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  1. Ha ha! Yep, I'm thinking a bit of plastic tube flattened into an oval will work for that. I already have several small ones made from dowel dotted about the layout.
  2. So continuing the Aldersgate project as an "homage" to Liverpool Street Station, the GER terminus in London. Here's the stationmaster's office on stilts. As almost everything else, it's all from scraps of card.
  3. Yes! And I believe that there was a similar smaller structure which was the stationmaster's office and which I am intending to represent. It will connect to what, in the above photos, looks like a diving board from the higher level currently on the model.
  4. Many Thanks. Yes, that's the inspiration for that part. I have scrunched (technical term) it onto the back of the Great Eastern hotel although in reality I think it was in another part of the station. When I first built the layout in another location it was much longer and incorporated a full oval which went via that "hole".
  5. Just need to dirty them up (or down?) now.
  6. Tricky stuff this plastic, getting the hang of it a little now!
  7. Many thanks, btw, I know it's not quite square yet!
  8. Started work on the walkways and stairs which were a feature of the old Liverpool Street. As can be seen I am kit bashing Ratio platform bridges. This is just the first offering up to get an idea as to what they could look like. I will probably paint them dark blue although in 70s I remember them as red. If not blue then the LNER cream and green would probably be appropriate.
  9. Very charming. This has the feel of Colchester Town which would be my prototype of choice if I wasn't already fully committed to a London location. There's an S gauge layout which is similar on the exhibition circuit called Abbey Street which is worth seeing although these pictures don't show it off fully. It's in the Chelmsford area. http://www.s-scale.org.uk/gallery28.htm Andrew
  10. Thanks, I'm going to do an update video around the whole thing to show progress so far.
  11. Haven't done this for a while but here's something for those like me who like a little lockdown trainspotting...
  12. Busy day on the market near the Aldersgate terminus
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