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  1. I got some GWR signal box nameplates etched by Narrow Planet. Alex
  2. Edington's the next one. The sheep gentleman will be assisting.
  3. Next outings in Somerset in the New year
  4. Well the last two weekend's shows went off well, and Yelverton appears to have been well received. I took some pictures at Saltash, but not at Yealmpton I'm afraid. I've made a list of things to do before the next outing, starting with a new set of legs, which should be quicker to put up and easier to transport. The wood should be here tomorrow, so hopefully by Sunday I should have something to show. Alex
  5. A successful appearance for Yelverton at the Saltash model show this weekend. The layout achieved one of its objectives in that it triggered a few memories. Came away with a list of things to do (none too onerous) before it's outing to Yealmpton next weekend. If anyone facies a spot of operating, or helping with setting up/taking down, pm me. Meanwhile, here are some pictures taken at the show: Hope to some of you next week! Alex
  6. Yelverton has been confirmed for the Yealmpton show (all model railways this one) on Saturday 9th October, so a busy week lies ahead! Some useful information there Nick. Glad you are feeling better. A friend in your profession also found that the administrative responsibilities were taking over from teaching and has moved back to pure teaching where he is feeling much more fulfilled. Might you make it to Yealmpton? Alex
  7. To my mind a lot of grass with a small train running through it looks better than a big train running through less grass.
  8. That makes sense Tim. We'll see if @Brinklycan add anything, but I suspect that may be the answer.
  9. Today's question: Although the model is set in 1958, after the closure of the Princetown branch, I thought it would add some operational interest for viewers to show how wagons to and from Princetown were shunted. I've worked out from the Kingdom book how freight for Princetown was dropped off at Yelverton, but how were wagons from Princetown dealt with?
  10. Yelverton is going to the Saltash model exhibition on 2nd and 3rd October. It will be the only railway exhibit. Hopefully it will also be at the Yealmpton model railway show the following weekend, just awaiting confirmation.
  11. 4588 was the first small prairie built for Yelverton, and it's construction is described earlier in this tread. Essentially, its a detailed Bachmann model. With Yelverton's first outing in a couple of weeks time, I've done a bit more to finish the model. A Modelu crew has been added, together with real coal in the bunker. The front number plate has been replaced with one from Pacific models, and Modelu lamps added. As the 4575,s on Yelverton will never run bunker first, and won't be called upon to shunt, I'm going to add a scale coupling to the front buffer beam, but that will wait until after the show. Alex
  12. Mark Seward on the GWR modellers Facebook group
  13. 4658 starts south from Yelverton with a Launceston-Plymouth freight, having stopped at Yelverton to pin down brakes before the descent to Bickleigh.
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