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  1. Evening, I know I haven't done a update for a while on the fuelling point, but nothing has changed I'm afraid. The layout is still stuck in storage, but the fleet still keeps growing. 66775, 66783 and 66780 are the new 'celebrity' locos to join. I do have another four but haven't had chance to photograph these yet. With the whole house move saga going on it has given me the chance to start planning a future project and it's rather taken off. A depot building is currently in the early stages of being built and track plan being drawn up and mapped out, currently looking at being 16ft long all in all. Oh, and it's a real location. But, I will reveal more about the project once I know its construction is certain and begun. All the best, George.
  2. Hi there, There will be one soon on some new locos that are going to be joining the fleet in the next couple of weeks. I'm afraid I have been busy with my house and things over the past couple of months. The layout itself is still in storage for now, but a new home is to arrive soon for it. There are also plans to either increase the layout or even a fresh larger layout to house my class 66 fleet. Hopefully the next couple of weeks I will have something to show. All the best, George
  3. Hi, I am requiring the Bachmann GBRF 66731 model as I am wanting to model more of the GBRF fleet. Preferably with original box but still happy to be contacted if not. Thank you, George.
  4. Hi Nick, The latest photos of your stock are great, John's photography is top notch! Looking forward to seeing your new layout progress. All the best, George.
  5. This is a great layout, some fantastic attention to detail. I will follow with interest. Cheers, George.
  6. Hi Mark. Thank you, yes I haven't had much time at all to myself I do get the odd half or when something interesting maybe passing through the local station. Gosh, 6months has gone quick! There are still a few more to add to the fleet, some are in the works and a couple more waiting to go in. To be honest it was a total surprise for me, if it wasn't for Andi Walshaw letting me know I would have totally missed it. Cheers, George
  7. Hi Nick, thank you. Although the layout was out for around 10mins it was nice to see it again. I need to catch up on your thread. Cheers, George.
  8. With the layout still in storage and various modelling bits in storage boxes packed up and the house saga still on ongoing has meant for no proper layout updates just stock updates and I'm here with another stock update. Some of you may have seen photo I posted on the Kernow model centre thread of there new Bachmann release of GB Railfreight 66709 'Sorrento'. The printing quality of the ship is fantastic along the sides, I'm also going to add a DCC sound chip to the loco. Although I do already have 709, the re-sprayed loco I have is now in line to be painted into another GB loco to join my ever growing fleet of class 66s. I haven't had the chance yet to fit its nameplates, pipework and deflectors to the loco, once I have chance I will do so. The other new loco to arrive is another new Bachmann release GB Railfreight loco 66711 'Sense'. Again, it is already a loco I have, but I purely purchased the loco to replace the version I have as that loco doesn't run well at all, just stop starts all over the place. Most of it is due to it being a 8pin chip version and before was a Freightliner model and quite an old model, so its fair to say was a rookie mistake on my part. Both locos were just fresh out there boxes and plonked on the layout for photos. Also, I have been a little busy doodling new trackplans for a layout. It has slightly come to my attention that with the amount of locos I now have a new larger layout is required to house them all, hopefully 10ft should do it. The current layout isn't going yet until at least the house saga is over! That's all for now, Cheers, George.
  9. I pre-ordered mine thinking it was a pre order but postman delivered it the other day, but it says on the website when I checked back that they are not in stock yet? Either way its a superb model with the ship printing along the sides. It also comes with etched nameplates too. I have yet to detail it with its accessories pack. Cheers, George.
  10. Hi all, It has been a while since I last updated the thread, but I'm afraid there still isn't really an update on the layout as such. The layout is currently sat in storage for now whilst we still try and move house, also our second baby arrived the other week, so modelling time is pretty much gone. I am still, however, having the class 66 fleet worked on and more new locos resprayed to join the collection. For a while now have been muttering on about how there will be other loco classes than just class 66s to break things up a little, I can now say its finally come true! After searching around the internet I have finally found GBRF livered 20901. The loco was a little cheap as it needs a little work doing to the outside, mainly on the loco numbers, logos and the TOPs panels as they seemed to have all been scratched off, also I'm wanting to get both buffer beams fully detailed and the loco weathered too. Just need to find some class 20 spares. Whilst I had the layout very briefly set up, I also took a photo of 66704 stabled in the siding: That's all for now. All the best, George.
  11. I managed to see two workings through Brighouse station this afternoon. First was GBRF 66732 working as 6M37 from Arcow Quarry to Pendleton Brindle Heath passing at 16:08. The second was another GBRF working, but this time was the usual Liverpool Biomass Terminal to Drax Aes with 66713 in charge, 6E10, passing at 17:07 running 14 late. 66713 has been on this working for a while now as I passed it on Sunday stabled at Tuebrook Sidings.
  12. A couple of workings through Brighouse this afternoon. First one was Freightliner 66618 'Railway Illustrated' on 492Z Fiddlers ferry power station to Ferrybridge power station with empty HHA's passing 15:56 running 15mins late. Note the graffiti on the front of the loco. Then 12mins later, GBRF 66725 'Sunderland AFC' passed through on 6M38 Arcow Quarry to Bredbury Tilcon with a fully loaded rake passing at 16:08
  13. DRS 66426 was working from York parcel sidings to York parcel sidings, 022V, with what looked like a rail measurement device attached to the front. There where some blue laser type lights running along the rail tops. It seemed a little unusual working as it passed through some stations, like Brighouse, six times and plenty others. Here I photographed it passing through Deighton at 14:42, in typical weather conditions, heading towards Huddersfield station where it terminates and awaits time before heading back to York parcel sidings.
  14. I was over in Leeds today and decided to pop by the Freightliner Midland Road depot, plenty of stabled class 66's about. Here are a few that I could photograph starting with 66571 then 66520, 66546. There was also 66513 behind 520. Also at Midland road was 66413 in de-branded DRS colours with Freightliner logos on the cab sides, stabled with 66591: After the trip to Leeds, I just got home in time to catch a GBRF biomass working through Brighouse at 15:57. 66742 was the loco today:
  15. Hi Nick I have just been catching up on your layout. Got to say I love the latest photos. The class 68 looks right at home on your layout too, looks a stunning loco. Look forward to future photos. All the best, George.
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