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  1. The question was: "I wonder what a Whirlwind might have been like with two Merlins?" and I gave an answer in relation to the Hornet which was powered by Merlins.
  2. All ejector seats rely on the person being firmly strapped to the seat otherwise arms and legs tend to get cut off. Also a high percentage of these young fit pilots suffer from spinal compression injuries. Some ejector seats have explosive seatbelt tighteners. So train drivers would need to sit in a purpose designed seat for long hours firmly strapped in with the remote possibility of having to use a seat, that has the more than likely possibility of causing serious injury and may lead to them being in a wheel chair for the rest of their life if they use it - if they survive. Remem
  3. What do switches S1 & S2 do?
  4. You could also have a look at the Welsh Highland Railway.
  5. I've used Grainge and Hodder and they make nice modular baseboard kits. However if you know what you want in birch ply then take a look at Woodshop direct (www.woodshopdirect.co.uk). They will supply birch ply cut to your exact requirements.
  6. Well the DH hornet was basically a Look-a-like produced 4 years later, which was fitted with Merlins. That could do 475mph.
  7. Yes, that's the normal routing but what stops me pulling 10 reversed, 9 reversed then 2 reversed?
  8. What stops 2 being reversed with 9 & 10 reversed? Also, if I read this correctly, why should 9 be reversed to reverse 23? You wouldn't normally put a FPL in for a trailing move.
  9. Just one matter - I would have expected a running dummy relating to point 15.
  10. I'm afraid that the phenomena is prevalent everywhere on YouTube. There's a guy called 00Bill who spends his time repairing 00 locomotives, and to be fair he does get them running, but it is evident he has little knowledge of real railways. But people are for ever sending him models, not to repair on their behalf, actually sending him models to keep for himself - out of the blue. Other sites are just the same - model engineering sites and machinist sites get people sending tools and such like out of the blue. WHY?
  11. Yes - Precision Paints G.W.R. Coach Cream in 150ml Aerosol.
  12. I had assumed that double blocking simply meant offering the train on when offered to you rather than waiting for the TES?
  13. He's the cameraman's assistant. Often seen in films of this type. You will see him trying to marshal the crowds towards the camera.
  14. https://www.Bachmann.co.uk/product/category/282/21-pin-blanking-plug-(x10)/36-058
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