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  1. Just stuck a bunch of buildings together roughly but shows where I am heading. The tracks are underneath the warehouses!
  2. As usual as the end of one building comes into sight, I start on the next: Natwest Bank in Aldersgate Street by the City of London museum!
  3. Detailing continuing. These chimneys seem to have taken about an hour!
  4. I know I could buy something better but where's the fun in that? These are bits of wooden chopsticks and scrap tubes.
  5. Detailing continuing. If you can brave "Claire's Accessories", for £10 one can acquire a necklace comprising several fine chains. Given the prices we pay for specialist building components, this seems like a bargain to me and here's an example of what I have done with it.
  6. and a totally gratuitous photo of something I made years ago! and still waiting for its neighbours!
  7. Doesn't look much different but have been detailing....
  8. For those who like to see things developing and with apologies to those who don't (posting keeps me motivated).
  9. Can't believe this thread was started in Oct 2016! Here's the latest state of play and I am going to push to the end. This has been quite a project but hopefully the end is in sight ..... and I can move onto the next.
  10. Unashamed topic bumping. This is in Spitalfields market in London.
  11. Excellent photo thanks. These sort of cameo scenes really add interest (I was going to write "add charm" but given the subject matter perhaps that's a little over the top).
  12. I'll bow to your sartorial superiority Ian! And just for you I've changed my profile photo. I am going to junk the redundant part and move on.
  13. Don't now about Holloway but my inspiration was the widened lines Farringdon/Barbican (Barbican was original called Aldersgate).
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