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    It goes through stages Nick. Working now but it'll probably go out again at some point. It really needs to go over to a new host. Cheers, Wayne
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    Hi Nick, Just tried again and there's now a message on the screen, it's a hosting issue apparently. A response is being awaited for service to be restored. Maentwrog is coming along it seems, nice work on the crane. Cheers, Wayne
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    Forum seems to be down again at the moment. Hopefully admin are on the case.
  4. Hi Mike, Another thanks from me for this. I just read Guys post over on DEMU about trying to convert these to EM. I have pair I'll be looking at soon so it'll be interesting to see how others tackle it. Cheers, Wayne
  5. Having not been to a members day before I was hoping to attend this year but of course the Covid-19 Lockdown has seen to that. That said, the idea of a virtual one is quite interesting. Cheers, Wayne
  6. That's because your DVDs are telling you to start modelling a proper period James! I think it utterly dreadful that you decided to model a time of so called "mouldy crumbs on their last legs"! Joking of course Keep up the good work and stay safe! Cheers, Wayne
  7. Thanks Richard, Yes it was a bit of a pig in some areas and the resin body needed a lot of prep work but it's finally getting There. It's being finished in the original white livery. Fitting Sprat & winkle couplings is fun as I had to solder the goal post to the buffer beam as the brass was taking ages to drill through. I'll post another photo when it's painted. Cheers,
  8. One of the next jobs to be tackled was this Skits bogie China clay hopper. I know that Kernow have released a ready to run model now but I've had the kit 'in stock' for about three years. On the whole it builds into a nice model but, I did find a few areas that were a fiddly and some of the instructions for the various bit not quite clear so I had to browse many photos from different angles to see where everything went. As such I won't be rushing to build another anytime soon. At the moment I'm fitting the couplings, then it'll be ready for the paint shop.
  9. As I said above my next post would show just a few of the fleet of Speedlink vans I've been finishing. Here's three of them, two VBAs and a VDA. I've placed them in livery order starting with the earliest livery freight brown up to RFD sector livery. A couple of snagging jobs need doing on these but otherwise they're done. @marc smith you won't recognise the brown wagon but it was the weathered EWS liveried van I bought from you. some China clay stock is next on my hit list. hope every is keeping safe during this time. happy modelling! Cheers, Wayne
  10. Part of my slight alterations on the layout will be to install a conveyer loader for bogie hopper wagons, like the one at Pontsmill. As I'd recently converted this Bachmann Polybulk to EM I thought I'd try it out. More soon. Cheers, Wayne
  11. In addition to the next batch of air braked Speedlink vans on the bench I thought I'd chuck in something a little different for variety. I decided to model an OBA open wagon which will be used to carry some large logs. The basis is a Bachmann OBA wagon and the simple addition of the extendable stanchions that these wagons were fitted with. It's a simple job requiring four small holes drilled, then adding four small lengths of 1x1mm square section brass. You could use styrene but it will no doubt snap at some point, whereas brass will withstand exhibition handling. The wagons has already had Bill Bedford w irons fitted as is now standard for my long wheelbase stock. The next update will show some of the completed vans. Cheers, Wayne
  12. Hi Will, A timely post as I happen to be working on some VGAs (and other vans) myself. I think what you're referring to are Chivers axle boxes, these aren't available as Chivers are no longer trading. On mine I used BR hooded axle boxes from 51L Models. Not sure how well it shows in the photo but here's one of mine. Glad to see you're going down the Bill Bedford route - it's the only way! Cheers, Wayne
  13. Well it's been a little while since I posted in here, I hope everyone is doing okay in these unprecedented times. Being a railway employee means I'm still working at the moment but as I'm off on leave this week the goal has been to finish all the half done projects in the stock boxes before anything new is started. I made a good start already prior to the lockdown, and now that I have my Sprat and winkle issue sorted things can really get moving. One project that really needed finishing were the two OTA timber wagons, there is a third but I need to order some replacement parts as some were missing. All these need now is the wheels and couplings fitting, then they'll both get log loads. Next on the hit list is a Bachmann OBA, VDA and a repainted VBA. Take it easy out there.
  14. Yes that's true, I've just seen on the DEMU forum that Showcase has also been cancelled now. Such a shame but it makes sense really. Well if it does get cancelled I'll just keep an eye on the thread. I still haven't tried the ash on Tunnock Yard yet, been too busy working but should get chance this week. Do you put it down before weathering the track or after? Cheers
  15. Looking good Chris. I've seen Limpets loaded with new ballast so nothing wrong with those! I have a video somewhere showing a mixed train of Seacow, Sea Urchin and Limpet all loaded with new ballast. It was being hauled by 37686 in Railreight construction livery and looked really good. If I can get to StowRail I'll look forward to seeing this. Cheers, Wayne
  16. @mullie, It's interesting to hear that Kadee magnets will work S&W couplings, the Cornish layout is set up for kadee's but as I'm switching over I can avoid digging up any of the concrete inset track. Cheers, Wayne
  17. Hi James, hope things are good? I was hoping to chat at Taunton but didn't get chance. I've just got back from helping dad drop a hire car off and in the yard they had a 20' container for storage. It was quite faded and looked an ideal candidate for modelling. I grabbed a few pics for you. Cheers, Wayne
  18. Hi Will, Having been a user of Kadees previously, I'm currently in the process of switching over to S&W couplings. I used to use three links on the club stock and they can be fiddly, plus when watching a layout I'm not keen on seeing a big hand so hands free shunting was a must for me. I'd say go for Sprat & Winkle. Cheers,
  19. Despite not having a use for a 119 myself, this looks a good project. Did I see mentioned that you 'beefed up' the Lima bogie frames? I need to re-visit my Valley Lines 116 at some point so would be interested in how you did it. Keep up the good work. Cheers,
  20. Hi Will, Nice to see some China clay stock appearing at last. When you re-wheeled the polybulks did you fit brass bearings in the bogies? Someone advised me to do this and wondered if you did? I'll be interested in how you go about weathering your PFAs, as I said previously I'm holding off mine until I make a big chunk in the other wagon projects. Cheers, Wayne
  21. Hi Will, On my VGAs I think I used Wizard Models Timken (hooded) axle boxes. It helps to put a small drop of oil on the top hat bearing to prevent the glue jamming the assembly solid, then glue on the axlebox. You may also need to open out the back of it to allow space for the bearing to fit. Hope that helps. Cheers Wayne
  22. @dj_crisp Thanks Will. I should get on with the 08 but I'm trying to get my head round these Sprat and winkle couplings on wagons with deep headstocks. I didn't want to cut any slots in them, but it's looking like I might have to. 37196 is also finished now and just a little bit of service weathering as it seemed to be kept quite clean, then the glazing putting in. Same goes for 26034 and there's also a blue 37 using Bachmann 37284 as the basis. I promise to post some pictures soon, I'd just rather get on with things for now. Cheers Wayne
  23. I know what you mean Will. Before the Accurascale announcement I had a few DC ones stashed away for building. They've already had some money out of me for a pair of JSAs for the steel stock as well. Cheers Wayne
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