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  1. As far as I know they are physical but a 9 November cut-off ordering date.
  2. Have a look at: https://www.tester.co.uk/utd2052cl-digital-storage-oscilliscope-bandwidth-50-mhz-2-channel-7-inch-colour-display?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIi_OAlL3a5QIVjeF3Ch1DzATgEAkYASABEgL4DvD_BwE
  3. The Starting or section Signal was linked to the Block Instrument or Token Machine (for single line) following the Abermule accident.
  4. Actually Rolls Royce cars lives on in BMW. RR does have a connection - it controls who can use its brand name. It didn't like VW using it so refused to let them. RR does aero engine development work with BMW so was happy for them to use it.
  5. They aren't two different bolt heads. One is a "Tree Nail" which is hammered in (the round headed one) the other is a screw.
  6. No it hasn't - it's clear that the brush has not been properly cleaned. Spraying a bit of thinners through the brush is just not good enough.
  7. The answer is to properly clean your brush every time you finish using it. That is completely dismantle it and clean thoroughly in thinners.
  8. Buy yourself: Modelling Trees: Part 2: Conifers by Gordon Gravett
  9. All Fungi are edible - it's just that some are only edible once.
  10. Suggest https://www.ryman.co.uk/business/ryman-address-labels-p1-universal-289x205mm-a4-100-sheets
  11. The only distant signal required is 12 in the lower diagram. If the section is short then possibly 1 in the top diagram but this would relate to the section in advance and would be slotted.
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