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  1. Surly its time we had a decent etching that would better represent the class 50 Louvre. The PHD design is a bit crude for my liking, not being any better than the Hornby offering.. I have in the past cast the Lima 50 Louvres but I’m not happy with the look personally. I’d love to be able to design a fine etch that could be fitted with a few different designs to vary the position of the louvres. Designed to sit in the opening not behind it, much more prototypically. Ive looked at cad programs but they’re all out of my price range.
  2. This is brilliant and something I’ve long thought about. I have two 4tc mjt sides which I intend to do 4rep/4tc combo. Where did you start with buffet coaches as I’ve not been able to find a rep kit/conversion. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.
  3. 50033

    Laira P4

    Nice to see the layout at scalefour today, but even better to see some of your collection of 50's. Sorry I didn't introduce myself I get rather shy. I was the bald chap whilst Guy was there. Anyway some truly superb modelling and I dip my hat to you and your achievements. Just wondered why 32 was the only loco with full radiator. Is it a hard job or is it on the to do list. Either way all those vacs were awesome and have truly inspired me to get on with my own projects. Thanks Mark
  4. Would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  5. Excellent news, glad to see her back down here. Do we know roughly what time she'll be running?
  6. Thanks for your replies. A bit more than I was expecting but food for thought. May need to rethink a few things. Mark
  7. Good Morning I have not been over active recently due to a recent arrival within the family. Now he's 6 months old and the eldest is back to school, I have a little more time. To ease myself back I have been considering an N gauge layout. I'm thinking of modelling Tilehurst in current form and to help me work out rough size I was wondering how long is a full rake HST in N. Thanks Mark
  8. Afternoon If your using DCC make sure you use a decent chip that can handle the motor. I had all sorts of problems with Heljans untill I put Lenz silvers in them. I'm sure there was a thread around about the motors drawing alot of juice and decoders like Bachmann and Hornby not being able to cope. mark
  9. Good Evening DerekEM8 I am sincerly sorry and completly agree it was discourteous of me to use yours or anyone elses photo with out permission or credit. MODs/Andy thanks for deleteing, I have contacted DerekEM8 by PM to explain myself, needless to say it won't happen again. Mark
  10. Morning My Lenz system has a brake. I use alot of Lenz silvers with the 90 system. Once set up I have a long decelreation rate along with a good acceleration rate. Once coming to a stand though I can apply F3 which applys braking effect to the train. I don't know if any others do it though. Mark
  11. Whilst your at how about some JHA wagons to go with it.
  12. Evening I don't have Ark Royal but I would agree whole heartedly that Hornbys attempt at warning panel yellow is too orange. My choice is buy them cheap and resparay them properly. Mark
  13. Morning All To rectify Hornbys mistake, the grille is cast into my little louvre casting. I have now cast another batch and will shortly place an ebay listing for anyone interested. Alternativly PM me and I'll send them out. Cost is £1 a piece with free P&P. Some great looking models here. I really must get on and get some of mine properly finished. Mark Ebay listing no 260731450092
  14. Afternoon I have search all mp photo's and books and had a read of various chapters etc and can't find any mention or photo of a fabricated bogie on a 50. More to the point why would you want to swap cast for fabricated? I have had some limited success with casting some cast 50 bogie sides in a bid to get working suspension. I've chopped them all up into pieces at present, but give me a few days and I'll chuck a photo of my efforts up, to see if they would be any use to you. Mark
  15. Good Evening I don't have many available at the moment and all were ear marked for personal projects. I have had a bit of interest in the past few months about them, so will do a new batch next week. When I have them I'll post here or PM you. Mark
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