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  1. It was the gents. Forget the romance of steam, one suspects they may have been somewhat insalubrious! Alex
  2. The disused Princetown platform. A bit more bedding in is needed round the base of the building. A view through the trees of the footbridge and platforms. The footbridge is reworked Hornby/Gaugemaster. I'm going to have another go at the legs. The row of huts behind the signal box lead to the end loading dock. The slightly wonky buffer beam is one of those happy accidents. It slipped while the glue was drying, then I realised the real one wasn't straight either. Alex
  3. I beleive the branch was cleared for castles as far as Yelverton, but I've never seen a photo. I'm quite happy with a string of 45xx though. Alex
  4. I meant to add: the ash surface of the platform is a mix of 3 parts chinchilla grit to one part grout. Sprinkled on to wet pva, then soaked with a "wet water" mix, and a mix of dilute pva applied with a dropper. For a finer mix, I have used sieved soil from the garden, mixed with grout. When dry, the surface is lightly sanded, and gone over with a stiff brush (I use an old stippling brush.) The surface can be tinted with weathering powders. Alex
  5. Do you include sprouts in that generalisation? Alex
  6. Not yet, but there needs to be more undergrowth around the bottom of the supports. The old track bed is going to be fun. By the period of my model, there was lots of vegetation growing through the old ballast, and what had been a nice laurel hedge on the side opposite the platform, was already advancing on to the disused ballast. Alex
  7. At the Tavistock end of the up platform at Yelverton is a small wooden extension to the platform, that was made when the junction with the Princetown branch was realigned. The infill remained in place after the Princetown branch was closed, so needed to be part of my model. My original idea was to make it from small pieces of balsa, but after seeing Rob's work on Outwool using plastic sheet, paint and powder, I decided to have a go using plastic and powders myself. The platform extension is made from Slaters planked styrene, backed with 10thou to bring it
  8. I used to work with a chap who used to get boat bits delivered to the office so his wife didn't know what he was buying. Then there was the shop in Plymouth that offered a choice of receipts: one bearing the shop logo, the other rather more anonymous. Alex
  9. Some trains at the Tavistock end of Yelverton station. First, a 64xx on a Plymouth - Tavistock South auto service. 4574 arrives with a Lunceston-Plymouth passenger service. 4555 on a southbound freight. 4555 was one of the last 45xx class in unlined black, and never received green livery in BR service. Another picture of 4555 passing through the station. 4588 hauls a short up freight. Hoping to be able to set the complete layout up in the garage next week for a running session. Alex
  10. No names, no pack drill, but I seem to recall a certain proponent of the GWR having one which he ran on Diddington. It was a rather nice model. Alex PS have you thought about a class 15?
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