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  1. Work starts on the road overbridge that will form the scenic break. It'll be based on an example local to me.
  2. Hi Will. Looks okay to me, a full size loco will sit at slightly different heights anyway depending on how much wear there is in the springs. If you look up a photo of the tripple class 20s on the 'Three to the Sea' tour, you'll notice the railreight one rides higher as it had new springs fitted before the tour. Cheers.
  3. A day off work today sees the back and end fascias go on....
  4. Hi Dave! Here you go, just for you. I've taken your advice and mov d the run round point towards the other one to lengthen that siding slightly. In the foreground will be a road bridge with I'm going to start tomorrow. Cheers.
  5. The idea is that the layout is fictitious at the moment. I just like the name, and of course a fan of the show.
  6. Hello, Just a placemarker for my next project. More to come. Cheers.
  7. After sorting a wiring issue which has resulted in trains actually running, I can get on with bits I enjoy more. A look over the boundary wall sees the first bit of groundwork going in, an area of cobbled hardstanding which will lead to an old goods shed. There will be no track here, it having been removed previously. Here's a quick photo to show things so far. More soon.
  8. Yes Rob, I've gone into GWR and have a broad guage loco on the go. I moved into EM gauge a couple of years ago when I acquired one of Mr Tailby's layouts. Cheers. PS sorry I didn't get to say hello at Taunton, I didn't get there till late thanks to Cross Country Trains and by the time I looked round ran out of time.
  9. Hi Dave, I'll post the plan at the end of the week when I'm done laying, it's pretty simple though and similar to the one I posted on Facebook, except I've moved a point as per your advice. Cheers
  10. As promised a quick update. Droppers soldered to the track and the first pieces are going down, I'm laying all loose for the moment until testing is complete then I'll fix it down.
  11. That's fair enough. I did see the content at the start but didn't realise it was the full list, my fault. Thanks
  12. Well here we are again, I'd almost forgotten about this thread. First of all I apologise for the lack of updates, Tunnock Yard has been through many changes of track plan and I wasn't happy with most of them to be honest. Having played about a bit the one I've chosen seems to make sense for the kind of things I want to. The fact that I started this thread almost six years ago with no finished layout is annoying to me, it should not take this long to build a small layout when friends and fellow modellers can knock one out in a few months. Anyway tonight I started soldering the first droppers, the layout has it's debut show in January and I promised it would be running and at least have a little scenery on it. My aim from now on is to post an update at least once a week until the end of the year. I'll try and get the first one up tomorrow because I have all day to get some work done. Many thanks to those that are following this for bearing with me. Cheers.
  13. I noticed on visiting my local supermarket that BRM was on the shelf, but as I was unable to browse I gave it a miss. I seem to remember a while back on the old forum that a post said that the plastic sleeves were being dropped?
  14. Hello, I've just finished reading this topic and it was great to finally see this at Taunton today. As a converted EM'er (September 2016) myself, it was nice to see a layout from a finer scale attend the show. I hope you don't mind me sharing a couple of pictures.
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