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  1. Piece of stiff wire & a couple of croc clips Great for soldering wires together Credit to whoever came up with the idea
  2. Try repositioning the point motor very, very slightly left or right of the rails to (hopefully) allow the moving contact of the switch, (the washer) to make a better contact with the fixed contacts (the PCB tracks). Not guaranteed to work but worth trying
  3. The upper wire link in the middle image looks suspect to me. Is it connected solidly? The left end of it looks as if the weld isn't quite right.
  4. Check that all the factory fitted wire links under the point are in place and making good contact.
  5. 1. Depends on your exact track layout but you should always fit 2 IRJs (insulating joiners) to the frog rails. The only exception to this is if the point is leading into a dead end siding. Even then, it can be a good idea to fit IRJs in case of alterations in the future. 2. See piccy You may get away with not fitting the two upper IRJ's but best practice is to fit them all.
  6. It may be due to you not having any insulating rail joiners on the frog rails, causing a short circuit when the loco is on the frog.
  7. Like anything else, they can fail. Sometimes they will fail almost immediately, sometimes after many years of service.
  8. It's underpowered and frequently cuts out.
  9. Tts decoders need to use 128 step mode.
  10. Yes. I just rub back and forth over the general area of the wheel backs. You may not be able to see any pencil marks but it does seem to help.
  11. Write a value of 8 to CV 8. This is a common reset procedure for many but not all decoders.
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