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  1. 4574 on sector plate with a Launceston-Plymouth passenger train. View from the lifted track bed of the Princetown branch of 4574 entering Yelverton 4574 in Yelverton station. Platform construction is underway - hence the uneven edge! 4574 passes the platelayers hut as it leaves the station Plymouth (cassette deck) bound. Bit of painting tomorrow, then it's back to bush production! Alex
  2. Thanks Bill. I'd seen 3 of the pictures before, but not the second one looking behind the signal box towards the gate. The colour one of the platforms after the buildings had gone I found really useful for getting a feel for the landform. I found myself looking at the one of all the people at the closure of the Princetown branch with fresh eyes. What you say about the shed being repositioned makes sense. I wonder if the shed was enlarged at the same time? Can't see any reason for it. There are certainly wooden rails laid over the tracks in later years. It appears the Yelverton shed was still t
  3. I'm proposing to slightly rework the landform behind the signal box and loading ramp on the down side of the station and immediately south of there. Further study shows a loading bank beside the spur at the end of the refuge siding and in the 1950's a shed for a Wickham trolley appeared. Does anyone have any more information on these? In particular, how was access to the trolley shed gained? Presumably there was a path or road behind the loading bank, but what did it look like? I beleive that the remains of the Yelverton shed were measured, and a replica is at Christow on the Teignmouth Valley
  4. Yesterday I took photos of laurels. I leave it to you what you may choose to do with this infomation Alex
  5. At the southern end of Yelverton station, I've tried to model a stretch of moorland. It isn't really moorland at this point, but there is moorland about half a mile to the south, on the edge of Yelverton and on to Roborough Down, although the moor proper is to the north. My moorland is a bit of artistic licence. Walks on Kit Hill and Caradon Hill (I know, Cornwall, but we are living with lockdown here) gave an opportunity to study the types of vegetation, and time to think about how to model them. Bracken starts with a patch of 6mm static grass fibres of a brownish shade. To ad
  6. A few more pictures of progress so far. Lights have been installed behind the proscenium, and I'm currently working on the platforms and trees at the northern end of the site. Later today I'm hoping to do a few experiments with vegetation. The foot path from Gratton Lane. A view through the trees The disused Princetown platform An overall view Alex
  7. Thanks Tim. Is that a toilet behind the wooden screen by the door? Alex
  8. I'm building a model of the ex GWR signal box at Yelverton. There was a similar box at Wrangaton, now preserved at Kidderminster. What did the stove in these boxes look like, and how did the flue from the stove enter the chimney? The boxes have a brick chimney stack in the centre of the rear wall - did the chimney breast project in to the cabin? Thanks in anticipation. Alex.
  9. Platform construction underway at Yelverton. The platform framework is from mounting board. The buildings stand on card plinths to bring them to the correct height. The footbridge straddles the baseboard join to disguise it and will be removable for transportation. Alex
  10. I don't I'm afraid Chris. I'll have a look and see if I can find anything. There will likely be others on here with more knowledge of the subject than me. Alex
  11. Hi Chris. It doesn't, neither will mine when it's done. I just took the signal out of the box this morning before i took the photograph, and haven't done anything to it yet. Alex
  12. 4658 on an up Launceston-Tavistock junction freight enters Yelverton. 4588 departs Yelverton with a down Plymouth - Tavistock passenger train. 4658 waits at the yelverton up starter with the frieght for Tavistock Junction. Another 45xx has joined the fleet. This one will be 4574 in plain green. I'll do my usual details, plus new safety valve cover, whistles and Gibson bogie whees as per Brinkly's mods explained earlier in this thread. The current 4574 will aquire a new identity. Alex
  13. I think the reason for the particularly heavy weathering on the southern part of the building is that because of the location of the building the southern end was open to the English Channel and the south-westerly prevailing wind, which presumably contained a lot of salt and effectively sand blasted a building which hadn't had a repaint since GWR days. Alex
  14. I think it must be. If you look closely you can see the parapets of the bridges just beyond the station. Alex
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