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  1. Evening all. Apologies if this has been answered before but does anyone know the colours of the old GWT Merlin livery mk3s? I have a Hornby coach e & buffet and would like to detail them. Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. I got some shots of the train going through the wash at Long Rock. Theres a link to my flickr in my sig.
  3. It was the laira liason tour headed by 08644 & 08645. a search on flickr should show up a few pics.
  4. Not sure how i missed this as its a fantastic layout. Also goes to show that not all depots have to be the same cliche.
  5. Hi Jo. Grabbed some shots of 08644 while on loan to Long Rock last year. Hopefully there of use.
  6. Always been intrested in Friary so will be following with intrest. Not sure if you've seen this before but its a cab view around Friary and Cattewater. Could be of use.
  7. Looking great so far. Im currently in the very early planning stages of an N gauge layout based on the branch and im finding this very inspirational. Heres a link for looe station. https://flic.kr/p/a8pWv9
  8. Theres a group on flickr with some useful pics of looe. Rail station uk looe.
  9. UB40 are playing a gig up the road from where i live. Can hear them from the bedroom window. Sounding superb.

    1. big jim

      big jim

      we had jason donovan playing a concert in the park next to our house a few years back!! could see it from the bedroom window

    2. WD0-6-0


      Was, that heartlands?

      My dad lives just down the road but I wasn't there last night so I didn't here them.

    3. 34008Padstow


      It was. Sounded fantastic.

  10. If theres one thing i hate its shopping in Truro.

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    2. Crisis Rail

      Crisis Rail

      Passing through also on our epic South Coast tour. Finally lost it in the M&S multistorey carpark.

    3. hornbyandbf3fan


      You haven't been to Meadowhell

    4. davefrk


      I think you could just drop the 'in Truro' bit for most of us....

  11. Saw my first class 52 Western today. What a sight. Something i wont forget in a hurry.

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    2. darren01


      Saw them running on BR, never forget the sound as it ran under Jacobs ladder bridge!.


    3. 34008Padstow


      It kinda makes me wish i was born in the 70s, instead of the 80s. Classic traction back then.

    4. Londontram


      Train spotting days at Newbury in the early 1970, getting a western was always seen as a good cop

  12. Not a very clear pic but heres a part of an Imerys jeep on flickr. https://flic.kr/p/96K8Pw
  13. Been keeping an eye out for this since i seen it on facebook. Looking great so far. Very tempted to try something like this myself.
  14. One of the engine houses at Brea. I have some more if anyones intrested.
  15. Found a video of trains around Dawlish filmed in the 90s. Some intresting locos and workings.
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