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  1. A handful of shots today! Work going on fitting the handrails to the new steps between the dive under and the joint line. It's not a good picture I'm afraid. Moving on this field was full of spoil, it is almost back to normal, it's just north of Hurn Road. Looks like they are close to reinstating the original road surface instead of the lorry crossing. In the distance we have a 5 car Azuma on the joint line. And the work continues on the footbridge area at Hurn Road. It almost looks as if they are going to move the footbridge steps across but thinking about it that seems rather unlikely.
  2. Now that is a shame as the bushes there were very popular with the local wild birds.
  3. When I asked NR about passenger use at the last visit to the dive under they said that there is no plan for passenger services to use it on booked journeys, it might be used by diverted services however. They also have no knowledge of any scheduled passenger specials before it opens to freight traffic in December. Another point, not often considered by armchair 'route experts' is that passenger use would require route knowledge by the TOC drivers and that is costly. Diverted services can, of course, use a freight driver to pilot the train through if required.
  4. I've heard varying stories but the best information I've got is December.
  5. I'm at 14m above mean sea level despite being just 250m from the Nene. I could be looking at a nice tidal river view though.
  6. You were out a little later than me judging by the shadows but beat me to posting. Got very similar shots to your first two!
  7. With regard to the value of the shares for probate purposes I suggest you contact the Company Registrars or Company Secretary as they are unlisted shares and valuing them is rather akin to walking across a minefield. The Registrars can be contacted by writing to The Registrar, Great Central Railway PLC, Great Central Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE1 1RW whilst the Company Secretary can be found by writing to the same address but addressing the letter to The Company Secretary.
  8. Nice time machine there - 28th June didn't look like that nor was it a Saturday!
  9. Site should be able to cope, it's only this one that I have issues with, no others.
  10. WPD are owned by National Grid PLC, a UK company. Scottish Power on the other hand is Spanish ...
  11. Unlikely and not in the original plan as it will reduce flexibility of choice of routes if there is a problem at any time.
  12. I don't, why would you do it? I know most do seem to nowadays ... I've spent plenty of time at Helpston barriers but I'm more likely to use Maxey Crossing (going north) or Lolham Crossing (going south) these days.
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