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  1. I agree with all that has been said about repairing the HST power car but is there the will to do it and, indeed, the spare parts needed. All I was doing was reporting what has been said.
  2. Ouch! And it is reckoned it was a low speed shunt collision. They reckon it has written off the HST power car, 43300. And looking at the 800:
  3. LNER are now quoting a derailment at Neville Hill as causing problems until 18:30 with lots of cancellations due to stock being trapped in the depot. It seems there might be a little more to it than at first sight. (image from Twitter).
  4. Actually speeding is a criminal offence but is not recorded as a criminal conviction for assessing whether someone has a criminal record or not. Trespass is, however, normally a civil offence. But if it is trespass on the railway it is a criminal offence created by the railway byelaws. Only mentioned this as it was brought up in the next post.
  5. Yes, that's what I was referring to when I mentioned the dive under maintenance access. One thing I forgot to mention was they had additional pumps in use to drain water from the north end of the old culvert, it looks as if the sheer amount of water on site has taken a toll and may account for the incomplete state of the new culvert. I'd estimate they are between two and three weeks behind schedule at the moment.
  6. Visited site again today, the new footbridge is open but only via steps. It is going to be awful for photography, need a step stool to be able to see along the main lines. Anyway a couple of shots today which haven't been possible of late. firstly a look at the box drain being built under the new Stamford alignment: And a slightly different angle taken from higher up on the new footbridge, it looks as if the OHLE mast locations are also in place: And finally looking north where the bases for the OHLE masts can be seen to the right of the bed of what appears to be ballast both to the south and north of the underbridge that is going in for works/maintenance access on the dive under itself. And just to the left of the picture there are sleepers and lengths of rail visible. There seem to be more sleepers and a pile of ballast at the north end of the site as well. The alignment of the ballast bed does run under the footbridge despite appearances here. the picture was taken from the top of the western ramp with a long lens hence the foreshortened look:
  7. It is rather: I see that there at least two new OHLE masts up at the southern end of the work area with a third to follow, the first one already has the earth line attached to it; Apologies for the quality of the first two, they are shot through a wire mesh. As for the third I WAS outside the railway boundary but the access gates had been left open so I was able to shoot through that. I think it is interesting that the OHLE gantry spans both of the Stamford lines but it looks as if parts for just one register arm per gantry are on site. It also looks to me as if re-opening of the footbridge that has been replaced won't be tomorrow, it still has a number of missing panels on the sides of the walkways on the Bretton (western) side and there didn't seem to be many folk about today ... Spotted an interesting item on the trackside on the Spalding line, it is on the far side of the track to the works; The label says it is an MSAM - Morgan Sindall Automatic Monitoring. What it is monitoring I have no idea. It looks almost like a survey level head on it to me so could they be monitoring the existing trackbed and/or bank for movement. Can anyone shed any light on this? Hurn Lane footbridge now has temporary access into the 6' between the ECML and the Stamford lines although the access from the bridge hasn't been created yet;
  8. My word, for a moment I wondered if you'd got site access until I realised where that is. Dumper truck is standing on the old Hurn road access under the A15, photograph taken from Lincoln Road!
  9. Further info is that they plan to produce this with DCC, DCC Sound and DCC smoke versions.
  10. just seen this on the dreaded social media, someone has already asked if it is anything to do with the DJM version and that has been denied. I wonder what sort of interest there will be:
  11. It looks like an anomaly that has now been corrected:
  12. That's the OO ones isn't it? I believe they use the same mechanism in all scales so it will be interesting to see how soon O and N versions appear.
  13. That OHLE kit is what is being used generally when masts need replacing. Portals are also replacing headspans in many places, that will be the case here. All the OHLE kit will be replaced within the worksite ultimately according to the presentation I attended.
  14. I was up there on Wednesday, no sign of any notice about the bridge reopening date then, I was looking for one. A lot of ballast was being moved to build the road bed for the slewed Stamford lines. Little else to be seen at that time. It all looked pretty wet too. Mind you the spoil heap on the eastern side had grown somewhat ...
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