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  1. @Gilbert Really like the look of this. What's your method for doing hardstanding and vehicle parking areas? I have some vehicle areas to do on Tunnock Yard and I'm struggling with it, scenery is not my strong point. Cheers Wayne PS: I've got round to replying to your email.
  2. Hi Chris. It's looking good, sure puts my layout Tunnock Yard to shame. I envisaged it as an Inglenook with a run round loop. I took it to a local show as WIP but I need to get on with scenic stuff. You'll have to teach me how you do it! Layout design and working out the track plan has always been my downfall and before I know it a couple of years has passed, by which time a couple of people I know have churned out two or three layouts! Cheers Wayne
  3. Well done Chris! I know you don't do RMweb much now but I think this one deserves a thread. Cheers Wayne
  4. Hi Chris, As the others have said Penmaenbach is looking great, great to see it coming along. @marc smith great to see you hear too Marc, shame you couldn't make the show. How are things with you, any luck with the work situation? Cheers Wayne
  5. Great to see Oldshaw is still going. I expressed an interest in it with Andrew several years ago as he was thinking of selling it, but then I forgot about it as we lost contact. In the end my first venture into EM turned out to be Dave Tailby's Trevanna Dries after purchasing it from another DEMU member. I did however manage to acquire Andrews model of 50014 as it bought by the same person who owned Trevanna. I noticed that some of the bogie stock has S&W couplings, can I ask how they're fitted? Cheers Wayne
  6. Thanks Chris, I didn't realise you would be there. Thanks for your email regarding the US stuff. Sorry I haven't replied yet, just been busy with work, I even had a night shift after the show. I'm off this week though so I'll get back to in the next day or show. Brownsville and Ashland looks very good by the way, I've spent a lot of time browsing the Facebook page. Cheers Wayne
  7. A few more. Roll on the next one! Cheers Wayne
  8. Well that went quick! Thanks to Brian and Paul for allowing Tunnock Yard to come along in progress form. I was hoping to have the fiddle yard on as well but I'm yet to get the woodwork done due to the crappy weather. At least I held my word and it was operational allowing some movement, albeit limited. Here's a few from me of this great show.
  9. Crikey!!... Is this officially the first diesel to visit? I wish I was there at the time this historic event occurred! Hope you had a good show sir! Cheers Wayne
  10. Post deleted due to duplication by my dumb phone!
  11. Looks like another good one! Did anyone manage any photos of the event for those not able to make it? Cheers Wayne
  12. Yes and I found out by surprise when I wanted to recover some photos from my threads which were originally lost when my old PC went pop. It would have been nice to have had notice of the impending shut down to give anyone a chance to grab anything they wanted to save. Cheers
  13. @Chris Gilbert Hi Chris, I've not been over here since the above post but after 3 years I've purchased my first American stock, so I've been reading back through this thread. For my switching layout I'm only thinking of using four axle power and at a recent show I managed to pick up an Athearn RTR GP38-2, two bulkhead flat cars (one by Atlas) and a covered hopper which I think was built from an Athearn kit. The only problem is the dash 2 is in Duraham & Southern livery from the early 70s which is a little early for what I had in mind. DS was acquired by CSX in the late 80s, so I'm not entirely sure what to do. It was a good price and the only four axle loco I could find at the show. Cheers Wayne Ps: now that North Haston has been sold, did you ever build a replacement?
  14. Hello, Apologies for the lack of updates, just been busy with the job on the big railway and the usual chaos in the run up to the festive season. Back on the 30th November I took Trevanna to the EM Society AGM and modelling workshop held in Nantgarw. It was a lovely venue in the modern college and would happily exhibit there again, it was great to chat with other EM modellers and I also picked up a couple of invites, although nothing set in stone yet. I'll be starting work on a small extension to the clay works soon to increase the viewing area, as well as adding some new locos to the fleet. I only managed one photo of the layout at the show.
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