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  1. Hi Kevin, I've been back through the Bristol area in the thread but I must have missed it, did you touch on traffic to the small group of sidings at At Philips, beyond Kingsland Road bridge? Cheers, Wayne
  2. Crikey, it's been nearly 7 months since I posted anything! The main reason I haven't had much modelling time was that my partner had a nasty accident in the garden back in July, and as such she was unable to get around much for almost 3 months! A job on the big railway and volunteering on a preserved railway also keeps me busy, but now the winter is closing in I'm starting to get cracking again. One of the things I'm working on is a small mid 1980s engineers works train, the first wagon to be done is an SR 25t 'pillbox' brake van. This is a Cambrian kit I p
  3. This is a shame to read as I was looking to have at least one. One question though is if you aren't taking any further orders, how do you know if the funds will be there to make the project worth doing?
  4. Hi Rich, Hope you don't mind but here's some photos I grabbed at Lydney last year. It seems I only took four but I may have others from a previous show. Cheers, Wayne
  5. Hi Chris, Lockdown Feb looks good, I'm impressed at the speed you seem to work in. Layout planning and then building seems to take me forever! Cheers, Wayne
  6. Looks an interesting project Chris. Like @marc smith said I'm impressed where you find the time. I've just started planning the rebuild of my steelworks layout, but time seems to fly by and when I look at what progress I've made it doesn't look like much. I do have a week off coming up though so I've set myself a deadline of cutting the first timber then. Cheers
  7. Hi Chris, As Marc says I'm sure the new owner will get a great deal of enjoyment out of Dock Street. PS Me and Marc don't live far from each other so a bidding war may ensue if you decide to move the other layout on.
  8. Just came back to check for further progress here, I hope the layout still exists? Cheers.
  9. It goes through stages Nick. Working now but it'll probably go out again at some point. It really needs to go over to a new host. Cheers, Wayne
  10. Hi Nick, Just tried again and there's now a message on the screen, it's a hosting issue apparently. A response is being awaited for service to be restored. Maentwrog is coming along it seems, nice work on the crane. Cheers, Wayne
  11. Forum seems to be down again at the moment. Hopefully admin are on the case.
  12. Hi Mike, Another thanks from me for this. I just read Guys post over on DEMU about trying to convert these to EM. I have pair I'll be looking at soon so it'll be interesting to see how others tackle it. Cheers, Wayne
  13. Having not been to a members day before I was hoping to attend this year but of course the Covid-19 Lockdown has seen to that. That said, the idea of a virtual one is quite interesting. Cheers, Wayne
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