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  1. A BR blue Farish King Henry V has just joined the collection, together with another Pullman (Phyllis) and a grey die-cast van (These two suffer from the usual defects of the breed!). Unfortunately there are a few bits missing or damaged in an otherwise excellent model. I will have to repair a buffer, replace the corroded handrail and find a tender body. These are minor cosmetic repairs however. More seriously part of the u/j drive shaft is missing and the contacts of the 'motor' are damaged on one side and broken on the other. It looks like a proper motor is called for. Spares are unlikely to be available, at least at a Grifone friendly price, Now all I need is a Spamcan. I already have three NYC Hudsons (from Rivarossi, Kitmaster and Revell/Monogram - This last claims to be ATSF, but only the decals are different), so I don't think I'll bother. She comes with curvy passenger cars for another excuse - I already have plenty of weirdly shaped Pullmans and suburbans. Of course, a Grifone friendly price might change my mind (little/no chance of that!)
  2. Finally returned to the UK yesterday from Lockdown in Sardinia. On the way to the airport we spotted a griffon, so a good omen. In fact I got off the plane, through immigration and to the coach station in less than half an hour!

  3. The rear axle on a 56xx (and the large prairies) is not a pony truck, but has radial movement in the frames. A model might need one of course depending on the radii it has to traverse. Many Great Western 0-6-0s have 7'3" + 8' 3" wheelbase
  4. Zinc pest may well be present in a 'Scotsman' chassis (especially the pony truck). (They were imported from Germany.) Rivarossi Memory claims to have a cure. It's claimed to have lasted forty years, so should see me out! Only in Italian I'm afraid (there's always Google Translate). http://www.rivarossi-memory.it/Tecnica/Peste_Zama_cura/Curare_peste_zama.htm There are several versions of the Märklin 3 rail track. The one I have* has folded tinplate rail on a stamped out base, which is inconveniently higher than Dublo and sharper radius. It could well be 16mm gauge as Dublo wheels tend to bind. M-Track is really only stud contact. The term was introduced to distinguish from K-track. https://marklinstop.com/2018/01/marklins-00ho-track-system-1935-present/ *Post war 3600 series with hollow rail, claimed to be brass in the link (Maybe, I'll try and remember to check). The above link has its radii and circumferences confused. I assume it's 3600 from a 36cm. radius? (Again, I'll try and remember to check). The VB track looks great for running Dublo, but good luck finding any. I imagine it's rare even in France.
  5. Excellent engineering! Keep it as simple as possible. Extra complications are only worthwhile if they bring a valid improvement. For example, how many useless/annoying features has your computer? My pet hate is how Windows now sorts your files how it wants them and not how I want them. One of the many new, exciting changes brought in with 'Vista' IIRC. 'XP' was a classic example of. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"
  6. As a glutton for punishment, I've got a Farish 'King, on the way. Watch this space! Coronavirus willing, I will be in the UK from Thursday afternoon.
  7. Coke still contains phosphoric acid, but it doesn't seem to have the same 'bite' it once did so there is probably less of it. The last 'alleged' paint stripper I bought was b****y useless. It possibly wasn't Nitromors (DIY store own brand IIRC).
  8. Is that the 'Scotsman' concerned in the video? A blue version is again very rare. They cost around £10 in the fifties which was around a weeks wages and would have bought a complete Hornby Dublo train set. Dublo never made anything in BR blue (Korean war shortages I suspect) and only got around to BR livery in 1953. The 'Scotsman' chassis is marked 'Foreign' on the centre rail collector. One couldn't mention 'Germany' back then! So much so that we refused to join the European Common Market when it started. We soon realised our error, but have forgotten since.... (Sorry politics!).
  9. Trix Twin/Express wheels, as fitted to the 'Scotsman', are rather coarse and require something on the lines of code 150 rail and 3mm flangeways. 'Universal' track (to accept Trix wheels) required point levers with a 3/16" throw, rather than the 'normal' 1/8". Rivarossi Hiawathas (unlike the Tri-ang CPR one!) are very rare and collectable. Apart from their high first cost (which meant there weren't many to start with!), they are extremely liable to the dreaded zincpest. We are very jealous of your basements on this side of the pond!
  10. I haven't either to hand, but IIRC* the Class 31 etc. bogies have smaller wheels than the Dock Shunter/pseudo F7 etc. bogies. Fitting the smaller wheels would help with the excess height of the latter. *As in 90% sure.
  11. There's plenty of power from the motor and space for a second power bogie and weight. It just requires a hefty power supply to supply the current. I reamed out HD wheels to fit the plastic axles for my Tri-ang DMU to get rid of the knurled horrors. They do have an awful profile, but were to run on HD track. I have four of them (2 green,1 blue and a Railfreight). There are enough bits to build a chassis (I think) and I need a body for 'Andromeda' *. The question is: hand paint the complex livery or 25 quids worth of decals? Some sort of constant lighting is also needed for the headlights. I was thinking along the lines of a 3v disc battery and white LEDs controlled by the polarity and presence or lack of, traction voltage. My Danish and American locomotives will all need the same circuit, so it's development will not be wasted. (Another project - I bought the batteries about a year ago (Poundland - usual disclaimer). They are good until 2028 so no immediate hurry.) She will also need something to pull. I have a few air-braked vehicles, but Rule 1 will have to be called into play.... * Other names are possible https://europhoenix.co.uk/fleet.php I gather this is out of date as there are also 'Cephus' and 'Cassiopeia'.
  12. They are useful spares The top hat mouldings or prone to fracture (or even melting!) and the spiders wear out. A small piece of phosphor bronze soldered to one of the spiders (to make contact with the brush which hinges on the plastic) increases reliability as the complex earthing arrangement on the pivot can be eliminated. A project (on hold as always!) is to do one as 'Andromeda' in Europhoenix livery.
  13. Welcome to RMweb! AFAIK the only Budgie railway items are the 0-6-0T and a rather looong container so please excuse us for not counting them as a manufacturer. Brimtoy is one that comes to mind for the UK, though as tinplate toy trains that might not have counted either. Bassett-Lowke is the obvious one of course. They slipped my mind the first time - as an excuse I can only offer Italian wine, Sardinian sun and an interminable Italian (RAI 1964) version of 'Les Misérables' on the TV (the choice of the distaff side of the family I hasten to add...).
  14. Hi Garry, Yes that's true. I was just being pedantic (as always!).
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