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  1. It's a goods yard. The building to the left is a weighbridge office. Might be a bit elaborate for such a small site but I like it. David
  2. Hello all During the lock down I have put together a little inglenook type layout for something to do. As you can see its a very simple layout. Power is via two wires, the baseboard and backing are a couple of floating shelves. I am thinking about adding photo backscene next. Any thoughts or comments are welcome. David
  3. Another excellent layout. More pictures please. David
  4. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to seeing how the new layout develops. David
  5. Hi Could you tell me what paint colours you used for the ground area and the ballast. I am very impressed with your layout. David
  6. I am another happy customer. My order arrived well packed within three working days. Bought anew Hornby J50 for 60 quid including post and packing a very good price. I shall be using them again. David
  7. Hi Here's a pic I took of a V100 stabled at Koblenz station last year. David
  8. It's well worth a read. He had an amazing career. A genuine hero. David
  9. Just been reading through this thread for the first time. Great stuff. More please. David.
  10. Hi Jacques I have just temporarily enclosed the speaker supplied at the moment. To be fair its more than powerful enough for the small room the layout is in. It was just a matter of putting the to pick up wires on the decoder into the power terminals. I have bought a double throw switch today so I can isolate the decoder when I want to read and programme cv's on the loco's. Rod Your probably right about the pricing if we where talking about something Hi Fi. I am thinking about something that is purely prime move, horns and bells . Perhaps a basic board with a USB connection or SD card reader to load and or store the info required on and outputs for the users choice of speaker or headphone. The MRC decoder you kindly pointed me in the direction of is more than adequate for my needs. I was thinking about something more flexible for UK outline users for instance. David
  11. Hi I really think some manufacturer should seriously look at proper system under the baseboard. It could be wired to the wiring bus for matching with on board decoders or AC current draw. The sound could by downloadable and transferable by USB. I am sure that lots of people would find an affordable system of this type more than good enough, especially for small one loco in steam layouts. David
  12. Hi David A video for you. Once again sorry about the camera work, I find it impossible to film and operator the layout smoothly. David
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