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  1. Hi Paul, I do enjoy making these 3D models to give an idea of composition, but they are not accurate enough to use on their own and still expect to get everything fitting in perfectly (well, mine certainly aren't!), especially with regards to trackwork. I did have a quick test with spare track I had lying around, and it looks a little too tight so compromises may have to be made here and there; the headshunts in particular look to be very restricted. That's why I always advise people to use a variety of planning methods, with an emphasis on full size cardboard mock-ups and old track.
  2. (I'm really sorry about the length of this reply, but I got a bit carried away!) Firstly Paul, many thanks, but above all; welcome to RMweb! Secondly, I'm glad that my (perhaps unorthodox!) planning process has been of some use. Thirdly, despite my "experience", I've only completed two small layouts; at least three (much larger) ones were partially built, abandoned, and then dismantled. I don't say this to put you off, but to show that you need not worry about getting it right first-time; it's not easy, hence why there are many books devoted to layout planning. Try not to get disheartene
  3. It was, once again, a really informative and enjoyable weekend! There is a heck of a lot that goes on behind the scenes that I don't think many people realise. In some ways it's more of a juggling act than a "real" exhibition, and I'll admit that I failed to finish one of the features; after underestimating just how long it would take me to produce it! Nethertheless, we live and learn, and I'm really excited for the next opportunity to be able to show off this content in the future; as I've seen a lot of questions about the topic recently here on RMweb. Just like any good exhibitio
  4. Presently, stock consists of: A Standard class 2 tank (2-6-2) A class 04 diesel A "Terrier" (wrong livery though!) A "Pug" (not really the right geographical area, but hey, how can I resist such a tiny loco?!) There are also a few large tender locos that may be seen on the run-around loop, but perhaps not so much on the quayside! These include a Q1. I'm keen to get hold of (in order of importance): A B4 tank loco A "USA" class tank loco Perhaps an O2 as well, although it's not high priority Rolling stock will be almost entir
  5. Thank you David, that's very kind of you, although I don't plan to be 3D printing anything (as much as that would save some effort!). 300mm is also a little on the large size for this layout as you might be able to tell! It is a great looking model though, and I ought to do some more research on kit or scratch-building possibilities for the barge(s). Edit: "Anyscale Models" seem to have quite a number of useful possibilities, including half submerged and full barges of around a suitable size. Cheap, too! Even if they're not as detailed as other models, they seem to fit the bill nicel
  6. A huge thanks to those who have given me ideas; including users from Twitter, RMweb, and Blogger. I've been quite surprised by the positive feedback, and the suggestions made have all been taken on board and implemented into the next version. A special mention to those on RMweb for their photos in the previous entry of ship breaking and repair yards. @petethemole's selection of photos in particular have been incredibly helpful getting a taste for what such a site looked like, and how it functioned. To that end, the ship breakers (now specifically a barge breaker/repair yard) has ha
  7. Absolutely fantastic! I am really grateful for those photos, thank you so much! A lot to mull over, and some excellent information to go alongside it. Like I said, it's hard to get any detail shots of the general clutter around such a site, so this is really useful. Allowing a bit more room for this area will be important to get the feel correct; and will also give me space to fit in a winch shed. That said, it looks to be a relatively compact scene all things considered. I'm wondering if you know anything about the little hut in the 5th photo? It kind of looks like a former wheelhouse
  8. Thank you! That's very useful information, and I completely agree that a barge repair/breakers yard would be far better suited given the situation of both prototype and the restraints to the layout size that are present. What you describe sounds absolutely ideal for the area I had planned, and I'm glad that the buildings I made up aren't too dissimilar in scale to what may have existed. If you do find the photos, I would indeed be interested to see any that you think could be useful. I assume this photo as well as this photo both show the site (top) just to the east of Northam Brid
  9. Many thanks Rob! It's going to be a weird change going back to OO after so many years away, but I'm really excited to have a layout to use all my old stock on (as well as some potential new arrivals!). Thank you Paul, especially for taking the time to make a few alterations to the plan. As it happens, the shed originally was roughly in that location for that exact reason, but I angled it further to align it to the partial slipway at the front. The redesign of the fiddle yard makes the track curve upwards on the left end, and I agree that it may be necessary to shuffle t
  10. That's a remarkable photo; complete with a self-propelled steam crane! Thank you! And indeed, there's not a whole lot of room there at the front... I suspect it will be a mere suggestion of the works involved; more like the piles of scrap and old chain etc on the left hand side of the photo you've shared. I suppose if I was able to widen the layout I could get a bit of chopped up hull at the front, but it'll still be very tight. This is where the mock-up stage will be handy.
  11. The Location Those who saw my previous entry know that I've been planning a new layout for a couple of months! I've finally settled on an idea that I think is very promising (and has already been approved by the "domestic authorities"!). And what better place to base it on than the New Forest, where I live. More specifically, on the coast (where I don't live, sadly!). The New Forest coast is very pretty, stretching from Ashlett Creek (Southampton Waterside), around Calshot Spit, to Lepe, Lymington, and finally Hurst Spit. Remarkably, Ashlett Creek remains relatively untouched, sand
  12. Indeed, which is mostly why the line to Stone Point/Lepe never materialised despite many decades of plans; it does make for quite funny reading. I wouldn't say my heart is set on Lepe, but it was about the most rural location (whilst still having a pre-existing proposal behind it) that I could find in the area. Like I said, I'm really no nearer to having even a basic plan yet! Warsash I don't know, but Hamble certainly could be a possibility, albeit with a fair bit of modellers license. Like I said, perhaps I should take what I like from the general Southampton area and mash it toget
  13. That's more or less why I stuck to the southern Waterside area! Although I suppose Eling isn't (or wasn't) too urban at the time. Maybe there's something else I've missed!
  14. Thank you, Mick! I guess that as I've been around computers for a significant portion of my life, using them for planning is basically second nature to me; especially with my passing interest in small architectural design. I have purposefully kept the models very simple at this early stage, as there's no point going "all-out", especially when I don't even know what I want yet! It's also worth bearing in mind that these designs will need testing (and thus mock-ups made), particularly with regard to figuring out if the trackplan is feasible. Thank you for the link to Lowe
  15. One other thing, you mention the curved board. Here are a couple more photos. First, a general overview whilst it is being clamped up (having glued it in place): And secondly, the chosen method of cutting out the notches with a cross-cut saw (with a depth limiter applied so that the cuts are equal depth, and don't go all the way through!): Originally, I was just going to add short blocks around the edge which the fascia would later be screwed to, however, I was encouraged by my (ex-carpenter) dad to try the method you saw in the article. This n
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