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  1. How do you know the motor still works? When you tried it on straight dc, did you fit a DCC blanking plug in place of the decoder?
  2. Afaik, if the existing lighting uses bulbs then you will probably need to replace them with LEDs and resistors. Bulbs take too much current and can cause decoder damage.
  3. Yes, Conrads. https://www.conrad.com/p/426c112-universal-point-motor-16-v-ac-1396900
  4. I think they are Conrad point motors. I'll check.
  5. But discussing it in the open on the forum may help others who are having problems or are considering using irdots and you may get an answer to your problem from someone who has never even used them.
  6. There are/were some not too far from me and they are/were definitely concrete, not in such good condition, alongside a village road.
  7. Beware of mould growth on the timber under tarpaulin. It can make your expensive wood only fit for a bonfire.
  8. Telephone poles still have steps. Don't know about electricity poles.
  9. Before you get too deep into chips and power requirements, look at the simple common problems such as making sure the track, wheel treads and pickups are spotlessly clean and that there are no loose track joiners.
  10. Gaugemaster won't repair MRC kit. End of story. Have you considered a z21 or even a Z21. Another option is the NCE Powercab
  11. In theory you should be able to use any make of decoder in any make of loco using any make of controller, though you may find one or two exceptions in reality.
  12. Presumably you have a switch with the Peco wiring harness and some instructions? If not, search ot Brian Lambert's site, electrical section.
  13. Has the OP perhaps got the new Unifrog points? That would explain why the underside of his points don't look like the youtube videos he refers to. The new Unifrog points have a "U" in the part number.
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