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  1. It's CVs 54 and 55 that need adjusting to eliminate jerky starting and stopping. CV 54 affects starting and CV55 that controls stopping. There used to be a chart with suggested values on the Bachmann site but it seems to have been taken down since their website was updated.
  2. Quite the contrary. You CAN normally run DCC locos on dc but you should not run dc locos on DCC.
  3. If the point motors are screwed to the baseboard, try loosening the screws very slightly. Overtightening will cause problems. PS. Some Peco CDUs are a bit weak, early ones especially, later ones are saidto be better.
  4. Oil's cheap, engines are expensive.
  5. With any ringfield motor, you have to ensure that the left hand brush strip is isolated from the chassis and wheels. Failure to isolate can (usually) lead to immediate decoder failure when power is applied. There is a section on Brian Lambert's website that covers ringfields.
  6. How about copper wire stripped for twin and earth cable?
  7. Post the video on YouTube and then paste a link to it here.
  8. 30ma is usually quoted as the maximum that LED can take but it is far better to run them at a lower current to prolong their life. 20ma or less would be better. A 1k resistor in series with the supply is a pretty "normal" value if the supply is 12volts.
  9. Wire a push to make push button in series with the toggle switch?
  10. Agree except line drawings, circuit diagrams etc are best saved as gif or png. Jpegs work best for photos but drawings become blurred.
  11. Deleted. Failed to read the op properly
  12. Acetone should soften super glue if you can get it to penetrate the screw threads. Problem is that acetone attacks some plastics! Another thing that may help is to heat up the tip of an old screwdriver and use that to try to undo the screws.
  13. Were disc wheels used because they were/are stronger than spoked wheels. In fact, are disc wheels stronger? I would guess they are but heavier.
  14. You need to use insulating rail joiners on all frog rails
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