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  1. Not that I could see. Still moving sand and ballast in to the dive under from the south through the old Thomas Cook site. They were running dumper trucks across the Stamford lines around midday. Looking at train times I'm thinking that they had a possession.
  2. Between Werrington Jn and Helpston the current track layout West to East is Down Stamford (also used as ECML Down Slow), Up Stamford, ECML Down Main, ECML Up Main, ECML Up Slow. I think that there have been posts earlier in this thread of some remodelling of the area in the late 1950's iirc. Whether the down slow was removed at that time I am not sure.
  3. The Down Stamford is also the Down Slow ECML through Werrington, there is a crossing at Helpston for traffic using the Down slow to cross the Midland lines to continue north on the 4 road ECML through Tallington.
  4. The current speed restriction on the down Stamford is 75mph so easing it isn't going to achieve anything and would require relocation of all the OHLE. It isn't in the plans that have been published either so it is very unlikely.
  5. All this talk of gas holders has reminded me that we still have one where I live albeit I wouldn't know the correct technical term for this type. Excuse the horrid quality picture but it is pinched from an on line source. The area in the foreground is now a car park, it used to be the site of the city Coal Gas Works. It never had any rail access. And this is the same area during redevelopment in the late 1970's. The major part of the gas works has gone, the area to the right of the gas holder is where the works were and is now the car park.
  6. And for today we have .... The valves either end of the Lincoln Road bridges are now visible and the pipes are ready to link up on the western side. And on Lincoln Road Anglian Water are happily welding pipes into longer sections. The stack pictured by Mick seemed to have 'lost' just two sections so they have only just started on this aspect of the work. Under the new bridge they are getting the reinforcing mat fitted ready for the concrete wall to be put in place. The generator was running the masonry drill for the clips to hold t
  7. I was thinking that the higher section of wall was a debris precaution in the case of an accident as the bridge is a lot closer to the trackbed on the southern side compared to the northern side. It kind of has some logic as it protects the bridge pier in the direction of travel but ...
  8. I wonder if the sheer number of pipes is because they've had the problems with the main they ruptured and are having to lay new pipe further back than expected. Thinking about it it almost looks as if the pipe they hit is part of an additional main laid to increase capacity. As for the markers I am inclined to think they are site internal and not related to any railway distances.
  9. Nice find, confirms 60mph limit through the dive under and associated junctions.
  10. Correct, it isn't a road as such but has been in the past until the A15 was built. It is now a cyclepath and footpath. It is also used by local horseriders. The temporary footbridge is 'interesting' when a horse is ridden across it. I can see railings being used on the full span of both bridges being anchored on either end and in the centre.
  11. Busy today. At Cock Lane even the dumper trucks were struggling with the mud, still moving spoil out, one bucketful at a time and it was coming out of the bucket in a single 'plug' of soil! The trackside drains are in too. Work continues on the dive under as a northbound train of empty stock passes on the down Stamford. There was fine gravel going in with ground matting ready to go in place as well at the end of the concrete raft. Moving over to Lincoln Road it was really busy there. The pipework over the
  12. Road sweeper was really busy when I was there. Up Stamford has now gone as far as I had expected until the box is in place.
  13. A bit from today. Rebar being cut to size under Lincoln Road bridge. And ongoing excavation too. It looks like they are going to Shotcrete the walls under the bridge. More rebar going in under the A15. And the wall is being cast, in the first photo a vibrator is being used to work the concrete around the rebar and in the second the concrete pump can be seen. And another load of concrete arrives. The lorry reversed down to the underpass. The junctio
  14. Some info for the possession in January - copied from Facebook, but originally from a Network Rail Engineering Access document hence all caps. Sholud make for some good photography and video opportunities.
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