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  1. Saturdays are quiet but give an opportunity to see things that might otherwise be missed. Although I didn't take a picture Marholm Brook now has water in it and all the pipework for the pumps looked as if it was being dismantled. Cock Lane footbridge saw work still going on for the piling with welding sheet piles back together on the western side. It is just possible to see reflections from the arc welder on the black sheets on the barriers. A bit of passing traffic too. Unfortunately I didn't have time to video it as that would have been quite good I think. And they still haven't quite finished around the brook. There is some tidying up going on next to the Thomas Cook Business Park. They were unloading the concrete traffic barriers from the trailer. And there seems to be quite a bit of spoil being 'stored' in the wideway. Over to Lincoln Road and the wing walls of the existing bridge are beginning to disappear. Not only is there the unit on the bridge to check for movement but there is another one in the undergrowth just to the right of where I am standing for this picture to monitor the cutting side. The new piles are still being cut back to reveal the rebar ready for further bar to be attached and the new buttress elements to be cast. And a new bit of excavation of earlier infill has started. Under the A15 is now ready for the next stage of work to start by the look of it.
  2. Two here as well. Also need to stock up on chips, not sure what variety of chip I'll get though.
  3. And that is only as far as Helpston where the Down Stamford ceases to be the Down Slow as well.
  4. Had a quick look today. Some work going on under Cock Lane bridge with the piling but little else. The new gantry to the south of Cock Lane bridge oddly spans the Up Stamford line, or will do once it is laid in its final location. And they seem to have drainage issues on the bridge itself already. Talking of drainage issues there is now a substantial concrete raft in the big hole in the wideway. The top of it can just be seen in the next picture. Whilst I was out I had a quick look at Lincoln Road as well. Absolutely deserted apart from one dumper truck with an orange beacon flashing but no signs of life. Interestingly access has been put in onto the Joint line for road rail vehicles. And finally they seem to have put, or are putting, one of their subsidence monitors on the old Lincoln Road bridge abutment.
  5. Whilst I am tempted to agree it is a heck of a lot of work when the signal could be located 5 or 10 metres further north with an awful lot less concrete going in there. Mind you on further thought it does seem that there needs to have been some work done to move the trackbed to its new location so maybe the saving isn't that great.
  6. Went over to daughters for Fathers Day so popped in to look at the site as it is on the way. Absolutely dead, no one working. All pictures are from Cock Lane. Apparently the portal visible on the middle right was erected last night according to a post on Facebook. That post has some detailed pictures from within the possession on it. It looks as if they've dug down next to the piles under the footbridge here. They've tidied up along here. The next two are from the footpath from Stirling Way to the footbridge. Not sure what this hole is about but it had, from what I could see, a pretty sizeable pipe in it.
  7. You can see, at about 1:00 and again at 1:15, that there is some minor damage to the underside of the footbridge already. Also at about 7:15 when the girders are delivered the wagon is running with the tractor tag axle down, running heavy and needing the extra traction that it provides. The 225 at 9:00 was quite widely flagged on social media, it had run all the way from Edinburgh and was limited to 110mph maximum according to the LNER Twitter feed. Some others had said 100mph. The concrete going in on Werrington Brook is substantial as I understand that is where the up Stamford line will run when the project is completed.
  8. Had a little wander this morning. Firstly I must say it was good to see Mick again, we 'bumped' into each other at Lincoln Road. I started at Cock Lane. The first thing I noticed was the headspan just south of the bridge has gone and the gantry has been wired. Then the reason for numbering next to the cuts of the piling that could be seen on Micks video became apparent, they are welding the sheets back together! Having gas cut the piles they are now arc welding them when rejoining. I then went across to Lincoln Road where the piles which will form the new bridge abutments are being exposed. For some reason those at rail end this side have been cut back whilst they haven't on the far side. And finally they are still filling in under the A15 so that they have access with machinery. This will, finally, need to be dug out when the time to get some track in place arrives.
  9. I managed to avoid the rain! I did wonder about short sheet piles and welding sections together so maybe I've jumped too quickly on assuming it was going to be bored. When I was at Cock Lane there were three men working on the underside of the ramps on the eastern side.
  10. Bit of a photofest from today. Having gone pretty much stir crazy I've been out today and taken some pictures whilst being able to pretty much social distance. Not many folk about at all. Starting at Cock Lane they are still working on the brook where it goes under the ECML. There was a large hopper bucket went into the hole before they started moving the pipework for the concrete pumping around. This is the view looking north towards the TBM reception pit. The large crane that was there has gone so it would seem the TBM has been recovered. There was work going on under the bridge as well and I think this answers the question of how they are dealing with the limited clearance issues - they are using an auger to drill holes for concrete columns. At one point the chap on the telehoist was taking pictures. And now we can see progress on the ramp. Then moving to Hurn Road we have a shot looking south to the same point. And I also had a look at Lincoln Road as I park in Werrington and walk across to the Hurn Road footbridge. Starting with what will be the new underbridge it can be seen that the piles will form the basics of the new bridge abutments. Under the A15 the newly cast walls are being protected with timber whilst gravel dug out from the Lincoln Road bridge site is dumped in here. And it can be seen how much they've got done on the new wall. Although I don't have a picture what struck me was the sheer amount of steel reinforcing going into the wall.
  11. I've just been told that the tunnel/portal installation under the main line has been put back from September until next February. This is because of the risk assessment for the tunnelling activity which required close working between more than one individual, i.e, less than 2 m.
  12. I wonder if they will do the same as under the A15 and use an auger to drill down to create cast columns. Pure supposition of course on my part.
  13. Some images here of the tunnel boring that were posted to Facebook by John Pentney. I'll remove if required. I'm not sure what each one shows but I've tried some intelligent guesses (well, I think they are!). I think they are worth seeing as they are 'inside' the site and show bits we cannot view otherwise. Having said that no ideas on this first one. The second and third seem, to me, to show the progress on the box that will evdentually be slid under the ECML. Again, no ideas on the last two.
  14. My understanding from the site visit in September is that the boring machine will be lifted out, taken back round to where it started and then bore the second guide tunnel. The time scale from lifting it out to starting boring the second tunnel was given as two weeks.
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