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  1. That sub-sector logo is still looking too large, and the grills aren't exec dar grey, numbers look too large and fuzzy. But hey the nameplate is now the right colour....
  2. The livery is the GMPTE variation of Regional Railways circa 1991 I think
  3. I hope they have too. The issue has been mentioned in the Dapol Digest forum, along with decoration errors spotted on the sample (incorrect nameplate colour, too large sub-sector logo, grills needing to be executive dark grey). So there shouldn't be any excuses......
  4. Can't believe I've not seen this until now. Looks like a great setup with loads of potential!
  5. Looks like it's a standard BG not a Super BG, you can still see the windowls, handles etc. But yes probably in use as brake/stowage.
  6. Just noticed on their Facebook page... Perfect for my pre-ordered Revolution Yeoman 59
  7. Thanks Dave. I think the pack you have is for the HAA hoppers in their original form (later changed to tiny ones as those decals got damaged as the wagons were going through the auto loaders, IIRC) Images below, 1st attempt with the blanking (white not grey as I previously put) at the top, finished at the bottom. I really should document my very slow modelling progress - it might spur me on to do more!
  8. Are you doing a full respray or just changing the Sub Sector symbols? I changed mine to coal, but I was planning on just using the fox transfers with the grey blanking piece to overlay onto the existing ones, however the fox ones are ever so slightly smaller, so ended up removing the factory decals with a cocktail stick.
  9. Here is some 1990 inspiration, well off the beaten track https://flic.kr/p/hWGrtE By Roddy Macphee on Flickr
  10. This is where I get frustrated. They go from annual announcements to quarterly, and say that anything new that is announced will be on the shelves in the next 3 month. So where are they? Where's an update explaining the delay? Then decide to drop in announcements ad-hoc like the class 69. TBH it would be beter if they didn't hold these announcement events anymore, and just drip feed new model releases through the year. Holding a staged event only ends up with modellers getting their hopes up, frothing only to be moaning that a model they wanted or thought would be announced isn't. And then moaning that the models are taking too long. I think I've closed the loop there.
  11. I think part of the problem is when a retailer is told by Bachmann; "I can also assure you that if you get asked and I am sure you will, Graham Farish has not been forgotten just wait until the Autumn launch, rest assured we have some very exciting models en route." That raises the expectations of the retailer and therefore N-Gauge modellers once that comment is in the public domain. Some may have read the comment as "oooh brand new models". It could also be read as existing models already announced will be closer to being in the shops. (Which I think this is the case). Personally I'm not too bothered, as much of my budget is going Revolution and Dapol's way in the near future, however perhaps Bachmann could manage us N gaugers expectations a little better, so as to not get people's hopes up?
  12. Thanks for the comments. No progress, I keep planning on a proper layout but time is at a premium. There have been a few additions to the stock box though
  13. I searched flickr for "class 37 parcels" and quite a few came up including probably the service I was thinking of: Ⓒ Robert Catterson 2-9-89 Sutton Bridge Jct. Shrewsbury 37235 on 4V20 Manchester - Cardiff van train on https://flic.kr/p/2koAt5t
  14. From my spotting at Crewe on a Saturday in the late 80's or early 90's memories, there used to be an early evening parcels which had a Cardiff allocated coal sector 37 on, south bound. Pretty sure I've got a grainy poor quality photo somewhere...
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