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  1. Hi All Another quick project on my lunch break today was to design some benches for the platforms. I have based these off the benches currently at Crianlarich station as I had several photos and measurements taken on a recent visit and they looked fairly simple. I've gone down the 3D printed route for these as I thought it would be quicker and simpler to achieve vs laser cutting. The result is almost there but there is a fair bit of warping and as this is a rough test piece I didn't spend too much time cleaning off extra material where the supports connected with the main structure. The white frame is 0.5mm thick as are the bench timbers so warping was to be expected. I may now design a laser cut bench as a test to see how it stacks up against the 3D printed version. I couldn't resist quickly painting one up and posing it next to the station building for size comparison. Cheers Martin
  2. Hi All Another quick update on the station building. Work has been busy this week and I've been staying away from home so decided to take a modelling bag with me. I only managed to slate half of the roof and install the chimneys but some progress is better than none. After the other half of the roof has been slated I'll add the flashing and ridge caps before adding the guttering and downpipes then the building will be ready to fix to the layout. I'll weather the whole layout as one rather than individual pieces so everything blends together better. Thanks Martin
  3. Hi All Here is a quick update on the 3D printed chimneys. The first batch suffered from sagging issues so I adjusted the orientation and supports before printing another batch and I'm happier with these. There are some rough looking areas in the cruel close up photos but they look great in the flesh. Here are a couple of comparison shots against the first version of laser cut chimneys. The laser cut version does look good but is an absolute pain to build with over 20 individual pieces per chimney. Next on the list is to get these painted up, glued to the roof then I can commence adding the roofing slates. Cheers Martin
  4. Hi All Progress has slowed recently but I've managed a few hours this week working on the roof structures for the station and signal box. I've designed a joist system for the station roof to make it more rigid but also to allow me to recreate the exposed joist ends which are a visible characteristic of this type of building. The ends are a little complicated as there are various angles to take into consideration but it all went together smoothly and has resulted in a roof shape I'm happy with. I've used 0.4mm board over the joists to create a nice flat surface to fix the roofing tiles to and this also stops the whole roof structure sagging like a banana when it is removed from the building. I managed to get some time this morning to spray the two main colours for the underside of the roof. There is some touching up required on the green edges but this will be an easy job for a later date. Lastly, my previous version of the chimneys involved over 20 individual laser cut parts to build a single unit which was a real pain to build. I've taken some time to design the two different chimney types in 3D CAD and they are currently printing on my 3D printer at the moment. The plan is to paint these up before securing to the roof then the roofing slates can be attached to finish the whole thing off. Thanks Martin
  5. Hi All I seemed to have used up all of my energy working on the fiddle yard baseboards yesterday so spent this morning glueing all the window frames to some acetate sheet, cutting them out then fixing them onto the station building model. They were rather fiddly to get to a point I was happy but I've still managed to get some glue on the acetate sheet. From normal viewing distances it's not noticeable so I think I'll leave the windows as they are for now. The crude close up shots below don't help the matter but you'll have to trust me that it looks much better in the flesh. Despite trying hard to match the green as best as I could, I still felt this was too dark compared to the prototype but now that the white window frames are in, I think it looks like a pretty good match. Not perfect but close enough for me. Cheers Martin
  6. Hi All This weekend I've been working on the fiddle yard boards to allow me to start track laying. I had some of Tim Horn's 2ft 6ins lite curved baseboards from an abandoned 2mm project a few years ago so thought I might as well use these up. I had to then built a 5ft straight baseboard to plug in between the curves. In the end, I decided to build two 762mm baseboards instead of a single 1524mm as this part of the fiddle yard will only have straight track and two boards means it will be easier to fit into the back of my car when transporting the layout. I decided to use a method of joining the baseboards I haven't used before. On my previous layouts I've used T-Nuts on one baseboard and an M8 bolt screwed through from the other baseboard. While this worked well, the T-Nuts were a bit of a problem as they would work themselves loose now and then. This time I've used 6mm insert nuts with M6 bolts. For the insert nuts, I drilled 8mm holes, counter sunk the opening then screwed the insert nuts into the hole with an Allen key. This ensures the flange of the insert nut is flush with the baseboard edge and gives a solid connection. To ensure perfect alignment with every baseboard, I laser cut a couple of drill guides to ensure accuracy. I'm really happy with how it looks and even happier with how quickly, easily and accurately it all screws together. I've also used 8mm dowels for alignment as I've always used these on my projects. (Two of the curved boards haven't been connected as I ran out of space) Lastly, I designed and laser cut end plates for the fiddle yard boards which will make transporting them much easier. These incorporate a handle and bolt holes at the correct spacing to allow me to bolt two baseboards face to face which will protect the track. The cut out for the handle has been smoothed with a round over bit in a router followed by a quick sand so there are no chances of getting a splinter! I need to come up with a solution for the legs. I was planning on using a similar method to that used on Ketton Cement but those legs were a little heavy and bulky. I have a few ideas to test so watch this space. Thanks Martin
  7. Hi All Yet another quick update. I haven't been able to spend too much time on the layout this week as work has been rather busy. I did manage to fill the large holes in the front of the baseboard and repaint all the outer surfaces though. I ordered some custom self adhesive vinyl lettering for the layout name and this has now been stuck to the lighting pelmet. The last portion of fencing for platform 2 was built, painted and installed on the layout as was the base layer of static grass behind it. I've spent a small fortune on trees only to find that I need to buy more! The trees have only been posed for the photos and won't actually end up like this. I couldn't resist posing them to see if I was going to achieve the overall look and feel I want. Cheers Martin
  8. Hi All I haven't made as much progress as I had planned over the last few days due to suffering side effects from my second vaccine dose but I've moved things along a little this morning as things get better. I've now added the picket fencing along with back wall of platform 1 and started to form the land behind the station. The lamp posts have now been glued onto their bases on the platforms but will need to wait until they can be wired up. I decided to pose a couple of trains for some photos to show the overall effect I'm aiming to produce. I must mention that the roof for the station isn't sat on the building properly and it's also not the one I'll be using. The roof on the signal box also won't be used as a new one will be made. Cheers Martin
  9. Hi BoD You're right, they weren't visible to my eye but once I noticed them in the photo I've already gone back over them with a sharp knife. The blobs are small parts of the tabs I had designed to hold all the pickets in line and I obviously let my knife slip a little off line while cutting these off the sprue. I've also gone back and removed the stray fibres which ruin the look too. Cheers Martin
  10. Hi All Slightly more progress tonight in the form of a test piece of fencing for the station. I was in two minds whether to 3D print all the fencing I need or laser cut it so thought I would design a small test piece for the laser because if this works then it will speed things up massively. The pickets are cut from 0.4mm laserboard and are around 1mm wide each. The horizontal timbers are also cut from the same 0.4mm laserboard (you can see these just below the pickets) and these are cut from the sprue then glued onto the pickets along the engraved guideline. Once this sets, the posts are cut from 1.5mm MDF and are glued onto the horizontal timbers in line with the etched guidelines I've included on the sprue. I've given the test piece a quick blast with some white primer and must say it does look good. There are a few stray fibres which only show up on the photo but these can easily be cleaned off. I'm pleased with the results so will move on and design all the fencing I need for the laser cutter. Thanks Martin
  11. Hi All I've made some more progress this afternoon in the sunshine by glueing the signal box structure to the platform and adding the ballast to the platform tops. The ballast was first spread out then sprayed with a fine mist of 'wet water' before I added some Klear with a dropper. I've also started sculpting some land forms with foam and polyfilla at the front of the layout. I've got a few little things to sort for the back of the layout before I can start forming the land but that might take a few weeks to get right. Lastly, the new station building is taking shape and should be finished within the next week. The roof is next on the list along with the roof for the signal box. Thanks Martin
  12. Hi All Today I've spent some time working on the station building and signal box. I really wanted to finish the main signal box structure so I can glue it onto the platform before ballasting the platform tops. I originally designed the signal box as a laser cut kit but it ended up being quite complicated. I thought I would then test out my 3D printer to see what the results would be and I'm pleased to say the results look good. The main signal box structure is 3D printed as one piece, the windows and door are laser cut from 0.8mm laserboard and everything has been painted with a mixture of airbrushing and hand brushing. The above photo shows the development of the design starting with the laser cut kit (left), painted laser cut kit (middle) and 3d printed structure (right). I wanted to add a little bit of interior detail but not too much so I've started with the inner brickwork which has been laser cut from 0.8mm board. I could have added this into the original 3D print but I thought it would be a lot easier to paint the floor first then slip the laser cut brickwork into place. I have a lever frame kit to add at a later date. I used the first version of the roof to help give the overall impression of what the signal box will look like when complete. I won't be using this roof but the new one will look similar and will include all guttering and downpipes. And just for reference, here is the prototype I'm looking to recreate. My model isn't perfectly accurate when compared to the real thing but I'm happy with it. Thanks Martin
  13. Hi All Progress has been made on the new photo backscene to a point I'm happy with. I curved the corners first before adding the self adhesive backscene to reduce shadows since the baseboard isn't very deep. The gap at the bottom of the backscene will be hidden with scenery which I hope to rough out with foam over the weekend. Now that the backscene is done I can start to fix the footbridge down and ballast the platform tops. The new station building is also progressing well so things should start to take shape quickly. Cheers Martin
  14. Hi All A quick update with an almost completed footbridge. I just need to add wire handrails, light weathering and matt varnish to finish it off before glueing to the platforms. I'm really pleased with how this has turned out so I've now got loads of other items I'll be designing and 3D printing for the layout. Here are a few photos of the footbridge placed on the layout to show the overall effect I'm going for. The station building in the photos was a test build so not the final model which will be used on the layout. The signal box has a 3D printed body which I'm still currently painting but a new roof will be added later as the roof in the photos was also a test build. Thanks Martin
  15. Hi Simon Thanks for your kind comments. I must say I’m really happy with how this has turned out. Originally I produced this ‘kit’ as I needed one for Tulloch Bridge and another for a future project but since posting the above pics I’ve had loads of interest. I don’t want to fall foul of RMWeb rules but if you’re interested in a kit please drop me a PM and we can have a chat. Thanks Martin
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