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  1. I'd order 2 packs of the outers and one inner if you do!
  2. Yes it's a bit misleading. The number is actually either the account code or order reference - I can't remeber which one though sorry. EDIT Just realised you'd sussed that out yourself! Not sure about when your RMWeb profile is updated though, I signed up on 14th July, but don't have the RMWeb gold thing against my profile etc.
  3. Thaks Ben, completely understand this issue, I could solve it myself by actually saving, though there's always something else that catches my eye! Good idea about ordering a pack at a time, hadn't thought of that. But would I not be charged postage on each order?
  4. That is good news, as I want to place an order for all the Cawoods packs, but finances have had to go elsewhere. Would you ever consider a different payment plan option, monthly, 1/8s 1/4s etc? I'd definately be able to sign up sooner if that was the case (or maybe I could actually save up in anticipation!!)
  5. I'd saved some references from the late Tim Hall's website, one entry includes:
  6. It is way before my modelling period, but there is something about it which made me get the power car pack (probably helped by seeing 41001 on the KWVR last year). Would have loved to have a the money for the coaches too. LED lights are a little bright, but overall I really like it. Still think the reverse blue/grey is a great livery.
  7. A few attempts at weathering in N gauge with powders
  8. Do you think Bachmann still have a re-direct for the mail?
  9. Stuart A

    N gauge Class 50

    What are they like on the latest 33 and 26 releases? Not seen them in the flesh myself to judge.
  10. After having the traditional Hornby set up in the late 70's and early 80's , I think it must have been my Dad who instigated the move to N gauge. First loco was BR early crest 4P, and slowly collected a menagerie of stock including a rake of chocolate and cream suburban coaches, but eventually a lovely rake of maroon MK1s with a blood and custard one thrown in. The loco fleet expanded with a green 08 from a swapmeet, (repainted into General Grey livery many years later), and favourite at the time 34066 Spitfire Battle of Britain class. The 4P and BoB came from Tony's Models and Hobbies which was in the Old Police Station, Frodsham, Cheshire. Loved going into that shop, and seeing his N gauge model depicting the viaduct and junction between Frodsham and Halton. The catalogues of the early 80's depicting the 3 levels were inspirational to me, but I would have to make do with a flat but quite lengthy layout which my Dad and I built over a number of years. First mainline diesel was the 47 in two tone green, with working headlights, but my interests started to become contemporary, so gradually the lesser loved stock got exchanged for modern day examples, and my first BR blue loco was 33012, followed by 40145. My favourite loco at the time was 50024 Vanguard bought from a swapmeet. The introduction of sector liveries and modern wagons further heightened my interest, with a Swallow liveried HST bought from Photoworld in Llandudno (they always seemed to be cheaper than most advertisers in Railway Modeller). When the class 91 was released, I wanted it, along with a rake of MK4s, so much, but the cost at the time, along with lack of catenary, and I'd decided to model the South West after a couple of visits to Westbury, meant I didn't get one. (Oh how I'd jump at the chance of a modern tooled class 91 now). 4 years at university followed by marriage and 3 children meant modelling was on the back burner for quite a while, but now I've got a decent sized modern tooled fleet, helped somewhat by selling my old models (no regrets). Just need to pull my finger out and get a sizable layout to run them on!
  11. Article in latest NGS says that the deadline is 31st July, so would expect an announcement either way shortly after?
  12. I live in hope! I've only bought 1 loco at just over £100 and that was the Rfd 47. Everything else either Dapol sale, second hand or when Bachmann have a clear out and retailers flog them off.
  13. Coal sector Brian looks great. Pair of these are on my want list, planning to re-sector the petroleum one once it gets released, and reduced in price hopefully somewhere south of triple figures!
  14. Hello, just wondered if there was any update on these?
  15. Wasn't 89031 renumbered to 89131 when it's ETH was isolated, and it was repainted into Railfreight General livery?
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