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  1. Only via the 'This is Pop' documentary. The band figures were 3D printed by Modelu and Pendon used with the trains being an idea from Charlie Thomas the producer, as a metaphor for the 'journey' the band had been on through their careers. http://xtcbumperbookoffunforboysandgirls.blogspot.com/2018/01/showtime-xtc-documentary-charlie-thomas.html?m=1
  2. ^^ I’d forgotton that album! I was thinking more in terms of a ‘interest’ like Rod/Jules etc.
  3. I don’t think there’s any railway connection for XTC, except they came from Swindon.
  4. ‘Exhibition Standard’, discuss. Use one side of the internet, you may start now. That’ll break the Internet if anything will...
  5. A quick improvement to the aircraft images would be to select a shutter speed of 1/250th or 1/125th sec which will give the propellers some movement.
  6. That would undoubtedly explain the “similarities” of the shape and design both DJM and KR have taken with the cut away behind the cylinders for bogie clearance, and the moulding shape and thickness of the cylinder drain pipes on both CADs. The fact they’re different colours too clearly indicates the difference.
  7. If memory serves it relates to the sensor size, ‘D’ being the smaller digital sensor the earlier types of digital cameras had, and ‘F’ relating to a 35mm neg sized sensor. When I changed from film to digital I was looking at both Nikon and Canon, I found the right spec Canon body first hence went that route rather than Nikon.
  8. Regarding figures my first choice is Modelu
  9. Bearing in mind this is a 3D print for test purposes, I’d be very surprised if there aren’t improved window frames on release. The GW signal box of a few years back had very good plastic frames. The brick courses on this print are headers vs stretchers, see attached.
  10. The last update I had was early summer, and that 2020 was now anticipated release.
  11. In terms of professional competency though, there are a good number of similarities between the subject of this thread and yours!
  12. Post No.4. Oh the irony. https://forums.airshows.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=84809
  13. No contradiction in my eyes, it’s a very small number of people suggesting this approach. I see it as no different to taking a RTR locomotive and modifying it with detail components or a new etched chassis. It’s the same mindset, and a small section of the overall market, most of these coaches will be run as sold. I can see Jol’s point that it’s unlikely to work for London Road or similar companies, however there’s plenty of modellers out there doing etches for themselves or small groups of friends. If there are aftermarket sides to come, that’s the source from where they’ll likely come to market.
  14. The superhero that Marvel reluctantly passed over, ‘Chipboard Man’
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