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  1. Another wash of dirty white spirit gutters and some downpipes and we're ready for planting on the baseboard, guess that's the end of this thread. Thanks for your interest.
  2. Summoned up courage (or stupidity) and gave the buildings a wash of white spirit and black paint.
  3. More signs of lockdown fever: here's a tip for ridge tiles which might be hard to copy unless, like me you have bought a GER ticket clipper on eBay (I have two). The clipper removes a perfect crisp "E" every time which is amazing given its age. Split the ridge tile into 3/4" sections to fit in the jaws and you get this. Pure retro modelling! And I wonder why (non modelling) friends pause, look at me and say; "You're mad!"
  4. slow but satisfying progress...I never knew why the entrances were at odd levels but to my mind it gives the building more interest.
  5. So on the side of Mowlem Hall we have a church/chapel. I don't really know anything about its history or whether it was part of the school, I assume so although it is a very different architectural style although build around the same period as the school itself. It seems to be in all of the photos. I am only modelling one part of the church, that furthest from the hall. For those interested these pictures show some of the techniques I use with brick papers. 1. Lots of layers of mounting board to give depth. 2. Sometimes printing the original drawings onto a sheet of b
  6. I like to do some "visualisation" during build, like this (and ..... opps slipped one in from the next board).
  7. The drawings are done but construction is at an....um...early stage!
  8. Hello all, I am starting a new topic for Aldersgate: this time we have a building inspired by Mowlem Hall in Stepney High Street. I remember this from the late 60s/early 70s as a boxing club and venue for dance classes. Before that it was Redcoat Secondary Modern (and previously Parish) school. I also remember the rather dodgy "New Flamingo" club housed next door. It was all knocked down many years ago and there are only a handful of photos available (unless any readers have some more).
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