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    Well, there's this stuff, and megalithic prehistory, and birds and trees, and Plymouth Argyle, and avoiding conflict and World Peace and wondering what else is over the horizon....

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  1. Hello Amanda According to Volume 1 of Essery & Morgan, D1666 was a 1923 all-wood EX-MR design. D1666 was an all-steel equivalent. Both were 9ft wheelbase, with what looks like 4 leaf springs and split oil boxes. Both Diagrams are described as being "..... provided with double handbrakes." I would suggest that your best option is the PECO version https://peco-uk.com/products/9-ft-wheelbase-ln-wr-lms-wagon-underframe-kit Cheers Jan
  2. Hi Interesting discussion. I quite like the Scalescenes look: http://scalescenes.com/product/london-brick/ But as I have 8ft of Wills viaduct to colour, I'll be trying out some of the methods shared in this thread. So thanks from me! Cheers Jan
  3. I bought one of these, and on doing some research on he internet, found I'd bought shares in a minefield. Having benefited from some kind support from other modellers, I can advise that the TVR Macaw G was 38' over buffers, 35' over headstocks. So, in my dry run of assembly, I make the Ratio kit around 2' too short - and 6" too wide. The length is lost in the space between the middle stake pockets - it should be 7' but it's 5'. I think this might have been done for trainset curves. Also, I think the difference between body and solebar is too small; moving the solebar in would bring the model closer to the 7' 4" dimension over solebars of the prototype. All in all, a lot of work to put right. Cheers Jan
  4. Hi Porcy, I've been to Wells several times before, so I'm not exactly the muppet I appear to be. I had cash, and used it when the lack of technology upstairs became apparent. But Wells is not just a model railway show; its the only decent finescale exhibition that occurs within reasonable distance from where I live (south east Cornwall), and that am able to attend, and - thanks to its long-standing reputation for being an event of note - is supported by an excellent grouping of purveyors of bits and bobs for pedants like me. When I describe the venue as not being fit for purpose, it is not solely because of the lack of connectivity; it is a warren of corridors, stairways and tight bends, and a restrictive and confined space that has little in the way of ventilation. At least with a souless sports hall (and I agree with your dismissal of such dismal places) you can move relatively freely, and partake of oxygen as required! Cheers Jan
  5. Hi CK, Yes. I saw you lurking under the portico on Saturday morning. The walk in is something, for sure. I'm just a frustrated spender. Which can't be good.
  6. Yes. Sadly not unique was the sight of a number of traders holding their cordless debit card machines at all altitudes in an attempt to get a signal. I waited for 10 minutes in front of the Branchlines stand first thing on Saturday morning while he attempted some sort of nouvelle yoga moves and pirouettes.I gave upin the end. It was the same upstairs (but hotter); if you had cash, you were royalty It a very good show, in a nice central location, but I think the venue is no longer fit for purpose.
  7. Hi, How about Fox? I've never used them (I've had excellent service from Steve at Railtec on a bespoke order, but you probably don't want to know that!). But their banner is (for me, at least) a flashing banner on this page, that mentions a "..bespoke transfer and etched plate service...." Cheers Jan
  8. I thought it was weak. I love Dad's Army, but this wasn't much of anything. And the wigs..... Oh! My Days!
  9. I've been pouring over this image with a view to making a load for a PD 13t, and it looks to me as if the second layer is bricks on end. Not sure what difference this would make, but I'm intrigued as to how they were loaded. It's difficult to see because of the colour of the bricks. Cheers Jan
  10. Jan

    Warren Lane

    Like this, you mean? https://a-ward.com/container-loaders/ Cheers Jan
  11. Hi David, You could probably get pukka gen from the British Railways Wagon Research 1948-99 - Yahoo Group (https://groups.yahoo.com/group/BR_wagon_research/). A collection of very knowledgeable and friendly people, in my experience. Cheers Jan
  12. Update: Bostik Glu & Fix super glue. It's not super, and it IS NOT glue. And as for its supposed precision...

    1. Bangor Lad

      Bangor Lad

      I feel your pain!

  13. Bostik Glu & Fix super glue. It's not super, and only just qualifies as glue.

  14. Jan

    On the wane

    My grandad had a budgie. To him, talk was cheep.
  15. I have to disagree. What this does is propose a solution to those that are looking for one in this area. I sincerely doubt that 00-P will ever be the concerted focus of a groundswell of production support (I'm happy to be proved wrong... it's happened with P4..). As for making the hobby less accessible, I think it has never been easier to take the plunge in this hobby. There's a shedload of stuff out there (and on here ) catering for everyone from "shake-the-box: blimey, it's a layout" to "my model portrays Manningham Sidings on Saturday, August the 19th, 1961 at about half past two in the afternoon, just after a rainstorm" (I'm one of those people, I think... ). The hobby can be as obscure - or as transparent - as you want it to be. Sites like this go a long way to supporting all interested parties by providing answers to questions on the railway (both real and model). Cheers Jan
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