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  1. Did you intend to post this in the 7mm section?
  2. I think you may need to set CV150 to 1. The default is 0.
  3. The Hornby basic R8249 decoders don't support advanced consisting so you would need to use basic consisting with these and follow the instructions in the Elite manual on how to set this up.
  4. What controller are you using and which DCC decoders are fitted?
  5. Wonder if you could use a stay alive? Probably not easily.
  6. That link doesn't work for me. Can you post the item number? Don't worry, I've found it. 164221350779
  7. What happened with mine was the wire of the rheostat on one side wore through, resulting in very non linear speed response from the locos.
  8. I bought the Hornby turntable because it's self indexing and doesn't need a huge hole cutting in the baseboard, although it's noisy and unrealistic, far too expensive and needs modifying for DCC use. I've seen a few that have been sunken into the baseboard and made to look quite good.
  9. Yes, they are what I used until they got lost.
  10. Add a couple of power feeds where shown to make sure the fixed and moving rails are powered. You may need to reverse these two additional feeds to get the "polarity" correct.
  11. You have the wires connected to the correct end of the point. This provides a DCC power feed to the dcc80. They could, alternatively, be connected to the DCC bus.
  12. It's the toe to me too, hence why I asked.
  13. I'm pretty sure the early version used 1/8 inch connectors, a tiny bit bigger than 3mm. 3mm banana plugs can be found. Test the size with a drill bit?
  14. Which end of the point are you calling the heel?
  15. It's also possible to have rectified shorts, which are a (partial) short circuit when power is connected one way but no short circuit when power is connected the other way.
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