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  1. You can also buy very fine graphite powder which is sold for lubricating locks.
  2. Resistors can go in the positive or negative but it's best to keep to a standard. I always try to fit them in the positive feed as that is my preference.
  3. It's the measurement over the tyre, the flat bit
  4. First thing I'd do is reset the Select.
  5. Only the old, obsolete Hornby R8215 decoders from years ago had restricted addresses. All others are able to use the full address range.
  6. Or Heathcote Electronics http://heathcote-electronics.co.uk
  7. It's a stream of dc pulses. The number of pulses per period of time determines how fast the motor turns. At maximum speed the pulses are virtually uninterrupted dc.
  8. It's a common occurrence with some Bachman decoders. It can usually be tamed by adjusting CVs 54 and 55. There was a similar question posted a few days ago. See here
  9. I'm pretty sure you need to release the spring tension, very carefully, before removing any of the fixings. I helped to install a previously used one some years ago and it was very, very difficult to re-tension the spring after installing the door. I wouldn't attempt it on my own and would recommend getting a garage door fitters advice.
  10. I believe you need to split the locos into "Groups", as described in the Railmaster manual, though I don't think the manual states any maximum for the number of locos in a group.
  11. The old Johnsons Klear was said to work. Don't know whether the new formula stuff is any good.
  12. Red LEDs switch on at a lower voltage, say 2volts, than white LEDs at about 4 volts and take all the current, leaving nothing for the white LEDs. You should ideally always fit a resistor per LED unless the resistors are wired in series. You can often get away with one LED if all the LEDs are identical. Edit to add extra info.
  13. Sounds like you need to adjust CVs, 53 and 54 I think, to get smooth running. Quite normal on these decoders. There is or was a list of suggested values on Bachman's site for a variety of locos but not all
  14. I doubt if it would be strong enough without full support, especially if you remove the foil which acts as a strengthening member.
  15. I think you mean Gimp https://www.gimp.org which you can download and use off forum
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