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  1. Im looking for a pic or drawing of the other side to the net recess side on 80400, 80401 or 80402 when they had the large windows before they had the conversion to the smaller slitty windows during the late 60's early 70's Copyright as pic shows This is the type dia 722. Thanks in advance. Rob
  2. Great work. I too am building some O gauge tpo's. But i cant find any photos of 80400,401 or 402 on the other side to the net recess when they had the large windows before there conversion to the smaller slitty windows. 1967 - 1974 period.
  3. Hi, does anyone have a Just Like The Real Thing Western cab for sale or donation. Regards Rob
  4. Am i correct in thinking SHARPSHOOTER is the longest nameplate with the Warship Wording on. Does anyone happen to know the length of SHARPSHOOTER and ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE. Is Royal N Reserve a different depth plate to all the rest?.
  5. Thankyou John, looking at the pic would i be correct in thinking Sprightly, Grenville Undaunted and Steadfast are the same length.
  6. Thanks Paul, that has helped with some of my thoughts but i still need to get some measurements.
  7. Thankyou for the reply Rudg1022. There seems to be some plates the same length, ( shown on display stacked above one another ) Benbow, Dragon, Zebra and Eclipse. They all seem to be the same length but the wording is closer to the end of the plate for the longer named ones. Can anyone confirm this? Regards Rob
  8. Could anyone help. Im after nameplate lengths so does anyone have any details. Plus are there 3 standard lengths of plates. There seems to be similar lengths on several. Any measurements on these would be greatly appreciated. Regards Rob
  9. Just a heads up again on this but could anyone answer this question; Are there set nameplate lengths. There seems to be a common length of about 3 sizes , is this correct? Regards Rob
  10. Hi Jim thankyou for those kind words. Firstly no real pit falls as such just take your time with your measuring and cutting. The window frame etch was a collective thing from several members who got together and placed a large order to a etching company so it didnt work out too expensive. This was several years ago and are no longer available as far as im aware. However J M Hughes does a Mk2 window etch now. There list is on the traders list on the O gauge guild site. As regards the underframe it is mostly scratch built except for the resin battery boxes which are Peter Cowling . The bogies are B4 Easybuild bogies. Hope this helps, Regards Rob.
  11. Thankyou David for those kind words. Window spacings were gauged and measured using pics and the TSO's i had already built........ yes they did take a while. lol. I have also built two FK's and i think i might build another couple plus some TSO's and a BFK sometime.
  12. Haven't posted for a while so here are some of the items i have been working on.These are Big Big mk2 conversions. Next up is my scratch built TPO Last up is D1018 Western Buccaneer on the Paddington to Penzance TPO.
  13. I'm trying to find out the length of nameplates on the Class 42/43 Warship class. Is there anyone who knows any nameplate measurements I know there are some people with originals and replicas.
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