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  1. I had a go with this in Autocad 2018 for Mac and tried the UNION tool on all solids and it successfully added them all together to make one solid. What version of Autocad are you using out of interest? I have attached the file with all solids joined just in case that is what you were looking for. Cheers Martin Chute-03 v2.dwg
  2. I've experienced something similar in Autocad for Mac 2018 where the union command wouldn't work on certain solids. I was sure the solids were clean but used the following command - SOLIDEDIT, then click body, then click cLean and it will ask you to select the 3D object you want to clean. After I followed this process for my solids I was able to join them all together into one solid using the UNION command then export as a single STL into Chitubox. This worked well for me so worth a try. Thanks Martin
  3. Hi All I've brought Tulloch Bridge into the house from the shed to allow me to start working on it again. The plan over the next few days is to repaint the brickwork on the platforms and ballast the track now that the rails have been painted. Everything will be blended together at a later date with some subtle weathering. While the layout was set up on its new legs, I couldn't resist getting some stock out of the cupboard. There seems to have been a DRS takeover! The DRS Class 20's are the new Bachmann release but one
  4. Hi All Nothing much has happened on the layout scenically lately as I've been sorting out some laser cut designs for other projects/people, I've also purchased a resin 3D printer recently which will come in very handy for the layout soon. At the beginning of January, I was put back onto furlough which was supposed to last until the end of March so I thought I would use the time wisely and learn how to design PCB's as there were several ideas I had for things I would need multiples of for this layout and future layouts. After some researching I downloaded KiCad and se
  5. Unfortunately I believe the only thing these have in common with the models produced by Accurascale so far is the TOPS code. This is a wagon type I’ve been hoping would be produced RTR for years. It’s a completely different prototype but is a must for anyone modelling the West Highland Line amongst others. If they’re ever announced RTR, I’ll take around 30 straight away. Cheers Martin
  6. Hi All Progress on the layout has slowed since I returned to work from furlough back in August. I've been working in the background as and when I get the time on the electrics including layout control using JMRI (Perhaps a post for another day). I've also been working on the design for the station building. Tulloch Bridge is a kind of test layout so I have long term layout plans which will involve me building several WHL station buildings. This has sent me down the path of creating a WHL station building kit of parts which I can simply cut on the laser and build at my leisure.
  7. I contacted Hornby about replacement bodies on Monday and they arrived yesterday. No missing numbers or printing on mine so spot on! I know this should have been correct from the factory but top marks to Hornby for sorting the issue out. Thanks Martin
  8. Hi All Progress on the layout has slowed as I recently returned to work from Furlough so I've been trying to get some painting done as and when I find some time. The platforms are coming along nicely, I just need to finish painting the edging strips on top along with the tactile paving before adding a few washes to tone everything down. Once this is done, I can add them to the layout and then ballast the track which has had a coat of sleeper grime and rusty rails. The bare MDF platform tops will eventually get a layer of finely crushed ballast which is typical of WHL stations but t
  9. Good catch on the window frames, it’s something I never specified when I asked RR to repaint for me as I never actually thought about it. Something for me to address before fitting the etched windscreen wipers. As for the paint finish, it’s silky smooth, as good as a factory finished model I’d say. I believe RR spray a base colour then the model is setup in a jig inside a special printing machine where the livery is then effectively printed onto the model giving a consistent finish since the machine works from artwork downloaded from a computer. This means there are no blurry ma
  10. Hi All I thought it would be worthwhile adding a few photos of my latest two Class 156's to this thread since they're in a livery Realtrack haven't done yet. These beauties have been resprayed by Rainbow Railways and look stunning in the Scotrail Swoosh livery numbered 156485 and 156457. All I need now is another Barbie livery unit and two Spotrail units to complete my 156 fleet for operating over 3 time periods. Cheers Martin
  11. Hi All Further to the topic of Arduino from above, I wanted to build a representation of the RETB signals on the WHL for this layout so thought that using an Arduino Nano would be the most cost effective way to go since I had a few spare. I worked out the sketch using some Arduino examples and uploaded this to the Nano. This version allows for the control of 4 LED's in 2 pairs which will allow me to control both sets of RETB signals at each end of a station. I only require one for Tulloch Bridge but this will come in handy for a much larger project in a few years time.
  12. Hi Justin The EzyBus system has been designed and developed by a MERG member who has published all the necessary details in order to allow anyone to build the system as it currently isn't supported by MERG itself. The only thing you can get from the kit locker are the PCB's for the input and output modules. Basically, the system has been designed using Arduino modules and will allow you to control up to 128 outputs per system. These outputs can be servos (you can add servo bounce too for semaphores) or digital only outputs which can be used to power LED's and relays.
  13. Hi All Today I managed to finish the electrics and fully test them so everything works as it should. I replaced the tie bar on the turnout as I wasn't happy with it and it didn't operate very well. The new one is much better functionally and will eventually be disguised so it's less obvious. Track has had an initial spray of sleeper grime so I'll hopefully get to paint the rails and chairs tomorrow. Ballasting will have to wait though as I'm waiting on a paint order arriving so I can paint the platforms and fix them in place. My new SD cards arrived
  14. Hi All Another quick update on work carried out today. The electrics are almost complete, the building/platform lights and RETB circuits will be set up once they're actually added to the layout. These will be controlled from a relay board as it reduces the wiring required from the control panel. The lighting pelmet now has a length of aluminium section specific to LED strips along with a plastic diffuser. This helps to give an even light and reduces the individual 'spots' you normally get from LED strips. The LED's I'm using are called RGB + CCT which features an RGB
  15. Hi All A quick little project this afternoon was this little cabin which is based on the one currently sat in the yard next to Tulloch station. Presumably it's some sort of workers mess room with a generator in the left hand berth. I've made the main structure from 0.8mm board then the outer ribs and details are overlaid in 0.5mm board. I tried to re-create the lifting loops on each corner of the roof but crushed them a little so will modify the design to have slightly larger openings to push these into. The vent grille has been cut down to 0.2mm bars and the door handles have been ma
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