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  1. If you can make a bogie for Class 320/class 318 bogies I have two bratchell model kits to motorise and finish
  2. What happens with preorders already set up will they transfer or stay with the Canadian side of the firm
  3. One the model is Heljan being supplied to the Bachmann EFE Rail Brand to increase the available market for the model. Bachmann are not producing they are putting a box on it
  4. this is a network rail test train or tamper the timing for 220/221 is just for schedule purpose secondly three bridge voyager md is just for tampers
  5. Uckfield mrc is cancelled as per there website http://www.uckfieldmrc.co.uk/?LMCL=vJTLcr
  6. works for me on chrome with windows 10 have you cleared the cache data
  7. check narrowplanet website as some of the stock is still available
  8. Gaugemaster would be your best bet
  9. As its my video if you check the railex 2017 exhibition forum post you find more pictures of this excellent layout
  10. kenrow have got samples to check as per their product page as the oo gauge is a kenrow product taht revolution are making for them.
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