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  1. 4844 plain (10)spoke is the type you need. Regarding the motor Chris at High Level is very helpful, it’s worth dropping him an email as he will be able to advise which replacements are best suited, he can probably supply one too, and which gearbox will be appropriate.
  2. Simple answer is yes. Assuming you've not already done so, have you checked if the derailments at this location and any others involve the same train formation, coaches, and locomotive/s. If that isn't known make a note each time it occurs and see if there's a pattern of specific stock items that are involved eg its always a Bachby BG. Its it always the same coach in the formation, leading/second/third coach etc etc. If you remove the vehicle that's derailed and re run the train across the section, does that next vehicle derail, or if you replace the derailed vehicle with another, does that 'new' entrant derail? If there isn't a pattern of problem stock items and 'good' stock items that work, it'll point towards the track in some format. If I have similar problems the offending stock is retried to see if it replicates the problem. If so its removed, and train retried less the problem item. If that works then its looking at the removed stock to see what the issue is.
  3. If it’s the CD100 asymmetric three way, it’s 2ft radius, and if it’s the non asymmetrical CD75 three way just under 3ft, 2ft 10” or slightly larger as I recall.
  4. There is some money in kits, however it’s the small production runs and ‘closed’ manufactures that will hold value and increase if the prototype isn’t duplicated. The kit has to be a reasonable quality (or perceived to) to have value. I’ve a number of unbuilt Impetus D&S, ABS and backwoods miniatures kits that I know would sell well, even allowing for inflation. If they are duplicated by either contemporary quality kits or RTR, their value will fall through the floor. So not an investment, just lucky market forces.
  5. There’s no right answer, it will depend on how you design your presentation, how you mount them, how transportable you need them, and the output from them (how bright) they are. On my layouts the lighting is about 30-40cm above the board surface.
  6. Speaking to them just before Christmas the schedule has slipped again, though they are pleased with the progress, and I was given a first quarter estimate.
  7. Not so fast! All it means is you saw the removed post ...
  8. The Hungry 56 may not be such an oddball choice. I’m not aware of an HO 56, so it’s possible this might be partly to test the waters to see if European modellers will take a OO 56 as there isn’t an HO version alternative. A bit like the UK modellers that buy HO S160’s because there’s no 4mm version.
  9. “Shoe Lane” Runs N/S through area and a well known road, places the layout ‘in’ that area for people who have a knowledge of that sector of the city. I think a suffix of Lane or Street would work well again placing the station in typical names for the area. There might be mileage in looking at pre war maps to see if there’s any corkers no longer extant.
  10. Good luck in court with that one. Having in the past seen the commercial impact a minor fluid spill did to an aircraft hold, i’d just follow the rules.
  11. Yup should have screw couplings on it. The couplings were fitted in the mid 70’s, they’re PC etchings if I recall. I’ve never got round to changing them, and I’ll add this one to the queue next time I’m batch building Masokits versions which are my preference for ease of build, strength and usability.
  12. That new roof makes a big difference, a task for the list!
  13. You’re quite lucky if you’ve not experienced issues with paint and glue supplies via postal services. If they are declared as being in a shipment, (uk domestic or overseas) then procedurally it can get quite difficult. On the matter of repaints, here’s one I did earlier, the original here https://railsofsheffield.com/products/32321/Hornby-r6823-oo-gauge-gwr-20-ton-goods-brake-van-toad-rogerstone-56686- and the repaint as below.
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