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  1. A minimum of £8.72/hour is the easy answer, so roughly £2,500.... Having recently done a scenic comission it’s a challenge to get the right balance.
  2. Here’s one very close to being completed, it’s been on and off the shelf of doom for a few years. A Craftsman 02, the drive having been brought up to date with an @High Level Kits gearbox and motor combination. Reference recent discussion of MK1 roofs, I’ve also been giving a couple a makeover, seen here. For me, I’m not sure the visual impact vs work on removing the ribs works. The roof colour is just primer, so I might view it differently once completed. Brake gear and end details yet to added.
  3. I’ve no idea what sort of buffoonery you’ve managed to do there, but that quote has nothing to do with me. I don’t care about manufacturing lead times, if a product gets delayed, so what? The only time it becomes a problem is when a manufacturer continually over promises with unrealistic lead times, and fails to deliver anything, like DJM did.
  4. Your original supplier broke the law for sending it to you via the post, they should have sent it via an approved service such as a courier. If you wish to sell and ship it, it is up to you to package and send it appropriately.
  5. Typical I suspect. Like you I’ve had many many types though the workshop from all the manufacturers. Hornby types I’ve never had one that needed to be returned, and never had one with parts missing or broken in the box. Bachmann, I’ve had one locomotive that was so badly quartered it was returned. Heljan, 2x 1st batch class 17 with motor failure. Rapido /Athearn no problems. Most of my stock comes over the counter from shops, not via post or previously owned.
  6. PMP

    EFE Rail launches

    The images show the contemporary HJ tooling, I’ve just done a makeover on three of them. If it were new tooling it would have made sense to add the lower cab door handles and possibly do the versions without brackets above the headcode box. I’m intrigued to see the changes to the ex DJM J94, particularly with the new motor. They may possibly have been able to resolve or significantly reduce the running issues the DJM variant had.
  7. Hi Tony, Thank you, I think you’re on the mark with your previous post. Ref the section quoted above, without scaremongering there were a few examples of display, and layout stock being taken a couple of years ago. They were reported here and elsewhere, ( one of mine was taken), since then I’ve been very careful at shows regarding stock and equipment security. With smaller layouts. I obviously have it easier than larger layouts owners. As far as I know non of the stolen items have ever surfaced. It certainly gave me a rude awakening. brgds
  8. Interestingly whilst on your sabbatical there was an event which made Roy postpone running days for a while. You’re quite right re Roy’s reluctance to over expose the layout during its construction, and whilst the running days were on hold I suggested that if there were a read only blog page available, he could put occasional progress pictures up so those interested could see how things were going, and also information requests for images etc of specific areas of interest. I must have caught him off balance as he agreed to it, and the Retford Wordpress blog page was established. We never got round to any entries, and unfortunately I’ve deleted the log in and associated emails between Roy and myself on it. Re who would set up a thread here, anyone can. It would obviously make sense to have the new owners blessing on it and perhaps input if she so desired. The layout clearly generates interest and it having a dedicated thread almost certainly wouldn’t detract from this thread, there’s a natural synergy between both layouts in my opinion. The key element though is how much ‘publicity’ Sandra decides the project should have.
  9. This is the truth, as uncomfortable as it might be for you. Endex.
  10. Well if you followed the thread you'd notice that your comment immediately followed one by @micklner referencing RTR locomotives. Perhaps you should have clarified that you were only referring to streamline twins to prevent any potential misunderstanding. Meanwhile here's 2009 or thereabouts a RTR rat on the layout. I wonder if it might be a good idea to have a specific Retford thread in this section of the forum. There will undoubtedly be interested readers not aware its under discussion here, and would provide a nice easy to follow and flowing thread in its own right as this has been for Tony's Little Bytham
  11. If there's an adequate quality RTR product that fits the bill is matched appropriately with weathering/detailing etc, and someone is happy to donate/loan it, why not utilise it? It was done on the layout in the past. If Roy had built all the mark one stock for example, I suggest that many other coaches/locomotives and tasks might not have been built due to time constraints.
  12. It was a 'difficult' move as I recall for the issues you mentioned above in addition the parallax effect with operators getting different views from essentially the same position. I'd suggested trying out the Dinghams with rewheeled stock of mine but we never got round to it. Somewhere in my archives I think I've got some pics of that move, I'll have a look.
  13. There is already at least one electromagnetic uncoupling point to remove a van as tail traffic. It was quite reliable, however the distances involved for the driver to see the accurate position of the train to uncouple was in the order of 12ft if not more, so difficult to get a high reliability on it. I’d strongly suggest not trying to attach lamps to traffic on the scenic sections, due to the potential for damage to occur to signals/buildings/passing traffic etc and the impracticality of trying to get a lamp onto a pin at arms length or more. There’s also the potential for a dropped lamp to cause derailments. A more practical solution would be to have lamps fitted to both the rear coach and the tail traffic, (or neither) and put up with the discrepancy. The three links overall work ok on the layout as it was operated, but if more coupling moves are required, auto couplings are worth investigating. I use Dinghams and they are discreet and use the buffer beam hook mounting slot.
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