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  1. Can it be done - yes providing the appropriate CV is set. Would I do it - no.
  2. Can I suggest a left field thought. When Rapido say they have bought the rights to the TT what exactly have they bought? To produce a model of Lion? GWR well wagon? or a grounded body of a LSWR(?) carriage. Why would they do that? No one has any copyright in those now. Is it the name Titfield Thunderbolt? Don't see how you can copyright a name. So is this Hornby simply showing Rapido they were duped into paying for something they didn't need to. There would be copyright in any artwork used from the film.
  3. You are not using a Sprog power supply then as the one supplied by Sprog is 15v. I am surprised that you can get the 12v supply to work.
  4. As has been said by Titan you can't blow-up a CDU by sticking switches. Two guesses: providing too high a voltage to the CDU or the Capacitors have been put in backwards. The polarity of Electrolytic capacitors is VERY important. Also their max operating voltage is also important.
  5. There is no such thing as +ve or -ve in DCC. You must identify each bus wire as something else - many use J and K. Decide which rail goes to J and which to K then CONSISTENTLY go around the layout connecting each J rail to J and each K to K. You should provide frequent droppers to all track and in-particular to each point.
  6. meil


    You may care to look here: https://www.scalefour.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=101&t=4339&hilit=brick+works
  7. I think the fundamental issue here is that you can only expect toy train performance from toy train track. If you want more satisfactory running then you need better track, laid properly.
  8. The ones missing from that drawing are the Wrought Paled fence and the Unclimbable iron fence.
  9. The Midland did not use diagonal fencing universally. There were other styles used - reference to Midland Style published by the HMRS would be beneficial.
  10. Yes they are the Mk1 hornblocks. The hole in the top needs to be tapped 10BA. They also need the appropriate spring that goes in the cups that screw into the hornblock.
  11. I suppose the answer is yes - but the results might be bad. A bit like are all mushrooms edible? - yes but some of them only once.
  12. The traditional definition is within the outcrop of the Thick Coal seam. The problem is that that worked when there were local district municipalities. However when the Metropolitan Boroughs came into effect it rather destroyed that definition. The modern Black Country is Wolverhampton, Dudley, Walsall and Sandwell.
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