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  1. To borrow some phraseology from Dame Edna. We might be getting long in the tooth, and things may fade into memory - yet we still have our juices! And you, kind sir, you have stirred my pot, and my juices are flowing.
  2. I always liked the Dapol figures, and like you, I always felt they were way too big. It was an all over too bigness. The heavy mob! Anymore grumpy replies/comments, and I will send the boys round. lol
  3. Hi Del, indeed I was. I did purchase a set, and took a good look at it. I thought it had some merit, but like you, I was concerned with-it's robustness. I also thought it had to many parts to "go wrong." In fairness though, I did not test one in situ.
  4. There is only one tool, and I don't know how we managed without it for so long - Xuron track cutter. The most useful tool I ever bought.
  5. I don't know, get some heat in her, and some oil and grease, she'd get you away okay - bless her.
  6. The cheap, brightly coloured ones were marketed under holiday village names, and sold over here for very high prices. They were for people to run through their made up Christmas tonwnscene. They were usually sold a piece per month sort of plan. One month a loco and a piece of track, next month a boxcar and a piece of track. I'm not totally convinced thet the two are the same, but they are a quality item, and they run superbly. Michael.
  7. Just sometimes, the madness is the other way round. I just bid on, and won a very nice, used but in good shape Aristo-Craft, G scale 0-4-0 with slope-back tender, with metal wheels, and included, a bobber caboose. In a different livery than this one, and a little older, but I only paid $36 for it, with $15 shipping. They guy did not know what he had, not even the makers name! I can't wait to get my hands on it. http://www.trainz.co...ELAID=611029926 Now that's what ebay is about.B)
  8. If the wheel bases of the a 0-4-2t or 0-4-4t are equal too, or less than, the 0-6-0 then they will definitely go! If bigger than the 0-6-0, then perhaps no.
  9. What a terrific thread, and with some truly astounding photographs. I thank you all for contributing.
  10. If a train that used to be used had toilets, and a replacement train that is going to be used instead, but does not have toilets, then the toilet facility is being removed. Although no physical work by a plumber has been done to remove the pan. This is also news worthy, the public needs to know that what has always been part of a service, is now no longer part of said service. You cannot condemn a news agency for spreading the word.
  11. Ah, but no but yea but - Dennis, did you not see this - "kept in a temperature and humidity contorted environment" and no doubt at great expense.
  12. Info needed. Insulfrog or livefrog? Screwdriver between which two rails? Any chance of a diagram?
  13. Very nice work Jon, as always. I prefer the red lozenge side.
  14. Tom. thanks for those fine pictures. I really enjoyed seeing them.
  15. What a layout cost to build, and what it could be sold for a few years later, are two totally different beings. I have dismantled no less than nine layouts in my lifetime, no one would have wanted to buy them. Not because I'm a bad modeller, because I am a very good modeller. No one wants another man's empire. A used layout has to be one of the hardest things to sell. For a halfway realistic price that is. I currently have three layouts, a British 00 almost complete, a USA Maine Seaport layout, built to be dismantle-able, 99percent complete, and a USA On30 portable layout 50percent done, could I sell any of them for a quarter of what they cost? No. Especially if time to build was taken into account. Knowing the value of a layout is easy for anyone who has built one. Realizing that value in a sale - impossible.
  16. Pete, I thought the strangest was the pigeon houses in Egypt. I did think how human activity looks like a cancer on the Earth.
  17. It just goes to show what I know! I have an Airfix 4F, and thought it was a lovely little model, but I hated the tender drive! That was my only complaint. Now I learn that it is little more than a Thomas Tank as far as reality goes! Well, I'm devastated, I tell you, devastated:(.
  18. "Have a look and then LOL. 36E" From a layout point of view, I see nothing to laugh at. It's a very nice little layout. But HOW MUCH? No, no, no, no, no. You would have to find the one - the one that's born every minute, to sell it for that price. Starting bid 600 quid, and it might see some interest. (Not from me)
  19. I think it is despicable. Entrepreneurial, but despicable just the same.
  20. Mercy-full heavens, they look amazing. Very nice.
  21. See my Pug and permanently coupled wagon, giving the extra pickup.
  22. Terrific thread. Alas, I never got to ride the RH&D, but have ridden the Ratty a few times.
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