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  1. To be honest I don't think there is a 'definitive' answer, the wagons got quite dirty anyway so I'd say it shouldn't matter too much. I guess it all comes down to how precise you want to be. My view is that lifes too short to focus on such issues, especially on a wagon that got very dirty. Otherwise the models would just sit in a box and never be used. That being said, I need to get my pair weathered. Cheers, Wayne
  2. I agree, a great choice of theme tune. Can I ask how you managed to find it, or was it simply recorded off the programmes? Cheers, Wayne
  3. Flipping 'eck now it's over 8 months since I posted anything. I apologise, but it's mostly down to work and the fact that I sometimes just get on with modelling rather than stopping to take photos. The brake van pictured above has now been completed (apart from a couple of snagging jobs) along with a Grampus and rail crane fitted Salmon for the small early 80s fleet I'm slowly building up. Other part finished wagons are also passing across the bench to wrap them up, along with older models getting a refurb. This includes a rake of 'Rudd' ballast wagons and I spent yesterday morning crawling under one for some brake gear photos. Also, since the last couple of posts I've entered the impressive world of 7mm modelling so expect some bigger items to appear on hear soon. The first ever 7mm wagons I'm building are some 'Grampus' wagons and these are nearly ready for undercoating before finishing. See you soon, Wayne
  4. Interesting project. I've got two Grampus I want to convert to to vac fitted examples, I just can't seem to find a supplier who does the bits. Could I please as who's parts you used for the vac cylinders and brake shoes? Cheers, Wayne
  5. As others have said, the Grampus has turned out well. Mine are ready for primer now, one will be a rusty black one and the other an early Dutch repaint. They're such nice wagons that I'm tempted to have a couple more.
  6. Hi Marc, Nice to see that this layout has a new home. Hopefully we'll see more of it. I've been so busy with work that I haven't had much time to do anything with Poynton, I do have a week of leave coming up next month so I plan on getting a lot of modelling done including hopefully getting some track down on the new EM project. Cheers, Wayne
  7. I agree with what's been said about the Parkside Grampus, I'm currently building two as a recent convert to 7mm following taking over ownership of a layout. Like Rob these are the first 7mm wagons I have built and I found them much easier for my fat fingers to put together than the 4mm version, of which I've built many. It's a shame they don't include vac brake gear as the kit represents the unfitted wagon, mine will be vac brakes so I'll need to source the components. Cheers, Wayne
  8. I don't think weathering the tanks was on the list, I believe they're just going to be 'display quality' to show how the kit looks when finished. I now have the transfers to put on, once that's done they'll look a lot better so I'll post a photo when that's done. Cheers, Wayne
  9. Hiya everyone. As Marc has said I'm the new owner of Poynton Sneer. After owning the layout for over a week, I only just had chance before work yesterday to get it out for a couple of photos. They're only point and shoot phone shots so not the best quality but I'll try and post some better quality ones in future updates. I always like to include a little story with my photos so I hope those will be welcome. The first picture shows an ex works Intercity liveried 08795 resting between duties for the bank holiday weekend. Unusually there's no engineering work in the area this weekend, so no RDW for the lads in the yard. The second shot shows one of two Parkside Grampus wagons under construction, once the second one is up to this stage I'll get them ready for painting. The final photo shows one of two TUA tank wagons I'm building and painting for @naturol of this parish. This is the ECC China clay slurry version but the other will be for ICI in Caustic Soda traffic. These are excellent kits which are available from Impressionist Models. Well, that's my first post as new owner of Poynton Sneer. Thanks again to Marc for allowing me to own it, and to keep this thread going. I'll be back soon. Wayne
  10. "I'm glad it has gone to a good home, and hopefully, I'll be able to get to see it again. Also hopefully, Wayne won't "modernise" it too much.... and clear all the weeds!" Hiya Marc, Fear not, I've been on the blower to control and they told me there are no plans for the weedkiller to visit Poynton anytime soon. I have been thinking of a couple of ways that I could possibly put my own stamp on it though, but the first job will be to wire my NCE into it. Of course you'll be able to see it again, you'll have to come over sometime for a drive. I do hope you won't mind if I keep this thread going? Cheers, Wayne
  11. The first time I saw Poynton Sneer at a local show, I was instantly impressed that it was possible to model in O gauge even if you don't have much space. It shows that it really can be done! As Marc has said the layout has been sold and I would like to announce that I'm the lucky recipient of this excellent layout. My plan is to start taking it to shows again once they're given the green light. In the meantime it'll provide the ideal testing ground for any wagons I build. I mainly intend to operate in two time periods, early to mid 1980s and early 1990s probably stopping in 1992. In theory the layout could be operated in any period as the infrastructure wouldn't have changed much, so who knows what might appear. Taking on a former builder/owners layout is not new to me, back in 2016 I took on Trevanna Dries which was originally built by Dave Tailby of this parish. Trevanna provided an entry into EM gauge modelling and I continue to own the layout. The thought is the same with Poynton Sneer, to provide an entry into the world of O gauge. While I'll always stick with my 4mm roots, it's nice to dip your feet into something new occasionally. I hope Marc knows that it's gone to a good home and I'll also hope he'll let me keep this thread going. Who knows if I can get it to a show, maybe I can twist his arm into helping with operating it again, I'm sure he won't refuse. Thanks again Marc!!
  12. Nice photos sir. I really need to get on with modelling again, recently I've been having one of my breaks from the hobby. It does provide a great escape from the stresses of the world though so I think it's time to organise the workbench (read dining table) and just get on with stuff! Cheers.
  13. Rich, Yes you're right about the Loriots. Looking at ours most still have their paint and markings from the early 90s when in BR engineers traffic, so yes a mix of black and dirt. How did you find the Loriot kit? I've got one to do at some point, and just in case I measured up the chain box although I'm not too bothered about it being to scale. Chere's, wayne
  14. Nice job James. The 'Merlin' scheme is my favourite of the more modern HST liveries, probably because it reminds me of the Intercity swallow scheme... But then, I'm on old fashioned git! Cheers, Wayne
  15. Hi Rich, It's true what they say, you can't just have one. I'm a bit miffed at how you were missing an axle box as I'm sure they're moulded as part of the bogie frame? Cheers, Wayne
  16. Hello, I've just found this thread again for a read through as I have a couple of Sharks on the go. I like the look of the weathering on the olive green van, can you remember what technique you used for it as you've captured the look of ingrained dirt and work livery to good effect there. Cheers, Wayne
  17. Crikey! It's been a while since I posted in here. I put that down to a combination of a change of job and associated work pattern and also busy with exhibiting my EM gauge China clay layout as well as building stock for it. A while ago I was unsure what to do with Dragon Steels. I went through the options of selling it, turning it into a small US based switching layout (yes, I have a slight interest in such things) or rebuilding it. Eventually I decided at some point I would go for the last option, mainly because it's the first layout I built and finished all by my own hand and the first one I exhibited by myself rather than with a club. Despite mainly being an EM modeller now I've decided that the layout will stay OO gauge and there's a couple of reasons for this, one being that not all of my current stock needs converting to EM, another reason will be clear later. Anyway enough preamble, this morning I made a start on dismantling it for the rebuild.
  18. Hi James, I'll echo Richards comment, I have a few ZKVs on the go but I won't be building, painting and weathering 40!! Good job on those, I like the grubby ones in particular. Even in my period of the late 80s and early 90s they were that colour so it'll be interesting to me to try and replicate that look. It's interesting that you did the 'Tfe' tagged one, I looked at doing it but ruled it out when I saw it dates from 1999 (my time period stops in early 1996, right before EWS!). Cheers, Wayne
  19. Hi Gareth, Yes that's me, although I can't take credit for Trevanna because I bought it from the previous owner. I do however have some small plans for it as the scenery is in need of a refresh before it goes to shows again (whenever that will be allowed again?!) however the stock is all my own work. I was going to completely rebuild Dragon Steels from scratch but I've decided to extend the existing one outwards and use the new board I had in mind for it for the Bristol based layout, a sort of two layouts for one if that makes sense. Cheers, Wayne
  20. Hi Gareth, Nice to have a better look at this, it was me who asked about it on Facebook. Llantisilliant looks like it has done similar to what I had in mind, but slightly different. I'll look forward to seeing more. Cheers, Wayne
  21. Hi Rich, Nice to see the chain box on the Loriot. I'm thinking of adding one to mine as we have one in the P-Way dept on the DFR and I'm frequently driving an excavator on or off it. Did you do the chain box from a drawing or just guestimate it, and what plasticard did you use? Cheers, Wayne PS: enjoy the Sturgeon.
  22. Can't see anything wrong with the image to be honest. I do like Pugs, it looks right at home there! I like the look of the groundwork, I should really take some lessons in scenery as I'll need to give Trevanna an overhaul soon and scenery is something I'm not great at. Cheers, Wayne
  23. Always look forward to seeing a nice pair of 37s! I'll get my coat and leave now! Layout is looking good Will. Wayne
  24. Hiya Rob, Likewise, I haven't been over here in a while so I thought I'd come and see what's happening in the world of all things wool related! Indeed, it easy to get distracted. And just to prove that I'm not completely anti steam, one project I want to do is a small Welsh colliery based shunting plank. Maybe it'll be my first flirtation with Swedish furniture! Wayne
  25. About flipping time! Seriously though, it'll be interesting to see how a couple of diesels look. I thought I was going to have to model something green and place it on the layout when you're not looking. Look forward to seeing what you come up with. Cheers, Wayne
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