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  1. The 08 used to trip a load of GUV/BGs up from Curzon Street on an evening into P12 which were then split for different workings. Seem to remember one van went with a Cl31 towards Peterborough for a start.
  2. And if its found the crew did a correct brake test and this still happened afterwards????
  3. I´m not surprised there is not much mention regarding the Royal train on here, no idea what happens now but before I left in 2005 I had to be vetted due to having direct contact with the running notice regarding the train. So I for one would not be posting/commentating much regarding its running or photos etc.
  4. Yes Phil, I even filled the questionnaire in! Don´t get me started on UK newspapers and some of the c**p in them....
  5. Seems a few trees could do with clearing as well, very overgrown from when I used to work the Saltley area..
  6. From someone now, outside looking back in..the UK seems to be be going through a state of lack of law and order judging by that I see either in the TV News reports or watching police camera action etc, where no one seems to have any respect for the police etc anymore.... If this is truely the case, where will it end... Keith Spain
  7. Does not make very good reading, glad I got out a while ago.... Feel for the driver coming round the corner to be met by this
  8. Going back to the ECML, Seem to think/remember GNER where the best after ICEC, forget now why GNER stopped but if it was down to not bidding enough then makes you wonder if they would still be running the ECML now if they had won.....
  9. When I was involved with regulating trains, it was often a no win situation, whoever got the short staw would soon be on the phone moaning... Virgin where by far the worst for kicking off at any chance, and where not unknown to ring up in advance to try and get a favour with their service over someone else....
  10. DId the driver know the line speed I wonder? First train on first day of service, all new.... Presume they have to sign the road as such?
  11. Been to a few interesting bashes in the past, just a shame mobiles in those days never had camera built in! Always remember a skip lorry on Landor St (Saltley) when skip fell off the back onto the leaner car behind....what a driving lession that must have been.
  12. Railway Modeller as its brought as a gift sub for me each year, not sure I would bother otherwise mind.. Used to like tracton years ago but not seen a copy since I moved from the UK...
  13. Found the Portillio ones to be rather lacking trains in the end.....so will watch out for this in the hope that trains are to be seen somewhere in the program!
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