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  1. Time flies by when your enjoying yourself, I've just noticed it's exactly a month since I last posted. There has been a lot going on in the background, there is some new stock which I will post more on later and I've been working on the station platforms. One side of the station is nearly complete and here are some shots so far. The lower end of the platform showing the ramp. The middle of the platform looking towards where the station building will be. The opposite direction giving the game away on one of the new l
  2. Yes, I was lucky it had only been on the Ellis Clark website for two hours a couple of weeks ago. I will be fitting sound later this week.
  3. After a weeks holiday back to the grind! Today I completed the track on the Goods Shed area of the layout and all wired up and runs nicely. And with the Goods Shed in place. The Goods Shed needs some work which is another job on the list. I used on of the Marcway 3 way points modified with my smaller tie bars and to raise the height the the same as the PECO track I stuck coffee sticks to each sleeper. And two new editions to the rolling stock.
  4. I've just checked on the App Store and the current version is 1.8.4 which was updated 3 years ago.
  5. I mocked up the platform edge with the weathered stone, this test stone strip is more glossy than the sheets I did this morning.
  6. I intended today to continue work on the existing platform and make a start on the other platform. The best laid plans of mice and men comes to mind! I started by painting the Slaters stone sheets. Firstly with Dulux Mossy Stone. Then I started to weather them with the Muddy Brown wash. I have still to add some of the Moss Green. Here are the weathered sheets and I think the effect is very good. I applied it with a cotton bud as a brush was to even. I then rang a friend to discuss ideas about the Goods Yard and he suggested a 3" extension would help im
  7. I've been experimenting with the stone edging. The base colour is the Dulux Mossy Stone, which is easy to apply with the roller. Then I used the model mates washes, Moss Green and Mud Brown. The left is Moss Green with Mud Brown on top and the right vice versa, not too much difference, but I think the effect looks quite good. Top View. What do you think?
  8. I have made a lot of progress today on the main station platform which is now complete except for some filling and sanding. A view from the bottom end of the station, to the right is the next stage and the other platform and goods yard. Towards what will be the main station area, again to the left is the work on the other platform. This will be the main part of the station with the main station building and a footbridge to the other platform. I have scored out the platform edges which will be painted grey with white edgings as in the previous po
  9. Today I've been experimenting with the platform to see the effect of scoring the flags and painting. Here are some photos of the experiment, I am happy with the overall effect but the stone colour it is too light despite being weathered stone. Ironically when looking for some ideas for the station platforms the nearest I could get to my mock up was Longton Bridge Station which is the station I had started to build on my OO gauge layout which the O Gauge replaced.
  10. Today I started work on the station platforms. I had already used 25mm x 5 mm strips of pine wood for the platform edges. I then filled them in with 25mm deep polystyrene sheet. I covered the platform is 3.6 mm plywood which I had fun cutting to shape. I had been considering using laser cut sheets for the platform sides but in the end decided on Slaters stone plastic sheets with those bamboo sticks cut in half and used as the edges which I have mocked up here. The bulk of the platform will be tarmac colour but the e
  11. After sorting out the Depot/Fiddle Yard I wanted to sort out the single line section as there has been some running problems, also on this section I have a slight cant on the curve. I was so impressed with this on Ramchester I wanted to include something similar on mine, so I decided to have one on the single line section. This has been achieved by raising the track by just under 1mm using coffee stirring sticks and it seems to have the desired effect. Whilst doing this section after some testing with a couple of fussy locos I had to relay it as there were
  12. The goods shed is based loosely on the one on my Holcombe Brook & Tottington layout which was not too dissimilar and this was a real location. Here is a photo of the Goods Shed at Holcombe Brook Station, admittedly there is a little more room but not that much, the track is going to be filled in like on this photo.
  13. Last night I was looking at the pictures of the Depot/Fiddle Yard and I wasn't happy with the curves on the roads, so I decided to rebuild the small extension by extending it, the maximum width is the same. So a quick visit to B&Q for some wood and I got a 2400x1200x25 mm piece of polystyrene for use on the station and scenery. I should have broken it up in store because it was very windy and I was soon chasing pieces round the car park. Here is the new frame for the extension. And the new extension. I made use of lots of off cuts I had lying aroun
  14. Today was quite productive with quite a few modifications to some of the track plan. Firstly the Fiddle/Depot Yard, I replaced two right hand points with one of my Marcway three way points to give some extra length on two of the roads. Firstly I modified the Marcway point. I used some coffee stirring sticks to give the sleepers the extra height to match the Peco sleeper height, then I replaced the tie bars with my bamboo version. The revised Fiddle/Depot Yard with the three way point. I revised
  15. I've been working hard on the shed layout today and thought I'd have a little fun session to end the day, so I ran this Brush type in two tone green and the Hoover in Railfreight grey!
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