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  1. You need to divide the layout into manageable chunks - more rather than less. Then you activate each section using a switch to the controller. Personally I wouldn't use common return in your circumstance but use DPDT switches to switch power and ground together.
  2. No it was blocked by the barrier arm coming down.
  3. Looking at this film, as well as others, I'm always amazed at the total lack of protection the goods are given. Whilst I think nowadays there is clearly too much packaging but to not have any is surprising.
  4. take a look at B21 0RW on Google Maps. The railway through the centre is the Midland Metro but you can see the railway beneath.
  5. I suggest an XLR plug and socket. It's specifically designed for the purpose.
  6. RS will sell it providing you have an account - not difficult to get.
  7. No it doesn't. As has been said a number of times now the loco will always, irrespective of its placement on the track, always move forward if forward is selected and reverse if reverse is selected. Blindingly obvious with a steam loco perhaps not so obvious with a diesel/electric if you don't know which end you've chosen as the front.
  8. Can't answer for LMS but in Midland days it would be Venetian Red to the base and Cream above. However in water restricted areas the cream was replaced with Red. This showed the crew to only take sufficient for their needs and to not do a full tank fill.
  9. Available from Ultrascale: https://www.ultrascale.uk/eshop/products/view/CAT028/476
  10. It is here: https://www.westernthunder.co.uk/index.php?threads/holywell-town.4182/
  11. I belive that Humbrol paint is actualy made by Rustins
  12. I'm getting multiple member tags in Firefox
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