to the recesses round the lifting rings and chain pocket lids and into the gaps between the planks. It is then sprayed with a mig "dirt" shader, and given a coat of acrylic matt varnish, which is left to harden overnight. Powder weathering is next. The whole load bed is covered with Humbrol "Smoke" powder, particularly worked in
  3. I've been on leave this week, so I've had time to catch up with some stock building for Yelverton. Another 45xx has joined the stud. This one will be 4568. Its weathered Bachmann - I changed the small crests for large, painted the safety valve cover, and removed the moulded plastic coal. Otherwise its pretty much as it comes. It still needs numberplates,, the fireman's pep pie, and some lamps. Here is 4568 leaving Yelverton with an Up freight. A toad. This ones a weathered Hornby AA15. Another Toad, this time an AA20 using a detail
  4. I'm currently experimenting with a short length of LED strip for Yelverton box, running from the driver for the layout lights. The shortest the strip can be cut to is 3 LEDS, which is too bright, so I have obscured two. The strip is fitted inside the front of the roof. Iin your case, I'd run the two wires down the inside of the rear corners. Alex PS: The block instruments look interesting. Ratio?
  5. I was conscious of the need to avoid unwanted multiple shadows when I installed the LEDS, and have found them pretty forgiving in this regard. I used flexible LED strips which come on a 5m roll for about £14 and can be cut to length. They are mounted in diffusers, . The one at the rear has 50% opacity, the one at the front is clear. I experimented with the position of the strip in the proscenium, and settled on installation with the lights facing vertically down. The proscenium projects about 10cm forward of the front edge of the layout which helps avoid leaving the very front edge of th
  6. I have sky envy. I just love the cloudy back drop. I'm hoping to persuade a friend who paints maritime subjects to do a sky for me. To my mind Bovey Tor is rather reminiscent of Princetown, and therefore above the tree line, so I feel you wouldn't need too many trees. Alex
  7. The back drop at Yelverton is made up of three parts, one behind the other, which adds some depth to the backscene. Immediately in front of the backscene is a stand of trees and bushes, which adds to the impression of depth. The first section of backscene is made from 5mm ply. This is more or less the same height as the three dimensional trees in front of it, and gives some protection. Sections of ID backscenes backsheets were cut out and stuck to the ply. After the glue had dried the ply was cut to the profile of the trees. The next section of backscene is a view of distant
  8. Have you looked at the Modelu signal box interior bits? Alex
  9. What about Shroedinger's man, who is both right and wrong at the same time?
  10. Hmm...don't suppose he'd mind if I painted it black
  11. About 9', but the LED strips are 1metre long (please forgive mixed measurements). There are 2m of lights front and back. I buy the LEDS in 5 metre rolls.
  12. I've done some more work on the layout lighting this weekend. After an experiment with ice white LEDs (which I thought might be brighter), I decided I preferred the effect of warm white and changed to that. The LED strips for the front lights are fitted in diffusers on the underside of the proscenium arch. The grey bar in the centre of the picture is the "L" shaped support for the proscenium which I described in an earlier post. This is the other end of the "L" shaped support, projecting through the back drop. The rear lighting beam can be seen in the picture, as well as
  13. What? You paid £3.25 for it? Can't remember what I paid for mine (new), but it was less than that Alex
  14. The more I learn about the branch, the more ideas I have. I' ve got a few ideas for models of parts of the branch. No plans to do Princetown yet, but if someone were to do an rtr 44xx.... Alex
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