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  1. The one aspect that is niggling me as that when the train started to move after the SPAD it is clear (and this is stated in the report) that it went through a set of points set against it. Obviously they were trailing points otherwise the train would have followed the set route, and in doing so damaged the point. The driver should have been able to clearly see they were adversely set against him yet it appears he carried on regardless. I find the whole issue of the: SPAD, continuing after the SAPD and then passing through adverse set points as bizarre quite frankly.
  2. Precisely unfortunately those over the pond thinks it is pronounced or-egg-no
  3. They have no concept of the letter L. Hear how they pronounce Oregano - I took me ages to work out what they were talking about.
  4. Grainge and Hodder: https://www.graingeandhodder.co.uk/store/c1/Featured_Products.html
  5. First off it is not 2.8 - 3.4V supply. That is the voltage drop across the LED. The LED requires a resistor in series to control the current. There is no need to use 2x1.5v batteries, you can use 12v DC and a 1k resistor.
  6. UPS usually have local agents - much of the time it's the local newsagent. However do a search on their web site. Also do the same for DHL who also have local depots/agents. I simply don't understand Royal Mail - anybody else would see this as a business opportunity - charge a bit extra for doing the same job. Instead their "last thing you think of is the customer" attitude wins through.
  7. The classic is John Allen's Timesaver: http://www.wymann.info/ShuntingPuzzles/Timesaver/timesaver-trackplan.html
  8. It is sad to hear of Adrian's death. I did not know him very well but the small number of times we did speak it was a pleasure. A loss to our community.
  9. I would have thought a MOSFET to be appropriate. Something like a STP 36NF06L (this is a logic level device).
  10. If you want a colliery connection then I suggest you look at Horton -in-Ribblesdale.
  11. Those connectors are going to give you nothing but grief.
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