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  1. Hopefully that means my packs are almost here as my order number is in the 620’s. Website stills shows my order as processing. I thought I had ordered early on but evidently not by the order number. Looking forward to these anyway. Martin
  2. Hi all Ketton Cement appeared at the FMRC show in Barrow last weekend which was its last ever show. It's been on the exhibition circuit for 3 years now but I've already moved onto the next 2mm project and after that I will be moving up to 4mm! The boards will be stripped of useful modelling and electronic bits before heading off to a new owner within the next few months. I'll leave it up to him whether or not he publishes what he plans on doing with the boards. Thanks Martin
  3. Hi All Just a quick note to say Ketton Cement will make its final appearance at the FMRC show in Barrow in Furness on the 12th & 13th October. A change in personal circumstances means the layout will unfortunately be broken up after the show and parts used on another layout in the future. Building and exhibiting this layout has been a great learning experience which will help massively for future projects. Details of the FMRC show can be found here: Thanks Martin
  4. I had the chance to inspect these samples at DEMU Showcase and must say they look excellent! We just need someone to do a modern model of the Vee tanks to the same standard. Glad I ordered the 12 in Castle livery to go on Ketton Cement. Martin
  5. Hi All Ketton Cement is at the Bonnybridge Show this weekend. Today was a good day with a good mix of interest in the layout, perhaps helped by the toy soldiers hidden in the trees as part of the kids activity. I’ve also decided that it’s time to retire the layout after the next two shows. It’s time to focus on the next project so Ketton Cement will be bow out after the Barrow show in October. If you’re at the Bonnybridge Show this weekend pop by and say hello. Thanks Martin
  6. Hi David I've just dropped you a PM with a possible solution to getting some of these cut. Thanks Martin
  7. Also interesting to see the VTEC HST and MK3’s have dropped off this list since last month. A recent reply on the Dapol digest said these are actually in production at the moment. Seems I’ll have to wait until early next year for this set. Martin
  8. Hi Ben, Charlie I've ordered exactly the same and just assumed it would be one of each pack. On another note, if these sell well (Don't see why they won't) is there a chance of a re-run with different numbers at some point in the future? Cheers Martin
  9. Hi guys Thanks for the replies regarding wheels. My plan is to have a play with bits and pieces while demonstrating at the Barrow show this weekend. The reason for 0.85mm check gaps is I've managed to purchase some roller gauges from Germany which I believe are used for FS160. These are set to 9mm gauge but 0.85mm check gaps. I've had a look back through Cav's thread and found the standards he's using so will study these. If all else fails, I may just have to source original n gauge wheel sets for the locos in question. Thanks Martin
  10. Hi all A question I've been contemplating recently is can you re-gauge diesel loco wheels to suit running on N gauge track once they've already been turned down and re-gauged to suit 9.42mm gauge? I have several diesels sat in the stock box which don't suit the current layout I have but I'm experimenting with hand built N gauge track but with 0.85mm check gaps. My thought was that maybe the turned down wheel backs might not work properly with 1mm check gaps but having the finer 0.85mm gaps may solve this problem and give a finer appearance. The issue I'm afraid of happening is the wheel sets dropping into the gap at the crossing vee and giving the locos a bumpy ride. I thought I'd ask the question before messing up wheel sets. Thanks Martin
  11. Ketton Cement has a successful day out at Ayr model railway exhibition yesterday and will hopefully do so today. Currently all set up and running well. Martin
  12. Hi all I’ll be there with Ketton Cement this weekend. Pop by and say hello or come and ask as many questions as you like. Ayr is always a good show so well worth the visit. Thanks Martin
  13. Hi All Ketton Cement(ish) is out at the St Andrews Model Railway Exhibition this weekend so come by and say hello if you’re in the area. Thanks Martin
  14. Hi Jim Thanks for directing me to this thread. I took the original FastTracks idea of an aluminium construction fixture and designed them for 9.42mm gauge and British sleeper spacings. I commissioned FastTracks of Canada to manufacture these for me then I used my CAD files to create a 'negative' to produce the plywood sleeper bases which were cut in the UK by Tim Horn who did a great job. I have a few Blog entries here: Design and manufacture of fixtures: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blog/1168/entry-15646-turnout-construction-fixtures/ A finished turnout ready to lay: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blog/1168/entry-16702-finished-turnouts-sort-of/ I have recently been playing around with the idea of building flat bottom turnouts to 9mm gauge but finer tolerances which will still allow RP25 wheels to pass through smoothly. I bought some FS160 gauges from Germany and started to build a 1:8 switched diamond but haven't finished yet as work and other things have got in the way. If you are considering hand building flat bottom turnouts I would highly recommend getting to grips with Templot to print the plans and purchase the FB rail filing jigs from FastTracks Canada. While they are a little pricey, they will last for hundreds of turnouts and once you're finished, I'm sure you'd get a good second hand price if you decided to sell them. Here are the links to the jigs I own: 1:8 Pointform tool (Does VEE's and switch rails) http://www.handlaidtrack.com/pf-8-s 1:10 Pointform tool (Does VEE's and switch rails) http://www.handlaidtrack.com/pf-10-s 1:12 Pointform tool (Does VEE's and switch rails) http://www.handlaidtrack.com/pf-12-s StockAid tool (files foot of stock rails to accept switch blades) http://www.handlaidtrack.com/sa-s Hope this helps Martin
  15. This is may be a silly question but have you checked all the bogies are connected properly to the mechanism? I've had at least one bogie feel like it hadn't been 'clipped' in right straight out of the box but a little bit of pressure and it pushed back in the way it should be. Mine ran fine after this. I also noticed on mine as they're both DCC sound fitted that the breaking is set a bit longer than I usually have so the whole train takes a long time to get up to speed then slow down again, this made the train seem like it was struggling at the lower speed steps on my Lenz set. Thanks Martin
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