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  1. Ive not had any GW through yet, however the bunker steps on 41/51/61 on the fireman’s side are extant on the BR liveries, and (correctly), not on the GWR livery models.
  2. Yup, agreed, the OP specifically mentioned longer types in his original post as well as 90’s stock, so best to look at them in a degree of detail.
  3. So I’ve assumed that 2nd radius is going to be worst case and arranged an S series of Hornby set track C100 2R curves and ran some me candidates through it. I did a check with a Q1 and concur it doesn’t run well through 2nd radius. It’s unusual in that it drives off the centre axle and there is limited lateral movement on the outer axles. This makes it bind through the curves. The tender doors also foul on the cab. No issue for H 61xx(current) 52xx Black5 B 45xx/57xx’s/64xx/1F/3F Jinty+tender/56xx/2MT It gets more difficult with the Bachmann ‘standards’ and is likely to
  4. By chance I’ve been remodelling the mancave, for forthcoming media stuff. I’ll run a few items through this and see what occurs. There’s no problems with Hattons 14xx, Bachmann 64/57/8750 panniers. There are other factors to consider which I’ll take pics of, but if you can get away from 2nd radius with your possible fleet mix, I’d think that a worthwhile effort. If your track is being laid for you, ask the ‘contractor’ to consider transition curves using flexitrack, they’ll help with smooth running.
  5. It should depend on exactly what your old stock is. As spamcan61 mentions swapping wheelsets on older stock can be a pita. For example, Lima Mk1’s have undersized diameter wheels and the axles are shorter than the standard 26mm. I recall some wagon chassis’ of various manufacturers needed modifications to get clearance for replacement wheels too. If you have significant amounts of older stock it’ll be worth buying a small radius code75 point and just try your fleet through it. That will give you a definitive answer. Code100 can look really good with some effort in the ballasting and painting.
  6. I understand the models will be DC/DCC compatible and there will be capacitors to reduce/minimise flicker, no mention of a stay alive.
  7. Whilst there was ‘nothing in it for me’, it’s ok as a light lifestyle piece. I wholly concur re the relevance above. My eldest daughter in her mid twenties has never bought a newspaper for ‘her personal consumption’ in her life, I expect the same result of her younger sibling, cousin, and most of their friends. Richard from Hattons talks about a customer base having thought about a railway for twenty years. So that’s a mid forties person, still the type that’ll buy a newspaper whom might be interested, and a mid life returnee, or new starter. Seems a logical media platform to place such
  8. Semi Skimmed in fact. That description does in fact give the novice a consistency to aim for with full colours. Running like water, too thin and not enough coverage, cream or similar, and the paint will be too thick to spray. It doesn’t address though which paint/thinners work together to give the best results. I get my best solder results with Eames 40 flux. Not much left now....
  9. A good way to remove that ridge is to use a stiff bristled brush and vertically stipple the clay whilst still wet. This pushes most of the ridges down and leaves others. It gives a fine grain texture too.
  10. Three of Modelu’s ‘Ragged Victorians’ looking excellent against the backdrop of Hattons Genesis coaches.
  11. If you want good appearance, robust and good value Masokits are possibly best value. https://albionyard.wordpress.com/2012/03/15/fifteen-minute-heroes/
  12. Bullfrog Snot is a traction tyre replacement compound. It was developed originally as I recall for US N gauge locomotives, when supplies of spares were scarce. The concept is that the compound is applied into the tread groove for the tyre. It then fills the groove ‘cures’ and becomes a traction tyre. An uneven coat will obviously give lumpy running, and too much of it can be detrimental to electrical pick up. Like traction tyres it does wear out and become contaminated requiring replacement, and when old may contribute to additional dirt on the track in the same way regular tyres can. An
  13. Nothing as far as I’m aware. Perhaps your friend could be more specific as to which areas are incorrect.
  14. PMP

    MRJ 280

    I too appear to have received the Vanilla version of 279. Anyone know where the vindaloo versions are ?
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